Friday, January 4, 2013

America Joins Europe In The New Dark Age Of Socialism

In the 1970's The Socialist Workers Party known as the SWP started to make its mark on the British loony left political scene. Their dedicated activists were to be seen picketing factory gates and workplaces the length of the country harassing the workers and selling their weekly rag sheet, known as the Socialist Worker.

I recall a banner headline in 1974 on the occasion of Richard Nixon's resignation above a blown up picture of his face: One Man Down A System To Go.

This anti-American sentiment was shared by the entire British left including the communist dominated Trades Unions and the Labour Party.

The reason is obvious, that while the American system of prosperity driven by individual liberty and constitutionally limited government existed, the equal sharing of poverty and misery offered by communism/socialism would be unattractive by comparison.

In contradiction to Karl Marx's predictions and despite the efforts of the Trade Unions and the hard left to incite a class war, the people of Great Britain were not the revolutionary type and they showed no desire to overthrow the established order or to replace it with a Soviet style communist autocracy.

The people were relatively happy with their system of multi-party elections even though they would traditionally grumble about the results.

To progress their cause the hard left offered themselves up for election under their own banner and were subsequently humiliated every time, attracting a derisory handful of votes and using up valuable resources on lost deposits.

The Thatcher and Reagan administrations were a bitter blow to the hard left as they offered an alternative to the socialist orthodoxy of government control over the economy, political power and the minutiae of everyday life.

These two administrations reversed the generational drift to left by setting the people and industry free from the communist dominated, and in many cases Soviet Union funded, Trade Unions, from the Labour Party and from ever intrusive government bureaucrats.

The old inefficient nationalised industries were sold off with share discounts for the employees and for the first time in history working class people became shareholders. Social housing was sold off to the residents at a discount so working class people became property owners.

To the horror of the global left, Thatcher and Reagan took their free enterprise philosophies onto the global stage resulting in the downfall of the Soviet Union.

The global leftists progress towards communist domination of the planet was put into reverse. People started to become independent of government by taking control of their own lives and removing once and for all the left wing establishments' reason to exist.

The Thatcher/Reagan defeat of communism had a galvanising effect on the left, they analysed their position and came up with a devastatingly effective agenda to usurp power and to put in place an infrastructure that would ensure governments like Thatcher/Reagan could never happen again.

Dropping the words communism and socialism and now referring to themselves as 'progressives' the hard left united, they put aside their ideological differences and infiltrated the existing political parties across Europe, the United States and the UN.

For 18 years in Great Britain they planned their revolution down to the smallest detail. They infiltrated and politicised the traditional British institutions ready for the day they took control.

Europe was already a cesspit of authoritarian socialism with the European Union taking over where the Soviet Union left off but in 1997 with the election of the the Labour government in Great Britain the transformation agenda to impose eternal socialism began in earnest.

This long planned and permanent fundamental transformation of Great Britain was benign in the beginning but was ramped up after Labours' re-election for a second term.

To make the transformation permanent the 'progressives' instigated what was in effect a scorched earth policy with the intention that any incoming government trying to clean up the destruction would be so unpopular they would be limited to one ineffective term.

The list of their crimes is endless but in summary:

Unlimited expansion of the state at the expenses of the private sector.

Unprecedented increases in direct and indirect taxation.

Ensuring high taxation and government control of the economy for generations to come by refusing to cut spending thus deliberately increasing debt and the obligation of debt repayment.

Cultural and demographic replacement, otherwise know as ethnic cleansing, by using open border mass immigration.

Carrying out a cultural war on traditional Judeo-Christian values allowing other cultures like Islam to dominate.

Creation of a dependent client state by extending welfare entitlements to almost everyone including immigrants who have paid nothing into the system.

Creating a permanent socialist voting proletariat by squeezing the middle class out of existence via taxation, envy and class warfare.

Controlling the media, effectively closing down alternative opinions.

Indoctrinating children via the education system.

Attempting to control thought and behaviour by zealously policing a political correctness agenda.

Disenfranchising the people by continually transferring sovereignty to unelected supra-national bodies such as the European Union and the United Nations.

The fundamental transformation of Great Britain from a free sovereign country based on individual liberty into a cesspit of socialist deprivation is complete. Great Britain is unrecognisable from the country it was a decade ago.

The capitulation of the American House of Representatives over the 'fiscal cliff' negotiations spells the beginning of the end for the American people.

With the re-election of President Obama for a second term the 'progressives' are on a high and they are determined to implement their long planned transformational agenda.....permanently.

As was the case in Great Britain, tax hikes for everyone with no accompanying spending cuts is how it starts, by the end of this administration the United States of America will be a unrecognisable from the one we know and love.

So as the America people wake up this morning to the new reality of defeat to the socialists they have finally joined the rest of us poor suckers who have been suffering the 'progressive' revolution for a decade or more.

The liberty loving people of the world were in denial when they thought that the last bastion of freedom on the planet would hold the socialist revolution at bay and in doing so it gave them hope that one day they would overcome and throw off the shackles of government engineered equality, fairness and misery. A

Alas they were wrong.


  1. Basically, we're bolloxed! Our last chance is to hope UKIP destroys Cameron's blulab,and 5 years of Miliband & Balls destroys labour. If Farage doesn't sell out for a safe tory seat on the promise of a multi choice referendum we still have a chance.
    Paris Claims

    1. Unless the people wake up we are totally bolloxed.

      I agree with your analysis about Cameron, Militw*t and Balls. UKIP are now in a position of influence if Farage plays his cards right.

      Its going to be a long hard road to put things right.

  2. One could see this coming for decades. Yes, the left was chagrined by the fall of the Soviet Union and lesser Communist states, but its stubborn adherents would not or could not understand the reasons for the rejection of socialism. Instead they took refuge among the witless Greens and the misanthropic feminists to continue their war against the ethics, economics and politics of individualism and freedom. It doesn't matter what it is the left is selling; call it socialism, fascism, communism or whatever, but at root it's ethically collectivist and politically statist. In essence, it's a war against Western civilization, a war against free minds. It's a war waged by the envious against the productive and independent.

    As we've seen in the past, the theories and dogmas of Marx and Mao fly in the face of human nature, and eventually their modern victims will catch on and resist. That's why American government agencies are buying so much ammunition, and why there will be a revived 'jihad' against firearms ownership where it's still permitted. Finally, such collectivist states and unions will find it necessary to establish a network of spies, political police, "re-education" camps and the like. We might even borrow a term to describe it: gulags. It will be the only way to ensure control.

    1. Hi Bill, your interpretation of the left and its tactics is spot on. The unfortunate thing is that the majority of the people are clueless and they will only take notice when it affects them directly.

      I agree with you that the global left have declared a war on Western civilisation and we had better do something about it or the gulag is a very real possibility.

  3. Daniel, in reading your dissertation on the progression of socialism in Europe, I as an American can only see that my country is right on the tail of Europe in its transformation to a socialist nation. Already we as a people are relatively apathetic with our system of government, in which all the left wing politicians recognize as an opportunity to strike at the heart of our system… the Constitution. In your summary of the list of crimes it appears to me that the USA is approximately sixty percent complete toward its transformation into a socialist country. One can only hope and pray that the American people wake up and reverse this direction if we want to remain a free people. MLN

  4. MLN, thanks for your comment. Although it grieves me to say it I agree with you that the USA has all but caught up with Europe on the dark road to a socialist Dystopia.

    The political class see the apathy of the people as an opportunity to impose their agenda by stealth. The people don't realise the full horror of what the politicians have in store for them.

    I sincerely hope that the American people wake up and reclaim their country before they descend so far into the socialist swamp that they will be unable to dig themselves out.

  5. Given that the Tories have so far failed miserably in their attempts to redress the wholesale shift of Great Britain to the left, I am still astounded that we have not had some kind of political revolution in this country. Most of my friends, family and work colleagues feel exactly the same way.
    UKIP still arent credible on alot of issues/policies as far as I am concerned. We need the likes of Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell, Nigel Farage etc to offer us a really cohesive single political alternative. This continual contempt for the british public by the current government may actually help towards this goal, but I cant see it happening anytime soon.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Cameron and his Tories haven't done anything to dismantle the political machine put in place over 13 years of Labour rule. I read that Ministers are frustrated at the deliberate obstruction of the bureaucrats.

      UKIP have a lot of work to do and they would benefit by some sort of cooperation with people such as Hannan and Carswell but alas I agree with you that there is no cohesive political alternative at the moment.

      The sad part is that the current government does indeed have a continual contempt for the people and the people should be outraged but they're not.