Monday, September 24, 2012

Nick Clegg - Despicable Bottom Feeding Lowlife

I am not paying much attention to the news as I travel around in Wales but one item did catch my attention however and prompted me to borrow a laptop and get typing.

I forced myself to listen to one of Great Britain's most appalling politicians call for more agents to be hired by HMRC (the tax Stasi) to hunt down people and businesses who will be subjected to investigation and harassment on suspicion of not giving Nick Clegg and his fellow politicians enough money to waste bribing the voters.

All sensible people realise that we have to pay taxes, we also realise that the more you earn the more you should pay. Great Britain's penal levels of taxation are ridiculously high and they are choking off economic recovery and growth.

On top of all this taxation Nick Clegg and the rest of the parasites that masquerade as politicians are still having to borrow tens of billions per month off our children and grandchildren to pay for their largess. Politicians just will not stop splurging our money in all directions in an attempt to buy votes.

Nick Clegg, by calling for this pogrom against this hard working section of society, is in fact demonising the very people that are expected to lead Great Britain out of the politician initiated economic disaster and into recovery.

This awful career politician is not proposing this damaging policy because its the right thing to do for the economy or the country, he's doing it to stir up anger and resentment in the hope it will shore up support among the brain dead useful idiots that are his core supporters.

Its not about the economy, its not about the well being of the country or its people, its all about Nick Clegg's popularity.

By pulling this political stunt on the British people Nick Clegg has demonstrated that he is prepared to plumb even deeper into the sewer that these awful people inhabit.

If Nick Clegg was seriously concerned about equality and fairness in the tax system then he would use his time in office to implement what all sensible people are calling for and that is a simple flat tax. It meets all Nick Cleggs, and his socialist followers criteria in that its 'progressive'.

It would also mean that the army of government bureaucrats who are paid to poke their unwanted noses into the intimate details of private citizens and businesses will no longer be required and that's what scares the political elite.

It is well documented that Nick Clegg will say or promise anything in order to get his grubby hands on the levers of power. It is equally well documented that Nick Clegg will break those promises when power has been achieved.

Nick Clegg has no love or affiliation to Great Britain and has shown nothing but contempt for our culture and democratic traditions. He is working continuously to destroy these traditions and to have us absorbed into the undemocratic United States of Europe which is currently being run by the two dangerous unelected authoritarian idiots Barrosso and von Rumpoy. Nick Clegg is assuming he is going to get a seat at the top table and a fat taxpayer funded salary when Great Britain finally becomes a province of Europe.

According to many people Nick Clegg and the other collaborators in this tyrannical conspiracy to downgrade Great Britain and absorb it into the EU are traitors and would be prosecuted as such had Phony Tony Blair not altered the treason laws by stealth.

I hope and pray that Nick Cleggs constituents come to their senses and boot this low life out at the earliest opportunity and consign him to the cesspit of history where he belongs. 


  1. I have been convinced for some time that the majority of support for the libdems comes from those people who hate Lab and Con in equal measures.
    (plus a few students who think someone else ought to pay for their beer/drugs)
    Previously, they could do this safe in the knowledge that none of their crackpot policies would ever come to fruition. With all this talk of yet another coalition, I hope and believe they'll get wiped out at the next GE.
    Paris Claims

    1. I agree that the libdems and the liberal party before that were just a temporary home for the protest vote and hippy students. I always treated them as a joke with MP's like Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith, Lembik Opik etc in their ranks.
      The problem is they have now had a taste of power and like all politicians they will hide their real agenda and promise anything to anyone in order to hang on to it.
      I hope you are right about the next GE.