Tuesday, June 16, 2020

British Virtue Signallers Are Duped By Black Lives Matter

The support for the neo-Marxist political movement known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrates the frightening power and reach of the mainstream media and their ability to mobilize millions of people around the world to take action about an issue they know little or nothing about.

The fact that supposedly intelligent people in Great Britain allowed themselves to be manipulated into making banal gestures such as ‘taking a knee’ to signal their virtue doesn’t say much for their ability to understand that they are being used in a political campaign to overthrow their own country.

It’s a measure of how brilliantly organized, well-funded and universally supported BLM are when they can manipulate tens of thousands of British people to humiliate themselves in public over the death of a black career criminal on another continent thousands of miles away.

As was the case in other revolutions, the current orgy of destruction and the call for historical statues and images to be destroyed or removed from the public square is part of a well-planned course of action.

Statues and images are just the beginning and the speed with which films, books, television series, including popular comedies are being censored leads one to believe this is not a spontaneous reaction to the death of a career criminal in the USA. 

The support of the political class and the establishment for BLM and the cultural revisionism they have demanded is proof of coordination and collusion in the cultural Marxist revolution we are witnessing.

Institutions like Parliament, the BBC, the NHS, local authorities, the education system and Premier League soccer clubs etc. have fallen for the BLM narrative and jumped on the virtue signalling bandwagon by 'taking a knee'.

It's worth mentioning at this point that these virtue signalers have no idea what 'taking a knee' is or what it represents. The fact they do it to blindly follow a media narrative is an indication of how brainwashed and gullible they are.   

Regrettably, the politicized, politically correct British police service have subjugated and humiliated themselves by ‘taking a knee’ before the agitators and vandals, sending them entirely the wrong message.  

The temptation to jump on an anti-American, anti-capitalism bandwagon was too much for the Archbishop of Canterbury and his army of ‘woke’ bishops to resist. They obviously do not realize that if the organization and revolution they support were to succeed they would be the first ones up against the wall and shot before the substantial wealth of their Church is confiscated for redistribution.

If history is anything to go by the wealth of the Church would be redistributed between the leaders of the revolution and the cronies that keep them in power but I digress.

Further proof of pre-planning and coordination is the instant smearing of anyone who questions this revolution, no matter how moderate they are, as ‘far-right’. London’s disastrous Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has gone one step further and labelled all dissenters as ‘extreme far-right’.

In a move guaranteed to upset the British people, Mayor Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants and a Muslim, has set up a Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm which will focus on removing statues and memorials that offend BLM while replacing them with groups that they do support. These include Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, women, the LGBTQ+ community and disability groups. ( Read about it here)

I digress again but the fact that Mayor Khan is a Muslim who has a religious obligation to destroy statues and images I would suggest he is the wrong person to lead an inquiry into how the British people memorialize their historical figures. My guess is that he will support the 'remove' part of his inquiry but not the 'replace' part.   

For the attention of the British people and other gullible people outside America; you are being treated as nothing more than useful idiots, you are falling for the carefully prepared propaganda of a revolutionary political organization.

Black Lives Matter is a neo-Marxist political organization dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism and western civilization. They do not care one jot about black lives; if they did they would be rioting and looting over the slaughter of black people by other black people in America's inner cities such as those in Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis as well as Mayor Khan’s blood soaked London.

They would also be rioting and looting about the black Christians who are being systematically slaughtered in Africa by other black people in a program of religious genocide.

The numbers don’t lie, BLM does not care about black lives.

Not shown in the graph is the shocking statistic that proves that BLM are a fraudulent organization that do not care about black lives. The white on black murder rate in the USA was circa 9% while the black on black murder rate was circa 89%. That's nothing to do with rogue policemen, white supremacy or systemic racism. It's black people murdering other black people and BLM don't care. (Raw data here)

To conclude, everyone with a heart agrees that the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue policeman was cruel and unnecessary and the perpetrator will face the full force of the law, but this is no reason to riot, loot and destroy businesses that working class people, including black people, have spent a lifetime building up.

With the world beginning to recover from the Covid-19 lockdowns and the likely re-election of President Trump in November, the globalists, neo Marxists and other assorted ideological misfits needed to take immediate action to sow discord and destabilize America, Great Britain and the world's advanced economies.

They waited for an opportune moment and an excuse to put their long-planned revolution into action and the death of career criminal George Floyd provided that excuse. Over the years the British people have been conditioned by rigidly policed political correctness and were ripe for the picking.

The more weak minded of them fell for the BLM propaganda hook, line and sinker.

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  1. Great piece, thanks. I'd just add that BLM should be called BDM, 'Black Deaths Matter', as they only protest on behalf of 2 groups of dead blacks: the long dead victims of white US slaveowners, and the tiny group of black men whose lives are taken by white US cops. The many millions of blacks suffering death and oppresion by other blacks or non-whites both in the US and globally don't matter in the slightest. BDM are using dead African-Americans for political pruposes: to advance the race war they are fighting against 'racist' white America, and to brainwash and recruit the popular support needed to mount their Marxist insurrection against US Democracy. My own detailed argument is here:


    1. Thank you. I've Bookmarked your article to read when time allows.