Thursday, December 3, 2015

Refusal To Eliminate ISIS - Politics In The Face Of The Enemy

One doesn't have to tax the memory too much to recall those heady days back in 1991 and 2003 when the leaders of the free world put the safety and security of their citizens and those of other threatened countries before agenda driven political expedience.

Names such as 'Operation Desert Storm' and 'Operation Iraqi Freedom', Colin Powell, 'Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf, Stealth Bombers, Smart Bombs and Precision Munitions became household names. Who can possibly forget the images as the American led coalition forces unleashed 'Shock and Awe' to defeat a ruthless and battle hardened enemy in record time with a minimum of casualties.

The Iraqi military machine prior to Desert Storm was the fifth largest in the world with over a million personnel armed with thousands of tanks and artillery pieces, a functioning air force, air defence systems, missile systems, including Scuds, all dug in and waiting for the assault. Also to be taken into account during Operation Iraqi Freedom was the possible use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

As a reminder to the younger audience, Operation Desert Storm was over in forty-two days while Operation Iraqi Freedom was over in sixty days.

Today the world is being led to believe that a rag tag army of some thirty-thousand recruits, some no more than disaffected schoolkids, using captured equipment consisting of thirty or so outdated tanks and artillery pieces, some heavy machine guns and abandoned Humvees can hold the world to ransom while committing atrocities of the most barbaric and sickening kind.

It's obvious even to the most casual of observers that if the current crop of world leaders stopped the agenda driven politics and committed their military machines to a coalition charged with defeating ISIS, it would be over in weeks rather than months.

What should be a simple military campaign to eradicate ISIS is stymied by politicians not only playing geo-political games but also pandering to political correctness and their 'progressive' agendas at home.

NATO member Turkey is playing all sides against each other while reaping economic and political benefits. Any student of history will know that Turkey has a deep visceral hatred for the Kurds whom they have oppressed since Ottoman days.

The Turks and the Kurds are supposed to be allies against ISIS but the Kurds are refused any assistance or armaments from the USA and its supposed allies in order to keep the Turks onside.

In the meantime Turkey is acting as a staging post for ISIS volunteers as well as financing them via oil sales. Turkey is extorting two billion Euros per year from the European Union for refugee assistance along with visa free travel for all it's citizens and fast track membership of the EU federal state.

Russia is bombing ISIS along with Syrian rebels opposed to the Assad regime. The USA bombing campaign is a derisory, ineffective pin prick whereby seventy-five percent of missions return with unused ordinance due to fear of collateral damage or environmental concerns.

President Obama is more concerned with socially engineering the once mighty US military into a gender neutral, LGBT friendly home guard along with his stated objective of 'standing with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction'.

The French have sent an aircraft carrier to the area to drop a few bombs only in response to the Paris atrocity. Had there been no atrocity France would be continuing with it's efforts to undermine Israel on behalf of Hamas, Hezbollah, The Palestinian Authority and ISIS.

Although British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been itching to have a war in Syria since the civil war began he has been prevented until now by the British Parliament. It's worth bearing in mind that Cameron's original excuse for going to war in Syria was regime change, not fighting ISIS.

Fear mongering about the non-existent ISIS threat from Syria, Cameron has finally got his war; unlike the French, he cannot send an aircraft carrier because he has decommissioned them as part of his evisceration of the British military in preparation for its absorption into the European Defence Force.

(At this moment in time the much vaunted Royal Navy does not have an operational aircraft carrier; the one it does have will not be aircraft capable until 2020 at the earliest, in any event it does not have enough sailors to man it or support ships to service it or the other two carriers it has commissioned).

For the record, the real ISIS threat to the British people is not from Syria but from home grown terrorists nurtured in the myriad of sharia controlled Muslim ghettos that Cameron refuses to dismantle along with the imported ready-made terrorists allowed in by his open border, mass immigration policy. Jihad John and the 7/7 bombers are cases in point.

At this juncture the personae dramatis are:

The Syrian government who are fighting the Syrian rebels and ISIS

The Kurds who are fighting ISIS and the Turks

The Turks who are fighting the Russians, the Syrian government forces, the Kurds and ISIS

The Russians who are bombing the Syrian rebels, ISIS and possibly the Turks in the near future

The French who are bombing ISIS

The British who are bombing ISIS and the Syrian government forces

The Americans who are dropping a few bombs on ISIS providing they don't kill any Muslims or harm the environment

The Jordanians who were bombing ISIS but have run out of ordinance

ISIS who are fighting everyone who will not submit to Islam

NATO who may be fighting the Russians if they attack Turkey in revenge for its downed bomber

Missing are the Saudi Arabians and the Qataris who are supposed to be allies of the USA, France and Great Britain but are financing and giving succour to ISIS while financing the spread of Wahhabism and mosque building throughout the western world.

Missing also is the UN and Ban Ki-moon where its business as usual passing resolutions against Israel, who it must be stated, would wipe out ISIS in a heartbeat if given a free hand to do so by the rest of the world.

How the informed world must long for those simpler days when military leaders were given a mission and left to accomplish it without political interference because as sure as night follows day, when the politicians get involved disaster follows.

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