Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brexit Day – Celebrating Freedom With A Picture Gallery

Since a picture speaks a thousand words I will celebrate the liberation of Great Britain from the European Union tyranny with a gallery of photographs that will warm the cockles of every freedom lover’s heart.

True Brit. Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is the man who is largely responsible for the Brexit referendum. He was ridiculed and vilified for 25 years but his love of Great Britain saw him through. The man deserves a medal.

The German socialist Martin Schultz, Polish cry baby Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Junker the Luxembourgian tax cheat.  The three unelected Presidents of the United States of Europe who are facing the collapse of their beloved project.

Sour Kraut. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, titular head of state of the EU empire lost to the British for the third time in a century.

A rare photograph of the French socialist President, Francois Hollande with his head on the outside of Mad Merkel's backside.

The evil genius and former Nazi George Soros, one of the leaders of the New World Order lamenting the millions he spent trying to destroy Great Britain.

Former President Barack Obama in happier times with the aforementioned evil genius, George Soros. Obama took time off from destroying America to campaign against the liberation of Great Britain,

War criminal and traitor Tony Blair who sold out the British people to endear himself to the EU bureaucrats. His campaign for the  Presidency of the EU Commission ended in failure.

And finally:

The mortal remains of Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood enroute to the mortuary.

                                                      Happy Brexit Day to all patriots


  1. Good luck Great Britain. We wish you well.

    1. Thank you so much. Its been a long battle and we're almost there.

  2. Love the images. A fantastic, brave decision by Great Britain which will, like so many times in the past, be proven 100% correct.

    1. Cheers, the EU is a failed attempt to create a state without the consent of the people. It will die with or without Great Britain.