Friday, April 8, 2016

Genocide - Europe Will Be Diverse Says EU Bureaucrat

As the people of the world are witnessing with their own eyes the nation states of Europe are being irrevocably changed for the worse and their Judeo-Christian cultures slowly erased by open border mass immigration. What the world may not know however, is that this is not the result of civil wars or compassion toward refugees fleeing for their lives.

In a rare fit of candour out of character with the usual pre-programmed propaganda from EU bureaucrats, the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmemans, has confirmed what informed people knew already; that this is part of a long planned agenda to erase the centuries old civilizations of the nation states of Europe, along with their white Judeo-Christian cultures, replacing them with so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

"There is not going to be, even in the remotest places on the planet, a nation that will not see diversity in it's future", says Mr. Timmermans.

To remove any ambiguity he goes further:

"Europe will be diverse, like all other parts of the world will be diverse".

It couldn't be better articulated that this is part of the long planned UN agenda for the entire planet including the United States of America.

Listening to Mr. Timmermans speech and reading the transcript puts the current actions of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the rest of the EU into perspective. More importantly for the American people it puts the actions, and lack of action in some instances, of the Obama administration and the US Congress into perspective.

Now the American people will know why their politicians refuse to control the borders, why they refuse not only to deport illegal immigrants but actively encourage more of them with all the benefit entitlements and constitutional protections that are available to legal residents and citizens.

It should also help them to understand why their political leaders continue to insist on mass immigration from the undeveloped world, including hot spots like the middle east and Africa, even though some immigrants from these places are a clear and present danger to the people.

It also goes some way to explaining why American blue collar workers are being replaced by imported counterparts from the third world using the H1B visa system. It's not just cheap labour and corporate profits at play here.

Now they should know why President Obama and the US Congress continue with the 'nation of immigrants' narrative and continue to redefine American values and who they are as a people.

Frans Timmermans is not just any politician from a fringe party shouting on the sidelines to get attention for an extreme agenda; he is the Vice-President of the European Union who wields immense power over 500 million people. By virtue of the fact that he was appointed and cannot be removed by popular vote the power he wields is absolute and cannot be challenged.

 If this speech was made by any other politician outside the global political elite all hell would break loose. The media would indulge in a frenzy of name calling and labeling with all the favourites being thrown around with abandon. Racist, Fascist, Bigot and Nazi would return as household words, with the words holocaust, 'cattle trucks' and 'gas chambers' being employed to embellish the mental images further.

See Timmermans here and read the full transcript here

Frans Timmermans is not acting in isolation of course; the fingerprints of the UN de facto world government are all over it.

In October 2010 German Chancellor, Angela Merkel made a speech to her Christian Democratic Union Party highlighting the fact that attempts by the state to impose multi-culturalism onto the German people had "utterly failed'. (See here)

Likewise, in February 2011 British Prime Minister David Cameron made a speech to the Munich Security Conference highlighting the fact that attempts by the state to impose multi-culturalism on the British people had failed. (See here)

In complete contrast to this Cameron stated in response to accusations that Great Britain is infested with semi-autonomous Muslim ghettos governed by sharia law that "Britain is one of the most successful multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-ethnic countries in the world".

So what happened to change their minds so quickly and so dramatically?

In 2012, the UN Special Representative for Migration, Peter Sutherland, made a tour of European legislatures, including the Westminster Parliament, reiterating the UN policy of cultural replacement for the white Judeo-Christian countries of Europe. The representative of the UN global elite spoke and the European political class obeyed to the letter. (See here)

(If there is ever a competition for the most evil, destructive men on the planet, Timmermans and Sutherland would be top contenders.)

As the world has witnessed after Sutherland's intervention, Great Britain, Germany and the rest of the EU opened their borders to even more millions of third world economic migrants, including young male Muslims who have proceeded to sexually assault, rape and murder western women and young boys without serious interference from the governments involved.

Indeed the various EU governments are now censoring news of these heinous crimes and continuing to insist that it's nothing to do with Islam or the economic migrants from the undeveloped world inorder to prevent a backlash. Aiding and abetting these governments are compliant social media giants, such as Facebook and Twitter.

It must be noted that this agenda to impose diversity by the UN/EU political elite is the deliberate destruction of the centuries old white Judeo-Christian cultures of the world and their replacement with alien cultures is classed as genocide according to the UN's own criteria.

Furthermore, in conclusion, this genocide is being imposed by unelected, professional bureaucrats such as Timmermans and Sutherland who cannot be removed from office by the people who will be most affected by this disaster without consultation and without their consent.


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