Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nick Clegg - We Are All Gillian Duffy Now

I have long held the view that the political class, regardless of party, are carrying out an undeclared war on the people. They believe that their vision for the country and indeed the world is the right one to the exclusion of all others. They ignore the views of the vast majority of the British people and continue to transform our country to one that fits this perverted vision.

They behave as if we the people should fall into line and obey without question.

Unfortunately for the political elite and despite producing a generation of dumbed down, celebrity obsessed, welfare addicted citizens of a La La Land, there are a growing number of people who can think for themselves and who have the ability to see through the image makers art of sophistry, spin, deceit and lies.

It is these people who are the impediments to the implementation of  policies that will deliver the Brave New World that this political class envisage. These are the people, myself included, who frustrate the political class with our refusal to accept what they say obediently and without question.

We therefore bear the brunt of their frustration. They have an operation in place to deal with dissidents and that starts with the use of political correctness to demonise and smear anyone who doesn't fall into line and accept their agenda.

This descent into Orwellian Soviet style politics was brought to Great Britain by Peter (now Lord) Mandelson, aided and abetted by Blair, Brown, Campbell and Golding. These manipulators introduced new media management techniques, instant rebuttal units, centrally issued 'lines to take' to our cowardly MP's and more disgustingly the No 10 Downing Street attack and smear unit run by Damien McBride and that other serial idiot Derek Draper.

I believe similar units are employed by all the political parties and are, unfortunately, part of everyday political discourse.

After Gordon Brown's No 10 smear unit was exposed it's operators resigned or were sacked but the smear machine remained in operation until Brown was finally booted out of power.

All the parties have set up similar smear units which they use as a strike tool against anyone who dissents from their views and also against their perceived political enemies. Hence words such as xenophobe, islamophobe, racist, sexist, homophobe, europhobe, climate change denier and other such labels are hung on anyone who disagrees with their imposed party orthodox thinking.

The most disgraceful and Orwellian tactic of all is to label anyone who even questions their agenda as a bigot. Although it was a hot mic that exposed him, it opened a window into the mind of the appalling Gordon Brown when he labelled a decent and concerned citizen of Rochdale a bigot for asking a simple question about immigration.

Gillian Duffy had watched helplessly as the town she loved was changed from a traditional English working class town into a hell hole of different nationalities and ethnic groups who had no cultural compatibility with Rochdale or Gillian Duffy.

In the twisted, perverted minds of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party elite, the policy of open border mass immigration was absolutely central to the agenda of demographic and cultural displacement in England and therefore any hint of it being questioned could not be tolerated, not even by a little old lady from Rochdale.

This is also the case with the issue of homosexual marriage. Using the fig leaf of equality, this is part of the agenda to fundamentally change the traditional family orientated way of life in England into one more in tune with their Marxist ideology. (Please read the section on family in Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto for details)

Nick Clegg accidentally let the mask drop with his latest outburst and subsequent embarrassing retreat when he labelled anyone who disagrees with his view on homosexual marriage as a bigot.

Unfortunately for Nick Clegg there are an awful lot of 'bigots' out there with the right to vote.

Personally I am not interested in anyone's sexual preferences. I don't want homosexual's denied a job or assaulted or anything untoward due their sexuality but I don't want their sexuality thrust in my face day in, day out either. Live and let live but only up to a point.

I don't want traditional marriage altered in order to accommodate this well connected tiny minority who are being used to progress Nick Clegg's personal agenda of fundamentally transforming England.

In Nick Clegg's mind,  my agenda differs from his therefore he labels me a bigot.

I have never met the lady but we are all the same to Nick Clegg, he has placed me in the same category as Gillian Duffy.

Well Nick Clegg, unlike you, I am proud to be British and I consider it an honour to be associated with this honourable lady.

Nick Clegg is dedicated to a United States of Europe run by an unelected elite. He believes that Great Britain with its own currency, its sovereignty, its independence and above all its culture, should be abolished and absorbed into this Soviet style superstate. His loyalty is to the likes of Barrosso, Ashton and that other dangerous totalitarian Herman van Rumpoy.

Nick Clegg you are a traitor to your country and if your fellow traitor Phony Tony Blair had not secretly altered the law concerning traitors you and your ilk, including Cameron and Miliband et al, would be on trial for treason for which hanging is still applicable to the guilty.

I urge the good people of Sheffield to come to your senses, put your country and your freedom above tribal loyalty, get rid of this abominable, pathetic man and choose one of your own as your representative.

*Please Note:  Homosexuals should be aware that Nick Clegg is using them to further his political agenda of transforming England into the Dystopia he envisages. He will follow the Modus Operundi of the political elite and he will cast you aside like a piece of rubbish when he has no further use for you.

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