Monday, October 29, 2012

Julia Gillard - An Apology To The People Of Australia

To those readers who have just tuned in from Australia, (and everywhere for that matter), thank you for taking time to read my humble contribution to the anti-socialist cause.

I travelled extensively during my working career and I had the pleasure of sharing a beer or two with many Australians in faraway places such as Hong Kong, Bombay, London and Tokyo to name but a few.

Other people may disagree but I always got the impression of Australians as individualist combined with an adventurous spirit and the love of sport, fun and a couple of beers.

I had never found my friends from down under to be overtly political, in fact they always seemed to avoid the subject like the plague.

To this day I have no idea what the political attitudes are among the different demographic groups in Australia so from my own experience of their nature, I would guess that they embrace small government, liberty and individualism over the collectivist prison of socialism.

I recently stumbled upon a video of one Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister of Australia, talking about environmental issues among other things.

I was shocked, she jumped out of the screen at me. What a lying, nagging old harpy, how on God's earth did my Australian brothers end up this creature as their Prime Minister?

After further research, and to my dismay, she turns out to be an old world socialist, (that explains the habit of lying) and to my further utter dismay she was born in Barry, South Wales. She's one of my fellow countrymen.

It was bad enough sending our convicts to Australia and thank goodness the practice stopped but to replace them by sending our socialists is an awful thing to inflict on that unsuspecting population. On behalf of the enlightened people of Wales, please accept my sincere apologies.

Although she was young when she left Wales that does make her immune from her heritage and peer pressure. Like myself she probably picked up the socialist vibes from the cradle. Like me also (until I saw the light) she lists Nye Bevan as her favourite politician.

My guess is, based on her admiration for politicians like Bevan, that she has done her homework and studied the current crop of South Wales socialist politicians and found them to her liking.

Absolute socialist hypocrites like Lord Neil and Lady Glenys Kinnock who feigned compassion for the poor and went on to make a taxpayer funded 10 million pound fortune before casting aside their constituents like rubbish before moving to London to live the lifestyle of the people they claim to despise.

Or Ann Clwyd a North Walian representing Cynon Valley in the South. A socialist hypocrite of the highest order who has made a small fortune out 'compassion for the poor' and lists female genial mutilation as one of her passionate issues as if its rife in her constituency.

As is usual with compassionate global socialists like Clwyd while she concentrates on the worlds poor her constituents suffer high unemployment, welfare dependency, educational under achievement and poor health.

Or what about the vulgar exhibitionist Chris Bryant representing Rhondda Cynon Taf. This Welsh socialist under achiever isn't there on merit but to fill a quota. This disgusting specimen's only claim to fame is getting caught trawling the Internet for sex with photos of himself dressed only in his underpants. Classy.

South Wales is infested with home grown socialist hypocrites, please check for yourselves or check out some of my previous posts. Gwenda Thomas, Derek Vaughan, Huw Lewis and his wife, Dai 'Basra' Havard and the pervert Ron 'Moment of Madness' Davies.

To misquote the Bard of Avon himself, "Julia Gillard is a stem of this odious stock and you should fear the native mightiness and fate of her".

If you don't want New South Wales to look like Old South Wales I would advise the Australian electorate to get rid of this one at the earliest possible opportunity.

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