Friday, December 21, 2012

Millionaire Ed Miliband - Labour Leader And Dickensian Poverty In Great Britain

I know I am not alone in holding politicians in total contempt and my attitude toward this dissembling shower of s*** was reinforced when I made the mistake of watching the last Prime Ministers Questions from the British Parliament. (PMQ's)

After the expenses scandal and the discovery that the peoples' representatives were engaged in wholesale looting of their hard earned money, they really have got some nerve calling each other Honourable and Right Honourable Gentlemen (and Ladies).

What made my experience worse was the fact the people responsible for bankrupting the British economy were still sitting there in judgement on the people charged with clearing up their mess.

There was the rich aristocrat Harriet Harman nodding in disapproval of welfare capping, then there was her husband, the multi- homed trade union thug 'Grunwick' Jack Dromey, of all women shortlist fame, feigning compassion for the homeless.

There was Evette Cooper, wife of the odious thug Ed Balls shaking her head in disapproval at the proposal to check that those on the permanent invalidity benefit role were actually unfit for any type of work at all.

Then there was the thug himself who can dish out the barracking but then cries like a sissy when he gets it back in return, the Treasury Secretary during the Brown years of devastation and now Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. This obnoxious ignoramus will go down in history as the most incompetent manager of the economy......ever.

Ed Ball's answer to Great Britains' bankruptcy is more of what he did to cause it in the first place, that is more tax, spend, borrow and debt. The man is not just inept, he is economically illiterate bordering on insane.

Finally there was their glorious leader and Prime Minister in waiting, Ed Miliband, who together with his brother David are part of the notorious North London family of wealthy hard left 'intellectuals' which centred around their communist fanatic father Adolph "Ralph" Miliband.

Listening to Ed Miliband speak at PMQ's one has to wonder if he is of this planet or if he thinks that the watching public are as terminally stupid as his core followers. It is almost as if the their thirteen years of devastation didn't happen. They are all in denial about about the mayhem they have caused and the lives they have ruined.

In his attempt to portray David Cameron as out of touch he and his backbench lickspittles orchestrated an attempt to paint a picture of Great Britain as mired in poverty of Dickensian proportions.

Their ludicrous claim is that this poverty is a direct result of the governments' heartless policies that they put in place to cure an economic crisis which, according to Miliband and Balls, all started in evil capitalist America.

This nonsense is as embarrassing as it is insulting. The picture they painted was of the noble poor who were so destitute they were relying on food banks for their basic nourishment. They talked about ragged children turning up for school hungry and begging scraps of food from their teachers. Then there were children riddled with diseases that are associated with poverty such as TB and rickets.

These supposedly unwashed, uncared for, malnourished victims of the government's attempt to save the country from bankruptcy on the backs of the poor and downtrodden.

Then of course to cap it all there was the inevitable and thoroughly threadbare mantra about tax cuts for millionaires paid for by starving diseased schoolchildren and their destitute parents.

Those of us who have lived and worked in the undeveloped world will have seen real poverty, real starvation and real disease first hand. Ed Miliband's attempt at portraying Great Britain in such terms is ridiculous and insulting but typical of a modern 'progressive' politician who needs poverty to justify his perverted ideology.

Ed Miliband nor any of his lickspittles mentioned the fact that almost every British kid nowadays owns an IPhone, an XBox or wears designer trainers and who, unlike the real poor of the world, have access to clean water, welfare, free education, free housing and free healthcare.

Ed Miliband's justification for this Dickensian nonsense was the sensible plan for the government to cap the increase in welfare payments to 1% in line with public sector pay to help to cut the welfare budget which the country can't afford.

I can't claim to be the next Nostradamus but it would appear that my previous post: Fundamental Transformation, Progressivism For Beginners is not only true but prophetic. Ed Milband's 'progressive' rhetoric was exactly as I predicted.

Myth No 1 - Poverty, Ed Miliband gave us visions of poverty in spades.

Myth No 2 - Victims, Ed gave us those also and the most emotionally evocative victims to boot i.e starving, diseased children.

Myth No 3 - Villains, Like a stuck record and ignoring the fact that he is one himself, hypocrite Ed gave us millionaires not paying their fair share.

Myth No 4 - Compliant Media, Ed Miliband gave us this Dickensian poverty nonesense on global television raising eyebrows among the global 'progressives' who believe as Ed Miliband does, that the answer to everything is for the government to tax and spend more.

I have written previously about Cameron and his gang being remote and unable to identify with the people they are supposed to be representing but Ed Miliband is in no position to criticise as he is from a similar remote elite albeit from the communist end of the political spectrum.

If the latest polls are to be believed then Ed Miliband will be the next Prime Minister and Ed Balls will take over the economy, at that point the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from a one time global superpower to a third world banana republic will be complete and may the Lord have mercy on us all.


  1. I think he was just looking into the future. I have no doubt we will become a third world nation due to the desrtuction of a once great country by the financially incontinent and morally bankrupt political class that run this country (into the ground)
    Paris Claims

    1. Financially incontinent and morally bankrupt sums them up perfectly. They have ruined a once great country.

  2. I think it is called muddying the waters. The Phoney Bliar turned a similar trick recently in his speech on immigration. He said that you could not blame immigrants for the troubles we are experiencing now. I think he was referencing the economic catastrophe he caused, with his 'thuggish" acolytes Brown and Balls.
    No one would blame ( I hope! ) anyone coming here to improve their condition. However, the blame for our woes must be laid square at the door of Tone and his mates. They were just unfit for office!


    1. Hello Bill,
      If there's one name that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine its Phoney Tony Blair. He is such an accomplished twister and liar that he could convince people to drink the Kool Aid.

      However much they spin to the contrary, history will show or has shown already that the econonmic demise of Britian was indeed the fault of Blair and his two Rottweilers, Brown and Balls.

    2. Wales was once the great country....sadly bad rule by London has had long lasting effects

      I read a peer reviewed journal on JSTORstating resource exploitation of coal in S Wales alone was several trillion

      What a sad state affair we live in

      If to you Uk was once a great country....ask yourself how did its rich elites become so rich? Bloody Empire that kiled millions

      Welcome to Wales - the oldest colony in the world