Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mammoth EU-Africa Summit - Failed Superstate's Desperate Attempt To Stop China

The one thing that politicians and bureaucrats love most of all is a summit meeting; topics are irrelevant so long as the world's media are present and the taxpayers are picking up the bill.  If ever a politician or a bureaucrat goes missing the chances are they'll be found in some expensive location attending a summit.

The sheer number of summits for our representatives to attend is mind boggling.  There's the UN, NATO, G20, G8, Commonwealth Heads of Government, WTO from Doha to Cancun,  EU Foreign Ministers, The Earth summit, Climate Change summits, Bilderberg conferences, to name but a few.

Apart from dining on the best cuisine our money can buy, what goes on at these summits is a mystery. All the taxpaying public get for their money is a photo opportunity, where publicity conscious politicians elbow each other to stand next to President Obama or Angela Merkel, and a joint communique which says nothing of consequence.

Life carries on after a summit meeting much as it did before, the only difference appears to be a few extra pounds added to the weight of each attendee and a few extra pounds subtracted from the purses and wallets of the hard pressed taxpayers.

One also has to bear in mind that prior to these summits, lesser politicians and bureaucrats from participant countries have met up multiple times, at great cost to the taxpayer, in order to set up the whole jamboree in the first place.

One of the biggest summit meetings in history is taking place at the moment in Brussels, where some seventy politicians and bureaucrats will attend the mammoth European Union-Africa summit. This has supposedly been convened to improve political and economic ties between the EU and Africa with an emphasis on development aid, climate change and migration.

In reality this particular summit is a desperate attempt by the EU bureaucrats to stop dynamic countries with growing economies such as China, India and Brazil from replacing the collapsing economies of the stagnant, out of date EU with respect to development in Africa.

Incidentally, an agenda like this should send shivers down the spine of every taxpayer in Great Britain and Germany as this is the sort of trendy, ego massaging nonsense that the politicians love to wallow in, especially when it involves publicly promising to give away more taxpayers money. (The rest of the EU countries are too bankrupt to make a meaningful contribution)

The summit itself didn't get off to a very good start when Zimbabwe's long time tyrant, Robert Mugabe, suggested a boycott which didn't materialize - he failed to attend anyway because his notorious shopaholic wife Grace was refused a visa.

South Africa's erratic corruptocrat, Jacob Zuma, also refused to attend using the excuse that he was too busy. It would appear that looting the Treasury and stealing money destined for development aid in order to renovate his personal mansion, is obviously a time consuming business.

Also in non attendance was Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir on account that he is wanted for war crimes and would be liable to arrest the moment he steps off the plane.

Among those who are attending the summit are Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta, who us currently under indictment at the International Criminal Court.

Also in attendance are Nigerian corruptocrat Goodluck Jonathan, the long term Ugandan despot and gay hater, Yoweri  Museveni and a boat load of other unsavoury characters who routinely loot, pillage, starve and generally oppress the unfortunate people of Africa.

More attendees here.

Why UN Secretary General, Ban Ki moon is attending is a mystery for the simple reason that his organization is crippled by inefficiency, incompetence, anti semitism and corruption.

The sole function of the UN at this point in its history is to provide a platform for every anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist totalitarian nut case on the planet.

The reason that African leaders love the UN so much cannot be based on its performance with respect to their continent. It has spectacularly failed to stop  wars, including civil wars, genocide, famine, mutilations, torture, rape, murder, kidnapping for child soldiers, together with the widespread looting of aid money and natural resources.

Apart from indulging in another taxpayer funded junket and taking the opportunity to polish their 'progressive' compassionate credentials on the world stage, the stark fact is that despite the outpouring of positive propaganda, the European Union is a complete and utter failure.

The Soviet Union type command and control of all aspects of political, economic and personal life by a bloated unaccountable bureaucracy is out of date. The EU today is stuffed to the gunwales with time expired politicians and career bureaucrats who's only function is to churn out ever increasing amounts of regulations that strangle economic growth and job creation.

Due to the inbuilt inefficiencies and corruption of self serving bureaucracies, they require ever increasing amounts of money just to service themselves. There is no extra benefit to the taxpayer for the ever increasing contributions, only more regulations requiring more bureaucrats.

Using free enterprise principles, the dynamic economies of China, India and Brazil are catching up and overtaking the moribund EU and slowly replacing it as a dominant force on the geopolitical stage. Africa is in the process of disengaging from its former colonial masters and realigning itself with the up and coming power houses of Asia and Brazil.

In a 2012 paper, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) was forced to admit that the relationship between Africa and the EU is changing, noting that Africa is on the rise while the EU is on the wane.

This paper highlights the outdated attitudes of the EU towards Africa and the changing attitude of Africans to development, they are now focusing on trade and investment instead of monetary aid.

Informed people have been warning for decades that pouring endless sums of aid money into Africa will not cure the problems that have blighted the continent since the end of the colonial era.

Trillions have been pumped into Africa in the decades since de-colonization and the situation of the people has got increasingly worse.

Award winning Zambian economist, Dambisa Moyo will know more about the damage aid does to the African people than any European Union bureaucrat, publicity seeking Hollywood actor or ageing celebrity rock star.

She explains it all in her book Dead Aid.

Dambisa Moyo also accurately predicted America's descent into socialism.

Unscrupulous vested interests that benefit from the aid industry have always framed the debate on development aid including the use of harrowing images of starving children to ensure that emotion and hand wringing replaces common sense and logic.

The multi-millionaire aid industry professionals, along with publicity seeking celebrities and agenda driven politicians, are responsible for prolonging misery, disease and death across the African continent, either to appease their white mans guilt or to further their own selfish ends.

It's worth quoting from this report as it not only highlights the changing attitudes of African nations  to development through investment and trade as opposed to monetary aid, but it also exposes the real reason for this mammoth summit.

With reference to the EU and Africa:

"The marked reversal of roles between the two continents is a good starting point. Many African countries are experiencing unprecedented economic growth, with a booming natural resources sector and growing markets. Europe meanwhile, is struggling with financial crisis, soaring debt, budget cuts and widespread euro-skepticism".

The wind of change is blowing across Africa but the mindset of the out of date Brussels bureaucrats is too fixed in their anachronistic ideology to understand and adjust accordingly.

"This trend is reinforced by new development partners, such as India, China and Brazil, promoting new kinds of relationships that prioritise trade, investment and geopolitics over official development assistance (ODA)."

This quote confirms what the realists have been saying for years only for them to be derided and smeared with accusations of cruelty, racism and lack of compassion.

"Many African countries' attitudes towards development assistance have changed as well. Rather than relying on ODA, African countries are actively developing other policies and methods to insure economic growth.  Domestic resource mobilization, innovative ways to secure national and regional financing and utilization of the resource boom for wider development are examples of new ideas that call for rethinking the role of aid."

EU politicians and bureaucrats are unable to rethink the role of aid because they have committed themselves to giving away 0.7% of GDP whether recipient countries need it or not.

"The game has thus truly changed.
...West African countries led by Nigeria refused to open their economies to free trade with the European Union.
One report says negotiations over the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) stalled two years ago after countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) resisted lifting tariff barriers over fears they could crush nascent industries unable to cope with European imports."

The Eurocrats still maintain that using collective bargaining clout to secure global trade deals is an advantage of EU membership. Obviously not in the case of ECOWAS. Great Britain could have secured an independent trade deal had it not been shackled to the EU dead horse.

"The EU should learn from this episode.  The bloc, on the other hand, should disabuse itself of delusions of grandeur, because it's greatness is well and truly gone and the wealth accumulated by theft and plunder is fast diminishing.   (Ouch! That's a home truth).

"Europe can only be poorer; less powerful.  The other point concerns the shifting power and economic dynamics with the rise of new players fronted by China."

The truth is there for all to see but the Eurocrats dedication to the United States of Europe project will always take priority over reality and the well being of the peoples of Europe.

"Statistics indicate that China's trade with Africa jumped from US$10 billion in 2000 to an estimated US$200 billion in 2013 and in the process overtook the United States as Africa's largest trading partner."

The rest of this eye opening article is here.

It should be accepted that it's all over for European Union and no amount of summit meetings with their promises of ever bigger sums of taxpayer money will alter the fact. The colonial age and its aftermath is over and done with.  Africa is moving on and realigning itself with dynamic countries and their growing economies; the EU bureaucracy had better get used to it.

As the western countries concentrate on imposing their Marxist inspired 'progressive' agendas on their reluctant populations, Africa and the developing world are moving on and it won't be too long before their global positions are reversed.

If events carry on as they are, anyone with an imagination will have some idea of how history will progress from this point.

Resource rich African states using free enterprise principles, and guided by China, India and Brazil, will realize their potential and prosper; they will continue to develop and eventually overtake the current developed world.

The so called developed world, including the USA, will continue its descent into self imposed mediocrity where inequality has been erased and everyone will be equally poor and miserable.

While African states and the developing world starts to move ahead, western politicians will continue fiddling their expenses and obsessing about gender neutrality, sexuality, gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, animal's rights, abortion, diversity, community cohesion, cultural sensitivity, multi-culturalism, combating climate change and redistribution of what little wealth there is left.

In conclusion, it must be admitted that the EU is time expired, inefficient, corrupt and totally moribund. A self serving, unelected, bloated bureaucracy stuffed with inexperienced career bureaucrats and retired politicians dedicated to outdated ideologies cannot compete in the new dynamic world.

It is in the peoples interests to bring this monster down and enjoy the blessings that are inherent in freedom and liberty.


  1. Aid, like welfare, is holding people back. Corrupt African politicians couldn't give a damn about their own people and all they are interested in is channeling this aid into their personal bank accounts.

    Just a bit of humour about Zuma and his Nkandla scandal below.

    1. The politicians in the donor countries don't give a damn about the people either. They know aid doesn't work but it makes them look good and it gives them an excuse for their redistribution wealth agenda.

      The video is funny, they would do one starring Bob 'The Gob' Mugabe but he's too old and decrepit.