Saturday, December 29, 2012

CNN and Piers Morgan - Poor Judgement Leads To Progressive Agenda Backfire

Knowing what every sensible British person thinks about Piers Morgan one would think that an organisation the size of CNN would do a background check before putting their reputation and their ratings at risk.

A cursory glance at any biography would have revealed to them what an odious opportunist and thoroughly repugnant piece of work Morgan is.

Nothing is off limits if it boosts his personal wealth or celebrity status, not even his readers' hard earned money or the safety of British soldiers serving in Iraq.

The Daily Mirror share tipping scandal is a classic example of Morgan pushing the limits of legality to make a fast buck. Two Daily Mirror city reporters would tip the readership on what shares or stocks to buy knowing that the tip itself would increase the price albeit temporarily.

The two Daily Mirror shysters and Piers Morgan would buy the shares before the tip was made public and sell them shortly after, prior to the price dropping. This is illegal and the two Daily Mirror shysters were rightly prosecuted, Morgan on the other hand did it in somebody else's name so got away clean.

The Daily Mirror readership who bought the tipped shares in good faith lost their money. (This prompted a Piers Morgan song on Ytube which is unsuitable for a family blog).

Morgan should know that soldiers do not get to choose when or where to fight, they swear an oath of loyalty and fight wherever Her Majesty's government orders them to. Morgan opposed the Iraq war but instead of taking it out on the politicians he takes it out on our brave men and women in uniform.

As editor of the loony left wing Daily Mirror tabloid he published photographs of British soldiers supposedly abusing Iraqi prisoners. The photographs were faked but they had the effect of enraging the already volatile Muslim population around the world putting military personnel and British citizens abroad in even more danger than they already were.

This was traitorous behavior and Morgan was rightly fired. In the court of public opinion he should have been prosecuted but the Criminal Justice System in Great Britain has been hijacked by the 'progressives' and they, as we all know, take care of their own.

In summary, Piers Morgan is first and foremost a celebrity socialist better known as a 'progressive' who has adopted the typical 'progressive' self loathing agenda,  anti capitalist, anti war, anti Israel, 'combating climate change' etc. and, as we now know,vehemently anti American.

All this should have been obvious to CNN so one must ask why they hired him and especially to replace a much loved national icon such as Larry King.

It doesn't take much of an investigation for the answer to jump off the page.

CNN and Piers Morgan were made for each other, the parallels and similarities are there for all to see, Piersy, as he is sometimes known, is one of them and as we have previously mentioned 'progressives' look after their own.

CNN was set up by loony left wing nutcase Ted Turner with the sole purpose of pushing his personal 'progressive' agenda. Its so called journalists are advocates for socialism, Anderson Cooper and Christian Amanpour for example and any journalist that does not go along with their perverted ideology are off loaded, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs being the most noted.

Ted Turner is the is the ultimate poster boy for self loathing socialist hypocrisy, there is none of this equality and fairness stuff  for our Ted and redistribution of wealth means other peoples wealth not his own.

Champagne Socialist Ted Turner, or Limousine Liberal as his breed is known in the USA, owns 15 ranches, roughly 2million acres, which makes him one of the biggest landowners in the country and he is worth in excess of $2billion. Not bad for someone who's political philosophy bans all private property.

Ted Turner gives financial support to the biggest anti American forum on the planet, the United Nations, money that could be put to better use alleviating poverty and hardship at home.

Ted Turner's agenda is pure 'progressivism' and consists of political correctness, anti Christian, anti military, anti Israel, pro abortion, 'combating climate change', government run healthcare, gun control etc.

Ted Turner also believes that families should be restricted to two children.............except himself, off course, who has fathered five.

Ted Turner excelled himself as a loony left wing nutter when he married communist supporting multi millionaire 'progressive' 'Hanoi' Jane Fonda, who regards the racist Black Panthers as 'our revolutionary vanguards'.

Every American person I have ever met since my first visit to the USA in 1988 hates 'Hanoi' Jane with a passion and the memory of her sitting on a communist North Vietnamese anti aircraft gun while downed American pilots were tortured in rat infested prisons, rankles with them to this day.

CNN's only reason to exist is to promote the 'progressive' transformational agenda at home and on the international stage twenty four hours a day and what better creature to use than a fellow
anti American 'progressive'  than Piers Morgan.

His posh English accent lends itself to the illusion that anti American opprobrium is international and that the Constitution, especially the right of American citizens to bear arms is out of step with the modern civilised world.

It must bring a smile to the face of every patriotic American that CNN's ratings and reputation are joining Pier Morgan down the toilet where they belong and hopefully this will trigger a backlash against their transformational 'progressive' agenda

Hypocrites of the highest order, Ted Turner and Piers Morgan despise the country and the political system that made them wealthy and while it is within Ted Turners Constitutional rights to do so, it is not the case for Piers Morgan.

I would recommend that the government should heed the petition of the American people and deport him forthwith.

(The British have a counter petition to keep him in the USA so any suggestions as to where he should go would be welcome)

* Update - Piers Morgan has defended his anti Second Amendment stance in the Mail on Sunday and is threatening to leave America if you don't mend your ways.

 "I can spare those Americans that want to deport me a lot of effort by saying, that if you don't change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage then you don't have to worry about deporting me....I will seriously consider deporting myself".

This leaves the American people with two choices:

1 - Write to their Congressmen begging them to repeal the Second Amendment and give up their Constitutional Rights.

2 - Call him a cab for the airport......


  1. Piers Morgan is a c@nt of the first order.

    When he is kicked out, I hope he doesnt make it to England.

    1. He is a total sh*t, he's loving all this publicity and it will boost his ratings for a while.

      Piers Moron knew that gun rights didn't happen yesterday so why did he go to America in the first place.

      He'll make to England when its suits him to do so.

  2. He'll make to England when its suits him to do so.
    I just knew that I'm pleased to be Welsh! lol

    1. Be careful what you wish for, there are no border controls so he could sneak across if the English make it too hot for him.

      I'm sure BBC Wales would welcome the tw*t with open arms.