Wednesday, September 5, 2012

David Laws - Cameron Welcomes A Crook Back Into His Government

If ever proof was needed that politicians live in a world of their own, where the laws they make to keep the peasants in their place do not apply to themselves, then the return of David Laws into government is it.

Whichever way you look at it David Laws is a thieving politician of the highest order. He took money from the taxpayer and gave it to his boyfriend to hide the fact from his mother that he is a homosexual.

Personally I don't care what his sexual preferences are but I do care about his integrity. There's a common attitude among our political class that taxpayers money is there for the taking and there's a never ending supply of it.

David Laws is a multi millionaire to whom 50,000 quid is petty cash but its a fortune to me and my fellow taxpayers. Why does David Cameron disrespect the British people so much and why does he take them for fools?

The spin coming from our political shysters is nauseating. We are told that David Laws is an extraordinary talent and that we can't do without him in government, it was only a minor infringement for which David Laws has served his time, David Laws should be rehabilitated blah blah blah!!

The truth is that just like all the other benefit cheats David Laws knew what he was doing when he took public money he was not entitled to and just like the rest of the thieving crew he should have gone to jail and then deselected.

If David Laws is a villain then David Cameron is an accessory, he should not condone or excuse behaviour which, in he court of public opinion, is theft pure and simple.

Cameron has dragged public life and politics further down into the sewer that Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Campbell had already taken us.

If David Laws had an ounce of integrity he would resign and like Profumo before him he should spend the rest of his life in penance for what he has done to the British public. Failing that he should be deselected, prosecuted and banned from ever holding a public office again.


  1. Great post, as usual. However, I would have added Brown's name to the list of sewer rats. But where do you stop?
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    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes Brown was an original member of that despicable crew, now that I have clamed down I will add him to the list.

  2. Back in 1968, I was stopped in the street in Ruislip, by a local reporter, who wanted to know what I thought of politicians. At the time, I was serving in the R.A.F., and requested that my name not be published after he re-assured me, it would Not, I replied that politicians were a bunch of Shysters. A couple of days on arriving I was greeted by the boss with the words, "Ah it's our political correspondent" Luckily he agreed with me and no action was taken against me. Back then most of my friends thought I was a fruitcake, how times have changed, Keep up the good work Daniel.

    1. That's a disturbing story that could have ended badly for you but it must feel good to be proved right in the end.