Friday, December 4, 2015

Bombing Syria - Precision Munitions Miss By Two-Thousand Miles

Listening to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, make the case to Parliament for bombing Syria one would be forgiven for thinking that Syria based ISIS killers are an imminent threat to the British people and if they remain unbombed carnage in the homeland will ensue. One would also be forgiven for thinking that Syrian President, Bashir al-Assad, became a murdering tyrant overnight and therefore must be deposed immediately.

This nonsense falls apart under the most cursory examination and it is typical of the spin doctor authored speeches that Cameron is able to convincingly deliver with his perfect well practiced diction.

Firstly, Bashir al-Assad has been a murdering tyrant for the past fifteen years and his father Hafez al-Hassad for thirty years before that with no mention of regime change; it's more than coincidence that he must be deposed now only after gaining the support of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who's ambitions in the Middle East are seen as a threat to western interests.

Secondly, and more incredulous, is Cameron's assertion that only by bombing Syria can the British people be made safe from ISIS killers. It needs to be made absolutely clear that murder and mayhem on the British mainland has been committed in the past, and most likely will be committed in future, either by born and bred British Muslims or imported Muslim terrorists who have been given British citizenship without proper vetting.

If precision munitions need to be dropped on potential killers of British citizens then they need to be dropped two thousand miles closer to home on the radicalising mosques and madrassas that operate unhindered in the myriad of sharia controlled ghettos that churn out ISIS activists and sympathisers by the thousands.

The truth is that the Royal Air Force can flatten every ISIS controlled city or facility in the entire Middle East and it won't make the British people any safer from violence or death perpetrated by Muslims as demanded by their prophet Mohammad and as written in the Koran.

As a matter of fact many British born and foreign British documented Muslims have said in the past that bombing their brothers in the Middle East is one reason for their radicalisation and their support for ISIS.

Three of the 7th July London Transport bombers were born in West Yorkshire, England of Pakistani parents with the fourth born in Jamaica and raised in West Yorkshire.

The brutal killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in a London street was carried out by British born sons of Nigerian immigrants.

In contrast, the 21st July London bombers consisted of one British documented immigrant from Ghana, West Africa, one from Eritrea, two from Somalia and three from Ethiopia which included two women.

One of these bombers, Muktar Said Ibrahim was given British citizenship despite a record of gang violence, armed robbery and sexual assault. ( See a previous article on Ibrahim here)

Mohammed Emwazi, better known as Jihad John was a British documented Kuwaiti raised in Great Britain from the age of six.

The British government grants citizenship to anywhere between 150,000 to 250,000 immigrants per year without proper vetting.

Neither David Cameron nor the British people have any idea how many radicalised Muslims there are in their midst waiting to deal death and destruction in the name of Allah. Cameron and his government absolutely refuse to tackle the Muslim institutions that act as a breeding ground for radical Islamists, which includes mosques, madrassas and prisons.

To conclude, there hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jihadis and ISIS activists already in Great Britain ready and waiting to cause murder and mayhem, therefore it is incumbent upon David Cameron to explain to the British public how bombing Syria or Iraq would have prevented the atrocities carried out by these home grown and foreign born jihadis in the past and how bombing them today will prevent further atrocities in the future.

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