Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Politically Correct British Cops Make Asses of Themselves

With the continued Wuhan virus hysteria and lockdown rebellion stories dominating the media it is gratifying to know that normal life is continuing especially where the modernized British police ‘service’ is concerned.

Like all other public institutions, the police force of old has been politicized by the ‘progressive’ ruling class who have put the imposition of political correctness above protecting and serving the public.

Recent antics have brought ridicule down on their heads and turned the police force into a laughingstock which has sadly resulted in a loss of the respect it once enjoyed.
If we thought that spending valuable resources monitoring Twitter and other social media platforms for possible ‘hate speech’ was political correctness gone crazy, then launching a ‘sexual assault’ appeal after a lorry driver kissed a 70 year old woman on the cheek for helping him navigate under a low bridge is beyond ridicule.

With a complete lack of self-awareness this is exactly what the local constabulary in Derbyshire is doing.

It is worth repeating that the Derbyshire police 'service' have launched an appeal to track down a lorry driver who gave an elderly lady a peck on the cheek as thanks for helping him navigate under a low bridge. (Check it out here)

To give readers an idea of what a politically correct copper looks like, the Deputy Chief Constable of Derbyshire is pictured above.

In line with the rest of the woke ‘police services’ in Great Britain, their obsession with political correctness and all things sexual is all pervading; they have even classified the innocent, age old compliment of wolf whistling as sexual assault along with mis-gendering a person even if it’s done innocently or in error.

There is one area where all things sexual and the dedication to political correctness of the Derbyshire police has had life wrecking consequences for a group of vulnerable people they have sworn to protect.

These are the child victims of grooming gangs which are comprised of mainly Pakistani and other Muslim groups.

Along with the politicized police services across the country, the Derbyshire ‘police service’ ignored the desperate pleas of underage white girls and their parents/guardians for decades while they were being fed alcohol and drugs then gang raped, sexually abused and pimped out to other paedophile gangs across the country.

According to these uniformed enablers of child rape, it was cultural sensitivity and community cohesion that prevented them from protecting these under age girls from gangs of depraved predators; this turning a blind eye was accompanied by threats of prosecution and imprisonment for anyone who brought these heinous crimes to their attention or to the attention of the public at large.

The acceptance by the police, and other authorities, of child rape and sexual abuse by Muslim grooming gangs is a very dark episode indeed in the history of British law enforcement and one which is continuing to this day.      

At this moment in time while police officers are searching the country for a thankful lorry driver, scouring Twitter and social media for ‘hate speech’, prancing in gay pride parades and clamping down on wolf whistlers, under age white girls are being groomed, gang raped, sexually abused and pimped out by grooming gangs under their noses.

By their dedication to political correctness and their resultant imbecilic antics, these police officers are not only a laughingstock, they are bringing ridicule and shame on themselves, as well as the nation.

To conclude: Child abuse is as serious as it is unforgivable and on this industrial scale, even more so.

For justice to be done, those police and local authority officers who stood by and allowed these under age girls to be horrifically abused should be removed from office, with loss of accrued benefits, then prosecuted and punished accordingly. They should also be permanently banned from holding public office in any capacity.

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  1. Never forget that the plod are neck-deep in the the grooming crimes (probably even "sampling" the "goods", helped murder Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans and arrested Tommy Robinson for merely telling the truth. The only "good" cops are dead cops!!!

  2. They definately are sampling the goods, click link to the last article and read all about it.

    Your last sentence is a bit harsh since I know a few decent cops who share my despair.

  3. Yes Daniel, there are many good coppers out there, but the longer this absolutely disgraceful scandal goes on, and we all know it is continuing to this day, the lower public opinion of the Police force will decline.

    Given the current crisis and all its attendant consequences, all that remains will be to see how damage has and will be done to our economic stability, and that Daniel, is liable to be the greatest of all consequences from this disaster.

    When that strikes home, all bets will be off, and Mark's comment above will be the most widely held opinion of the populous at large. Not fair to the good coppers I agree, but then since when was life fair?

  4. My suspicion as to why the government Grooming Gang Report is being withheld is that it will reveal the absolute complicity of many governing officials who rule our lives, both past and present.

    Always remember, those that proclaim most loudly to be upstanding and righteous citizens are nothing of the sort. An old quote as follows reveals a very basic truth -

    "Those that seek our good offices to elevate themselves to positions of power over us are the very last persons who should be granted such favour"

    Intentions are only as good and valid as actions taken in pursuit of such intentions wherein lies the TRUE virtue

    Words are meaningless when falling from the lips of a deceiver. As life amply demonstrates, there are plenty of those in the world right now.

    1. Great comment. The reputation of the cops is not quite at rock bottom but it is sinking fast. It is reaching the point of no return when you correctly say, all bets will be off.

      The sad thing about the law enforcement and the criminal justice system is that they are so dedicated to their mission to impose political correctness they don't care about their reputation.

      Continuing to treat the public as the enemy will be their undoing then Marks' attitude will become the norm.