Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Public Safety Or Cultural Replacement? - The Politicians Have Chosen!

When President Hollande of France announced before the remains of his slaughtered compatriots were cold that the massacre in Paris changed nothing whereby some thirty thousand unvetted Muslim immigrants would still be allowed into France, he not only displayed his callous insensitivity to the victims and their loved ones but also his fanatical determination to finish the cultural replacement agenda mandated by the European Union and the UN.

Incidentally, this is the same cultural replacement agenda that is also progressing in the USA albeit at a slower but ever quickening pace.

There have been over seven hundred police raids on suspected terrorist hangouts around Paris since the atrocity therefore one is bound to ask why these raids were not carried out after the Charlie Hebdo massacre which shook the world only ten months ago?

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and home to the European Union, suffered a five day lockdown as security authorities tried to capture known jihadis with dual Moroccan-Belgian citizenship who had travelled unhindered to and from France and even participated in atrocities in Syria.

It is acknowledged that there are thousands more of these committed ISIS activists emanating from the scores of autonomous, sharia controlled ghettos that infest the city. Whoever gives these known ISIS activists passports is guilty of facilitating the Muslim jihad in Europe and America and the subsequent atrocities such as those in Paris, London, Boston and Madrid.

The story is the same in many of Europe's major towns and cities where similar sharia controlled Muslim ghettos have been allowed to proliferate unhindered to become breeding grounds for ISIS and extreme murderous specimens such as the late, unlamented Jihad John.

Why these appalling hell holes continue to exist, let alone be formed in the first place, is a question the political class steadfastly refuses to answer. Despite the tough rhetoric spewed forth after the Paris massacre by the likes of Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, Obama and co, they will take no practical action to eradicate these ISIS breeding grounds.

It was only eleven months ago that the political elite from around the world gathered for the PR photo-op promising action after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the subsequent coordinated attacks elsewhere in Paris that day that claimed a total of seventeen lives with twenty-two injured.

The same global leaders made the same noises after the Madrid bombings in 2004 which killed one hundred and ninety-one innocents and injured eighteen hundred, and again after the London transport atrocity of 2005 which claimed fifty-two innocent lives and injured seven-hundred. The list of Muslim atrocities goes on and on and are not confined to Europe; Bombay 2008, Boston 2013, Nairobi 2013, Tunisia 2015. Apart from rhetoric and sound bytes nothing concrete is ever done to eliminate the problem.

The fact that the political elite in Europe and the USA are using the same rhetoric and sound bytes to absolve Islam from the violence perpetrated around the world in its name is proof positive that this is a concerted effort by the global political elite to embed Islam in developed world societies.

The loved ones of the victims of Muslim terrorists and all of us, potential future victims, no longer want to hear that "it's nothing to do with Islam" because it so obviously is, (see here) or that "Islam is a great global religion of peace" because it so obviously isn't. (see here)

Open border mass immigration from the backward, undeveloped world was spun by the various European governments as necessary for several reasons, including: a) economic prosperity b) cultural enrichment c) to strengthen communities through diversity, whatever that means.

(For cultural enrichment watch this disgusting spectacle taking place at one of Londons' iconic tourist attractions. Note the tourist buses passing in the background)

The truth is that when combined with rigidly policed political correctness and one-way hate crime laws, the mass immigration of semi-literate Muslims who are incapable of integration into western societies is an unstoppable catalyst for downgrading those same societies.

If the object of the exercise is to downgrade advanced Judeo-Christian societies to create an egalitarian world with the moral equivalence between cultures and religions then it's QED; mission accomplished and may the Lord have mercy on us all.

H/T thereligionofpeace

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