Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fundamental Transformation - Progressivism For Beginners

Watching supposedly intelligent people swooning misty eyed over President Obama it is obvious even to the most casual of observers that it was his celebrity and the carefully constructed image that turned them on and not his policies.

It beggars belief that a mysterious man with no history or background, with no experience of anything in the real world outside of Marxist professors and their radical left wing politics, could steal away the peoples ability to see through the sophistry, spin and deceit of his carefully constructed election campaign.

What many people remember most of all from the first campaign are the catchy soundbites and slogans which were repeated so often they stuck in the mind like the riff from a catchy song.

The favorites were, "Hope and Change"  or  "Yes..We..Can".

When one stops to think, they are just media created soundbites with little or no meaning. The one that did stick in mind of the astute observer and one which was pregnant with malice was  "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America". 

Bearing in mind that the United States of America was already the greatest country on earth with more prosperous people than any nation in history, why would anyone want to change it and into what?

The justification is simple, political ideology and in this case that ideology is socialism/communism.

In an attempt to disassociate themselves from their ideology's history of bloodshed and failure, socialists/communists now refer to themselves as 'progressives'.

The USA is a country based on individual liberty in a free enterprise system with constitutionally limited government, a system which is the diametric opposite of 'progressivism'.

As long as Americans remain free and prosperous it makes it impossible for 'progressives' to justify imposing their perverted ideology on the people.

Whenever an individual adopts this ideology it has the effect of driving out common sense and critical thinking which leaves them incapable of basic analysis. It also takes on a religious dimension so when confronted with any indisputable facts, 'progressives' will reject them out of hand if they perceive that it conflicts with their ideology.

Socialism/communism has never been adopted voluntarily, it has always been imposed either by a revolution or a coup d'etat. Now in the modern era it is being imposed by stealth, deceit and electoral corruption.

The likelihood of the American people voluntarily undertaking a revolution to replace liberty and prosperity with socialist induced poverty and servitude is unlikely and any politician foolishly attempting to get elected on a socialist/communist platform would be fighting a losing battle.

For the American 'progressive' the only path to power is by stealth, sophistry, deceit, outright lies and ballot rigging.

In order to justify their existence and achieve power 'progressives have to create four fundamental myths:

Myth 1 - Poverty - this is the biggest driver for 'progressivism', they desperately need poverty and lots of it. The poverty narrative in the media is all too familiar, 'the haves and the have nots',  extreme wealth living cheek by jowl with extreme poverty, the injustice, the inequality, the unfairness etc. ad nauseum.

Without poverty there is no justification for redistribution of wealth. Where poverty does not exist, 'progressives' have simply invented it.

In concert with the anti American global 'progressives' that infest the United Nations they have invented Relative Poverty as a measure for poverty and inequality.

Under this manufactured interpretation of poverty it is possible to live a typical Western materialistic lifestyle with its IPhones, Xboxes and designer clothes and still be classed as poor. Any disparity in material possessions is classed as inequality and used to stir up envy and division, this is then used as pretext for the redistribution of wealth.

Myth 2 - Victims -  a continuous supply of victims is essential and where there are no genuine victims 'progressives' will create their own. Welfare dependents are the biggest group and one of the easiest to convince that they are victims of an unjust system.

Mass immigration is an efficient from of victim creation as immigrants often go straight into the welfare dependence category. As a bonus they can be further marginalised and exploited on ethnic, racial and religious minority grounds. Additionally gender, sexuality, obesity, tall, short or bald can qualify a person for special minority and victim status.

Myth 3 - Villains -  a ready supply of villains to demonise, smear and blame for poverty is essential. 'Progressives' are unable to partake in adult political discourse, they thrive on hatred, they love a good hate, its in their DNA.

Hence we have villains to hate, such as millionaires and billionaires, executives and their corporate jets, Wall Street gamblers, fat cat venture capitalists, Republicans, conservative women, conservative blacks, the NRA, Christians, Fox News etc. ad nauseum.

Multi millionaire politicians, made rich on taxpayer loot, impoverishing entire nations in the process and leaving the bill for future generations to pay, does not qualify as villainy.

The misery, job losses and poverty caused by hypocritical union bosses who grow fat on the backs of coerced union dues and who indulge in the lifestyle of the people they claim to be fighting is also not considered as villainy.

'Progressives' have also invented a generic villain to demonise, blame and tax who they just refer to as  " the rich " which is anyone earning over $250,000 per year in the USA or $67,000 in Great Britain.

The insanity of all this spin and sophistry is that some of the victims from Myth 2 claim so much in welfare benefits and entitlements that they qualify as villains in Myth 3.

Myth 4 - A Compliant Media -  getting the propaganda out and embedded in the minds of the dumbed down electorate is essential. This is the job of the Main Stream Media (MSM) which is shamelessly biased in favour of the 'progressives'.

The politicians' obsession with controlling the message exposes the totalitarian streak that runs through every 'progressive'. They hate any message or messenger that gives the public an alternative view to their own because it shows them up for the liars that they are and lays before the people their real agenda.

If they could, without a doubt, they would close down talk radio together with Fox News and the Internet. Bloggers may well play an important role yet in the destruction of 'progressivism' and the rebuilding of a free and prosperous world.

The biggest crime and to the eternal shame of the political class, schools have been infiltrated by 'progressives' and they now form part of the Compliant Media of Myth 4. Left wing teachers are indoctrinating school children with their political ideology but failing to teach them the basics of reading, writing and mathematics.

Students are leaving school semi-literate and unable to process basic information or to form an opinion as a result of their own analysis. They can only accept orthodox thought, soundbites and groupthink.

'Progressives' claim that their mission is equality, fairness and social justice engineered by a benign government but history shows us that socialist states are totalitarian in nature, blood soaked, unequal and unfair.

The American people have entrusted the 'progressives' with the key to their children's future in the mistaken belief that it they will continue to live in a free and prosperous country.

The crash to earth will be both shocking and painful and when reality of their mistake hits home they will begin to understand, much too late, that their trust has been so badly misplaced.


  1. So far as I'm concerned the jury is out on teachers. My wife works at a (Catholic) school and I've tried several times to goad her colleagues into a political discussion, hoping they'd be lefty liberals. In most cases they agree with my views, but they're very poorly informed on matters concerning the "religion of peace" They also hold the welfare junkies in contempt, and do not see them as victims. They do feel sorry for the kids,though. The school does have quite high standards, maybe it's down to the quality of the staff.
    Paris Claims

    1. Teachers tend to get a bad press. I know a lot of great teachers who entered the profession for the right reasons and who do a brilliant job.

      I also have some teacher friends who make no secret of the fact that they joined the profession to further their political agenda.

      Its unfortunate that good teachers are blighted by their politically active colleagues.

      Yesterday in Michigan, USA 30,000 teachers called in sick to attend a political rally of union thugs who were protesting about the ending of the closed shop which forced anyone who wanted a job in Michigan to pay union dues.

      Teaching should be about educating children not politics or unions.

  2. Daniel, once and organization such as the National Education Association (NEA) which is merely an arm of the U.S. Department of Education, gets involved in a totally unrelated event such as right to work legislation. There is no doubt where their interest lies? I for one believe their names should be changed to National Organization of Compliant Educators as well as the U.S. Department of Unionized Education. I do agree that there are outstanding educators out there, however they either work in the non-public schools or if in the public school sector, they must go with the flow in order to keep their jobs.

    1. Education is one area where its almost impossible to sack a bad or even criminal employee.

      Rewarding poor performing or bad teachers the same as high performing teachers sends out the wrong message to both teacher and pupil.

      Performance related renumeration packages are now the norm in most professions and they should be extended to the teaching.