Friday, October 26, 2012

Ed Balls Exposed As A Liar - So What As He Would Say

As any follower of British politics will be aware Labour member, Shadow Chancellor and ignorant political thug Ed Balls is in the top three of the most obnoxious Members of Parliament ever.

He is also one of the most incompetent. Together with the madman Gordon Brown he trashed the entire British economy resulting a massive structural deficit and raising the nations debt to unprecedented levels.

In his arrogance he is quick to deny any responsibility, blaming everyone from the wicked bankers to the Americans.

It wasn't the bankers or the Americans it was Brown and Balls' deliberate economic policy that destroyed the private sector final salary pension schemes, it wasn't the bankers or the Americans that sold half of Great Britain's gold reserves at the bottom of the market at a cost of some 16 billion,  nor did the Americans increase welfare dependency by expanding entitlements.

It was Brown and Balls who borrowed record sums of money at the top of the economic cycle to expand the unreformed public sector instead of preparing for the economic downturn and credit crisis that everyone knew was coming.

Since his party was booted out of office Ed Balls has been sticking to the line that Brown and himself are as pure as the driven snow and they didn't do anything wrong while they were in charge of the economy, the deficit came about because of the recession blah blah blah!

It's all spin, deceit, lies and more spin. He doesn't know any different, he only knows how to spin, lie and deceive,  it's in his DNA.

Therefore it was a joy to watch a stuttering, sweaty Ed Balls squirming in his seat as Andrew Neil exposed him as a liar on his Sunday talk show.

Balls claimed on the Andrew Marr show in January 2011 that there was no structural deficit prior to the recession. When confronted by the IMF figures from 07 (pre recession) that there was indeed an 73 billion deficit, he tried to claim he didn't deny the deficit to Marr despite there being a recording of him denying it.

To our double joy we got a repeat performance when he tried the same line with Adam Boulton on Sky later in the day and he got skewered again.

Ed Balls is obviously too stupid to learn from his previous mistake or he just doesn't know how to come clean and tell the truth.

I don't know anyone in the world that doesn't get some kind of pleasure out of watching bullies and thugs like Balls get their just desserts. I certainly enjoyed watching the lying bastard get found out.

Well done Andrew Neil and Adam Boulton.

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