Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Huw Lewis - Watch Your Back Dai Basra

Please have pity on the long suffering people of Merthyr Tydfil, not only have they lumbered themselves with a piece of dead wood like Dai Havard, they have compounded their misery by electing another non performing Labour Party apparatchik in shape of Huw Lewis.

Like Dai Basra,  Huw Lewis has little or no experience outside the cloistered, incestuous world inhabited by career politicians.

His bio's reveal the awful truth. Huw Lewis finished his education in Scotland where, instead of broadening his horizons by getting some experience in the wealth creating sector, he went to work for the Scottish Labour Party. If the Labour Party in Wales is a closed shop in Scotland its bordering on the Mafia.

Take note Dai Basra, Huw Lewis is well connected, he worked for John Smith,  Donald Dewar and the so called political heavyweights Doug and Wendy Alexander,  he is reputed to be a formidable political campaigner. With credentials and connections like this he is wasted in Cardiff Bay. He is destined for higher things so watch your back Dai.

After his stint with the Scottish Labour Party Huw Lewis spent 4 years as a chemistry teacher, this will give him window dressing cover and gives him the right to claim that he has worked outside politics. (Its an old trick and is currently being used by that other career political shyster David Cameron).

After his spell as a teacher Huw Lewis was soon back in the political fold, his next career move was Assistant General Secretary of the Welsh Labour Party. Finally in 1999 he climbed aboard the gravy train when he was elected to the Welsh Assembly and he's been failing there ever since.

For a staunch believer in the redistribution of wealth there is no evidence of any wealth creating experience on his CV.

From the previous post it can be seen in the Welsh Government's own jargon riddled reports, that since 1999 the social conditions in his constituency have gone from bad to appalling. They are truly shocking, especially with respect to child poverty, health, life expectancy and educational performance.

Deputy Minister for Children indeed, shame on you Huw Lewis!! How can you sleep at night.

It would be laughable if its wasn't so tragic but Huw Lewis as Deputy Minister for Social Justice, reviewed the Welsh Governments Anti Poverty Programme, named Community First and as an insult to the children of Wales he also wrote the Welsh Governments Action Plan to eliminate child poverty!!

This is such an epic failure that if Huw Lewis had a shred of decency he would resign.

Keeping it in the family, Huw is married to life long socialist and fellow Assembly Member Lynne Neagle, another tax and spend wealth redistributor with no experience in the wealth creating sector.

Before joining her husband on the gravy train Lynne Neagle worked in the voluntary sector and also as a researcher for troughing expert and wealthy socialist hypocrite Glenys Kinnock.

It appears that Lynne and Huw have picked up the Kinnock family penchant for getting rich on taxpayers money. Expenses? Fill ya boots its only the fruit of other peoples labour.

The transport links between the Valleys and Cardiff are trumpeted as being excellent hence the unemployed people of Merthyr and Torfaen have been chastised in the past for refusing job vacancies in the City area, its hypocritical therefore for Huw Lewis and Lynne Neagle to be representing their constituencies from Penarth. Set an example you two wasters, hold your noses and live with the people you are supposed to be representing.

Its hard to understand what these people have been doing all these years, social conditions in Lynne Neagle's constituency of Torfaen are no better than those in her husbands constituency of Merthyr Tydfil. By any measure they are both epic failures.

We in the dissenting community have, using the information contained in their own reports, have come to the conclusion that for todays' unprincipled politicians the gaining and hanging on to power is the top priority and not the well being of the people.

They are nothing but poverty pimps who know that a free and prosperous people, financially independant of government, wouldn't go near them with a ten foot bargepole.

The promise of welfare 'entitlements' from cradle to grave, the demonisation of wealth creators and the threat that the 'other lot' will take it all away is their ticket to power. Their failure to improve the conditions of the people after years of unfettered power is a testimony to this.

Huw Lewis and Dai Havard do have three things in common. They are both members of ( and supported by) the strike prone union Unite which is run by communist sympathiser Red Len McCluskey, they are both dedicated to the same failed 19th century political philosophy and finally, they are both non performing failures who have betrayed the people of Merthyr Tydfil and should resign forthwith.

While we're on the subject of socialist hypocrisy, we'll take a look at at the Kinnocks next.

*Update* Just a brief look at their history has revealed that the hypocrisy, nepotism and money grabbing by this family is beyond the pale, We'll take a look at Glenys Kinnock first and take it from there.


  1. Hey I like this blog keep it up, can you recommend any other anti-welsh labour blogs?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I haven't come across any other anti-Welsh Labour blogs, judging by voter behaviour we are a rare breed. I will keep looking and will gladly post any details on this site.

  2. Hi its me again I loathe Welsh Labour they've turned us into a quasi-warsaw pact state, please keep it up!

  3. I intend to keep going up as best I can. Please encourage any people you know with simular views to visit here, it helps get he message out.

    Good post on Glenys Kinnock hopefully tomorrow

  4. Looking forward to it! I dont know many with similar views as you and I ,have you noticed everyone on the Welsh blogosphere seems to be a plaid supporter or atleast a socialist welsh independence supporter? drives me nuts!

  5. I know know you feel.

    I don't everyone everyone to agree on every subject but before Wales can rejuvinate itself we all need to agree we have a problem in the first place. My view is that the Labour Party in Wales is a big part of that problem.

    I hope that anyone reading these posts will at least think before they blindly vote for their usual candidate.