Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obamacare Is Dead – Failed NHS Is Still In A Coma On Life Support

The difference between a successful businessman as President and an agenda driven political operative as Prime Minister gets more stark with every day that passes. President Trump has taken more action to the benefit of the American people in his first fifty days in office than British Prime Minister Theresa May has achieved in her two decade long political career;  this includes an accomplishment free six years as Home Secretary and eight months as Prime Minister.

Despite being given the biggest mandate in British political history, her dithering and lack of action to initiate Brexit is in total contrast to President Trump’s twenty-seven major actions since his inauguration on January 20th 2017. (See here)

Included in these actions was the long anticipated repeal and replacement of Obamacare. This was the failed attempt by the left-wing radical cabal fronted by Barack Obama to impose a socialist healthcare system on the American people which succeeded only in destroying the existing system which, despite its flaws, was considered to be one of the best in the world.

No such luck for the majority of British people who have been stuck with their antiquated monument to socialist failure since its inception in 1947. Private healthcare is available in Great Britain but its out of reach for all but the wealthy along with privileged public sector bureaucrats. Private healthcare insurance is also used by employers as an incentive to attract or retain key employees.

It speaks volumes about the standard of the National Health Service (NHS) when avoiding it by using private health insurance is used as an incentive but I digress.

Anyone familiar with British attitudes toward healthcare provision will be aware that despite being a disastrous failure of epic proportions any criticism whatsoever of the NHS is strictly forbidden. Its divine status has been deliberately cultivated and embedded in the minds of a gullible populace by an unscrupulous political class and cynically used for electoral purposes.

Politicians from all parts of the political spectrum claim to be the sole protectors of the NHS but are never responsible when it fails and innocent people die unnecessarily while in its care. Politicians from each party blame the other side whenever a scandal erupts many of which have resulted in the deaths of tens, hundreds and in the case of the Mid Staffs disaster twelve hundred patients. (See here)

Despite these ‘unnecessary deaths’, as they are callously referred to, this failed provider is still touted as the ‘envy of the world’ and to give the impression that it’s a much loved publicly owned service politicians refer to it as our NHS.

This is nonsense of course because like all institutions in Great Britain, large or small, the NHS was politicized by the Blair government as part of their fundamental transformation which was imposed on behalf UN/EU global elite.

Political correctness and imposing multi-culturalism has replaced healthcare provision and patient care as the top priority and - as is now routine in modern day Great Britain - anyone who questions this policy is smeared as a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe and possibly subject to prosecution under one-way hate crime laws.

The truth is that this failed healthcare provider is no more our NHS than it’s our BBC, our police service or our Houses of Parliament. Along with all the other public institutions these have been co-opted by the UN/EU global elite with the sole purpose of imposing their cultural replacement agenda on the British people who weren’t consulted, didn’t ask for it and don’t want it.

The NHS was instituted in 1947 and designed to provide universal healthcare for conditions as they existed in post-war Great Britain. Diseases due to poor nutrition, poor hygiene and occupational illnesses from industries such as coal mining, iron making and ship building were endemic which gave rise to the poor health of the nation.

Tens of thousands of injured military personnel from World War I and as many again returning home after World War II further degraded the health of the nation.

Conditions have changed beyond recognition since 1947 but due to the divine status bestowed upon the NHS not only is criticism forbidden but any kind of reform is forbidden no matter how minor.

It is this refusal to implement desperately needed reforms that has created the bureaucratic behemoth we have today along with its appetite for taxpayer’s money which shows no signs of ever being satiated.

The demands for more funding to stave off an imminent collapse have been a clarion call at each and every election since its inception with each side blaming the other for any lack of funding.

When elections are over, the soundbites and slogans put away and the political class resume their seats on the gravy train, sick people and their loved ones are faced with an unenviable choice; they can either wait days or weeks for an appointment with their GP, then wait even longer for a consultation or they can pay cash up front to jump the queue (known as ‘going private’). After the choice is made they stand the chance of dying through poor care or from one of the hospital acquired infections more associated with the rudimentary health care facilities in the third world.

Anyone who has worked for a public sector behemoth will know that the ruling bureaucracy is stuffed to the rafters with placemen, cronies, family members and ideologically driven political operatives who are embedded specifically to impose political correctness and the government’s ‘progressive’ agenda.

Since this monster is funded by an endless supply of taxpayers money the remuneration packages, pensions and perks that these professional bureaucrats award themselves is eye watering compared to the average salary of a nurse or medical orderly.

The deafening noises made by politicians about income inequality are rendered silent when it comes to NHS fat cat bureaucrats and frontline nursing staff.

Public health and patient care are a long way down the list of priorities for these so-called healthcare professionals who have the habit of disappearing when a scandal erupts or their pension pots mature then magically re-appearing in a similar job somewhere else in the bureaucracy often on a more lucrative remuneration package than before.

In conclusion, it’s a sad fact that tens of millions of people are taken in by this ‘envy of the world’ nonsense and are blinded to the fact that the NHS is a bloated self-perpetuating bureaucracy comprised mainly of non-medical professionals with an insatiable appetite for taxpayers money.
It is antiquated, inefficient and no longer fit for purpose; in essence it’s a living monument to a bygone socialist age whereby public services are run on the basis of an outdated ideology instead of efficient user based service providers designed to deliver specific outcomes especially in the realm of public health and patient care.      

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