Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Britain's Slow Surrender To Islam - Descent Into Oblivion Continues

The adoption of some aspects of Islamic law into its legal system is just one of a multitude of methods employed by the political establishment to reduce Great Britain from one of history's greatest superpowers, who's contribution to civilization is inestimable, into an upper class version of a third world country.

In order to better understand this issue one must first look at the type of person that masquerades as a politician these days together with their Modus Operandi.

Parliamentary representatives and their attendant bureaucrats no longer come from a broad spectrum of people who have spent a lifetime in the real world and who then went on to use that experience for the benefit of society with a period of public service.

Today's political elite hail from the same flawed gene pool who exiled themselves from the real world when they entered party politics straight from school. Regardless of party, they look the same, they talk the same and they all communicate with the public by using centrally issued slogans and sound bites.

As a political class they are indistinguishable from each other and when it comes to the major issues that are of most concern to the British people; they share the same agenda.

All the party leaders and their senior officers are Europhiles who are committed to handing over British sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and they are all committed to the destruction of the British way of life in favour of a mythical 'multi-cultural society'

In an attempt to make this a fait accompli, the President of the Law society, a Mr. Nicholas Fluck, talks as if its already here. He justified this assault on this historic mainstay of British life by stating that "we live in a diverse, multi-faith, multi-cultural society".

What Mr. Fluck failed to do was enter the multitude of Sharia controlled ghettos that blight our country and inform the Muslim minority of this fact.

The governments Modus Operandi consists of setting a precedent or point of law using spin, deceit, obfuscation and lies.  Once the precedent is established they expand it and slowly increase its scope using stealth and more deceit.

The adoption of Islamic principles into British law is part of a long planned corruption of Great Britain's historic criminal justice system which, in turn, is part of the larger destruction agenda. It is being spun as a minor alteration of little significance but in truth the destructive consequences are enormous and should be resisted.

British law has evolved over centuries from Ethelred the Unready, Alfred the Great and the Magna Carta, to the blind folded Lady Justice with her scales and sword that we have today. Central to the British system is equality under the law for everyone regardless of gender or family status. This is not possible where Islam and its adherents are concerned.

Giving Islam cultural and moral equivalence to the British Judeo-Christian heritage is central to the ethnic cleansing agenda of the political establishment.  Anyone with an iota of intelligence can see that it isn't equivalent and never will be.

Looking at the violent events in today's world it is obvious that Islam and the majority of its adherents are incompatible with western civilization, particularly those civilisations with a Judeo-Christian heritage and moral code.

The majority of Muslims in Great Britain hail from Pakistan where the persecution and killing of Christians is embedded in their culture and legal system. It was the former President of Pakistan, General Musharraf, the supposed ally of the west, who extended the anti-Christian laws to include the death penalty.

Paedophilia is abhorrent in any civilised society but is an accepted practice in Islam. The police, the establishment and the criminal justice system have all ignored this barbaric practice supposedly in the interests of 'cultural sensitivity' and 'community cohesion'.

Great Britain's animal cruelty laws are routinely ignored to facilitate the provision of halal meat.

The political class are desperately trying to promote Islam as a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few radicals, but this is a calculated deceit and one which doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

Here is a list of Muslim attacks on Christians around the world that the establishment would rather the British people didn't see.

According to the political establishment, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury,  the adoption of Islam and Sharia law is 'unavoidable' even though there are less than three million Muslims in a country of some sixty five million souls.

In desperation the government are using threats, intimidation, political correctness and the law to silence any critics of Islam and those that expose their policy to make it an acceptable, integral part of British life.

Unsurprisingly, the BBC, despite being publicly funded, acts as a mouthpiece for the government and willingly disseminates its pro Muslim propaganda.  There is no justifiable reason why a government propaganda department should be funded by the people under threat of prosecution and imprisonment.

In conclusion its worth noting that un-homogenizing, cultural replacement and multi-culturalism only travels in one direction, it only applies to the Angloshpere.

Multi-culturalism is touted as being 'progressive' and it is promoted as being desirable and a force for peace, if so then it should apply to all countries, including those in the Middle East and Africa together with China, Japan, Korea or the Indian sub continent.

It is time to redress the balance, therefore in the interests of fairness and reciprocation the British government, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mr. Nicholas Fluck should insist that Christian legal protections be incorporated into the legal systems of the above mentioned countries.

All mosque building in Great Britain and the west should cease until the slaughter of non Muslims is stopped and churches are built in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Why the government uses Islam and its adherents as a front for their cultural replacement agenda is open to further debate but it must be recognized that if they get their way and continue on this destructive course, the Tigris will indeed flow with much blood.


  1. Not much makes sense these days. I could understand our leaders attitude towards our colonisation if we were a backward primitive nation and we were being colonised by people that, through their influence, would raise life expectancy and living standards but the exact opposite is true. There is not one positive aspect to mass third world immigration, and in particular, muslim immigration, that I can think of..

    1. I can find a positive reason either. There certainly isn't an economic argument or a social one.

      The whole issue is about de-homogenizing western civilisation in order to facilitate cultural and moral equivalence.