Thursday, November 1, 2012

John Terry - English Hero and Victim of Politically Motivated Placemen

John Terry is an odd subject for someone of my background but fighting the fundamental transformation of my country into a socialist hell hole is my primary mission in life not trivial tribal animosity.

To any student of the various leftwing groups or 'progressives' as they now label themselves, England is the prime target for their transformation strategy because firstly, Scotland, Wales and to a lesser extent Northern Ireland are more than halfway to Dystopia already and secondly, if England falls the others will follow.

At this point its worth a brief recap of how the John Terry affair today is the latest manifestation of a transformational generational agenda that began in 1945.

The fundamental transformation of Great Britain has been the aim of the left since the formation of the Labour party. Cultural replacement via immigration has always been a weapon in their armoury as evidenced by a non PC slogan used by non Labour opposition parties during the 1945 general election.

"If You Want A Ni**er For A Neighbour, Vote Labour".

It would have been political suicide to open the borders to mass immigration immediately after the war therefore they used drip feed immigration until the time was judged ripe to open the floodgates in order to speed up what is now know as cultural and demographic replacement.

The 'transformation of society' project kicked off in earnest with the disastrous mass nationalisation and government spending programme of the Attlee government. This was halted when they were booted out after one term in 1951.

The leftward swing was halted from 51 to 64 by Churchill and Eden then restarted from 64 to 70 by Wilson,  it was halted again from 70 to 74 by Heath, and restarted yet again from 74 to 79 by Wilson/Callaghan.

During this period the leftward movement was never reversed it was always incrementally leftward.

The 'progressives' were put into apoplexy when this leftward drift was put into reverse for the first time by the Thatcher/Major governments. All their work over three decades was being undone and Thatcher remains the lefts greatest hate figure to this day.

The decision was made that the next time Labour got into power they would fundamentally transform Great Britain and move the country radically to the left. They would also put an infrastructure in place to make sure that this fundamental transformation and leftward shift could never be reversed by any future government.

The rest, as they say, is history. A Labour government was elected in 1997 and the usual disastrous socialist economic policy of tax, borrow, spend and debt kicked off with predictable results.

The bloating of the state sector and the increase in welfare dependency was designed to make it impossible for future governments to reverse course.

To achieve the permanent transformation of society the politicisation of the Establishment and our institutions was key, thus the civil service, the House of Lords, the police, the army, the BBC, the NHS, our schools etc. began by stuffing them with Labour party cronies and apparatchiks. Even the Church of England ended up with a Marxist theologian in charge.

Unelected quangoland was set up, including the insidious Equality and Human Rights Commission, to govern every aspect of our lives and again stuffed with Labour party cronies and apparatchiks.

Sport was no exception, especially football (soccer to our American cousins). In the perverted view of the 'progressives', the football culture needed to be changed from a masculine, working class pastime dominated by ethnic Englishmen into a multi-cultural, soft, feminised parody of the old English game.

There is no place for players like Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Nobby Stiles, Alan Ball, Tommy Smith, Billy Bremner, Chopper Harris and host of others, in the modern game.

There is no place for archetypal patriotic English gentlemen like Sir Alf Ramsey. English patriotism is frowned upon and actively discouraged by the politically correct, multi-culti obsessed placemen currently in charge at the FA.

John Terry is one of the last of this generation and he is being hounded out by the cowards and lackeys that infest Football's governing bodies.

The Football Association, the British governing body, takes the moral high ground when it comes to football players but their own behavior leaves a lot to be desired.

Graham Kelly and Keith Wiseman were involved in a loan scandal reputed to have taken place to garner votes for a Vice President position with FIFA (the world governing body).

Then we have Adam Crozier the 'progressive' lackey who started the anti-English culture in football by appointing Sven Goran Ericksson the first foreign manager of England and who turned out to be a womaniser and potential back stabbing sell out merchant to a fake sheik.

The politicisation of football began in earnest with the appointment of David Davies the ex political correspondent from the hopelessly 'progressive' cesspit known as the BBC.

Then there was the sanctimonious Mark Palios, a bean counter who had to resign after a sex scandal with colleague Faria Alam who was also having sex with the first foreign manager Mr Ericksson.

Next came Brian Barwick ex-television crony including a stint at the aforementioned 'progressive' cesspit, the BBC.

The politicisation continued apace with the appointment of political insider Ian Watmore, a bean counter and civil servant to boot.

If anyone is in any doubt that there is a deliberate attempt to transform football and society then look into Watmore and his time with the Prime Minister's Orwellian Transformation and Delivery Units.

The current apparatchik in charge is bean counter and political lackey Alex Horne. His job appears to be driving home the transformation started by the previous social reformers.

Sports Minister Hugh Robertson stated on the appointment of Alex Horne that he wanted an independent figure leading the organisation.

Firstly, its none of Robertsons business. What is a useless politician doing interfering in the FA if only to garner personal publicity for political reasons.

Secondly, in case he hadn't noticed, Alex Horne had been a bean counter for the FA for seven years, which hardly makes him independent.

Alex Horne is a authoritarian political animal of the very highest order and typical of today's 'progressives'. He has come up with the Social Media Policy, a draconian piece of censorship worthy of the East German Stasi. It highlights the Code of Conduct which applies strict rules over what a footballer can or cannot say.

This paid up member of the Orwellian thought police has also declared that criticism of the FA, which includes himself, will not be tolerated. Why Not? Free speech is part of our democratic way of life, at least it was until authoritarians like Horne came along. I for one would like to hear the opinions of our footballers on all matters.

The appointment of Heather Rabbatts as a non executive director to the FA is an attempt to drive home its inclusive, multi-cultural makeup. She is a token of course and ticks all the right boxes.

A black and a woman she was educated at the ultra left London School of Economics (LSE). She was a barrister, a local councillor, a public sector consultant, a governor of the BBC cesspit, and a director of  Kinnock's old organisation and purveyor of socialist propaganda, the British Council.

Heather Rabbatts meets all the criteria to be a Labour MP so I suppose some poor suckers in a 'safe' Labour seat somewhere will be dumped on in the near future.

John Terry is no angel and has been involved in some scandals himself but unlike the politically correct rabble infesting the FA he doesn't claim to monopolise the moral high ground.

As working class East Ender John Terry has no chance against the politically connected, malignant people at the FA even thought they are unfit to wipe the mud of his boots.

To me John Terry was just the captain of Chelsea Football Club and England but he has risen in my estimation and he is now a true working class hero who has been betrayed by the deceitful, politically motivated low life's who are intent on destroying all which we hold dear.


  1. The way Terry has been treated you would be forgiven for thinking that he burned down an orphanage. If I wasn't already a racist, incidents like this would turn me into one.
    Paris Claims

    1. Football's popularity makes it ineveitable that politicians will sieze the oppotunity and use it to further their agenda.

      The FA is now stuffed with so called 'progressives'. The FA and the BBC are identical organisations working to a common goal (no pun intended)

      Its decending into a farce though, with players, fans and now referees all being accused of racism. Why not just accuse us all and have done with it.