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Immigration, Gay Marriage, Foreign Aid - Politicians' War Against The People

Arrogant, greedy, corrupt, self serving and out-of-touch are words and phrases that are frequently employed whenever anyone is asked to give an opinion on the current crop of politicians. To say that there is a disconnect between the people and their representatives would the understatement of the century and it is worth exploring this a little further.

The relationship between governments and the people has, over several decades, altered to the point where politicians and their armies of bureaucrats believe that the people are subject to them and they consider it impertinence and downright insubordination whenever the people question their actions or behavior.

By their collective ignorance, intellectual laziness and predictable voting habits, the people have brought this down upon their own heads but fortunately the wind of change is blowing across the political landscape and the people are slowly awaking from their decades long slumber.

It can be said without fear of contradiction that a political class has arisen across the entire civilised world and embarked upon a transformational agenda of such magnitude they know that people will not give their consent.

This agenda is designed to re-order the nations of the world and engineer the equality of nations, together with giving moral equivalence to cultures, religions and ethnic groups regardless of their evolutionary stage..

This cannot be achieved by raising undeveloped, uncivilized cultures, religions and ethnic groups up to level of the developed world, therefore it is being achieved by deliberately down grading the civilized world to the lowest common denominator of nations.

This will include the redistribution of wealth using any excuse possible, including increasing foreign aid to a percentage of GDP, the transferring industry and technology under the auspices of the UN, to the perverting of science in the name of combating climate change.

If anyone thinks this is an exercise in exaggeration or hyperbole then I challenge them to visit, as an educational example, some of the transformed areas of England, such as Tower Hamlets, Brick Lane or Bethnal Green in the East End of London, the St. Pauls area of Bristol, the Mosside area of Manchester along with any number of towns and villages that are unrecognizable as anything other than the third world.

As far as my research goes, this downgrading is not unique to Great Britain and is occurring right across the developed, civilized world, including the USA, Canada and Australia.

I will, however, restrict this article to Great Britain for reasons of familiarity and take it as read that I am correct in my other assertion unless proved otherwise.

The current Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is part of the global elite that has been chosen and groomed to impose the transformational agenda on the British people and he is as determined as he is unrepentant.

When he makes a speech or offers a comment on any subject, his view is always in opposition to the will of the people; it is as if he is openly showing his allegiance to the global elite and his utter contempt for the plebeians that inhabit the British Isles.

David Cameron has a sophisticated political machinery at his disposal and this contains some of the most accurate pollsters and political scientists in the game, this includes Lord Ashcroft from his own conservative party. He is well aware of the issues that are of most concern to the British people together with where they stand with reference to them.

On the issue of foreign aid, the British people are as unanimous as it is possible to be. When the country is borrowing over one hundred billion pounds per year and people are struggling to pay their bills, they don't want their money given to China or to space age India or to nuclear armed Pakistan or to kleptocrat African despots.

They also don't want half a billion pounds of their money given to multi-millionaire professionals from the burgeoning foreign aid industry.

Cameron is well aware of this but displays his contempt for the British people by announcing that his biggest single achievement since taking office is the doubling of foreign aid. He is also sending a signal to his colleagues in the global elite that he is meeting their target of 0.7% of GDP.

The British people did not want traditional marriage to be abolished but the global elite were adamant that it should be. Cameron was only too happy to oblige, and in a calculated insult he planned to send his legislators to around the world to help other countries impose homosexual marriage on their people.

And so it goes on, his contempt for the British people and his allegiance to the trendy 'progressive' elite is on display with issues such as 'combating climate change'. He knows the people have woken up to the scam but he continues imposing hardship on the people and wrecking the British economy in the process.

On the issue of surrendering sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats of the European Union he is again at odds with the people.

Despite describing himself as Eurosceptic, Cameron "firmly believes" that Britain should remain shackled to this failing corrupt abomination that was conceived by bureaucrats, in the interests of bureaucrats and for the benefit of bureaucrats.

The latest in a long line of corruption scandals in the British Parliament has demonstrated Cameron's willingness to set aside the rule of law in order to protect one of his own. Maria Miller, the Secretary of State at the Orwellian Department of Culture, Media and Sport, willfully stole from the British public to line her own pocket.

Despite calls for her sacking by the vast majority of the British people, Cameron is giving her his "warm support".

Apart from a minority of 'progressives' and self loathers the British people are against the pernicious human rights laws that are preventing the removal of undesirables from the country no matter how heinous their crimes. The politicians know this is the case but refuse to act in the interests of the people but acquiesce instead to the global elite.

The one issue that unites the majority of the British in opposition to the political class is open border mass immigration. This is the issue that has caused so much damage to Great Britain, its economy, its communities and its way of life.

This is also the issue that the political class are determined to persevere with in order to meet their obligation of downgrading Great Britain to third world status.

This is the issue where politicians spin, obfuscate, lie, smear, threaten with prosecution and generally browbeat the people with political correctness into submission.

Being the calculating liars that politicians are, they paint a picture of Great Britain as a peaceful, multi-cultural nirvana, where all the different cultures and ethnic groups live side by side in perfect harmony with mutual respect for each other.

If there is any animosity then it is blamed on the white indigenous people, who are painted as nothing more than intolerant bigots who display an inherent capacity for racism.

The reality is somewhat different and it is on display for all to see should they follow the news or take the time to go and look for themselves.

Great Britain is divided into semi-autonomous, mono-cultural, welfare addicted, crime ridden ghettos where, as in some areas, the Queens writ no longer applies. The law is applied selectively or ignored entirely depending on cultural requirements, except in areas populated by the indigenous people.

The leaders of the three legacy parties, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband speak as one in support of mass immigration and never miss an opportunity to proclaim the economic benefits of this disaster or the enrichment it has brought to their lives.

None of these three live in the areas that are blighted by Muslim paedophile gangs, Islamic Jihadi's, Jamaican Yardie gangs, Chinese Triads, East European street gangs, Romanian gypsies, drug gangs, turf wars, beggars, pickpockets, burglars, foreign rapists and murderers, yet they expect the British to endure this without complaint and consider it to be culturally enriching.

As mentioned earlier the British people are slowly awakening from their slumber and they are starting to hold the political class to account. The rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is spreading panic among the Westminster bubble and those that facilitate the corruption and criminality that passes for politics in Great Britain.

With elections imminent the smear machines are cranking up to full speed and the insults are flowing thick and fast. Cameron himself has previously insulted millions of supporters, including the thousands who have switched their allegiance from his supposedly detoxified conservative party to UKIP, by referring to them as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

His party has further alienated the British people, and further marginalized the Muslim community, when the insult was repeated by the over promoted and utterly useless, Baroness Warsi.

She lumbers under the title of Minister for Faith and Communities and must realize that she is in government not because of any skills or achievements but because she is not white, a woman and a Muslim.

Warsi has a habit of using the smear "far right" when anyone has the temerity to question open border mass immigration or the myth of a multi-cultural society.

The reaction to the two televised debates between UKIP leader Nigel Farage and the Liberal Democrat party leader, Nick Clegg, demonstrated convincingly that the British people are on the march toward wresting their country back from the career politicians and bureaucrats who have done so much damage to the people and the British way of life.

Mr Farage demolished the arguments of the man who people now acknowledge is a potty trained European Union fanatic. Great Britain hater, Nick Clegg, represents all that is deceitful in a political order that hails from a tiny elite of professional like minded 'progressives' that believe their world view is the one that should be imposed on the people whether they agree or not. .

Hopefully along with Cameron, Red Ed Miliband and the rest of the political elite, Clegg will be unceremoniously dispatched by the people of Sheffield Hallam, into the dustbin of history where he so rightly belongs.


I am off on a mini tour around South Wales to see the lie of the political landscape and maybe, at great risk to myself, indulge in a little electioneering for any anti-socialist, pro-British causes.

Blogging may possibly be sporadic but I hope to update Facebook where I can. I will also be visiting Middlesex and Surrey to imbibe some of the worlds best ales.


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