Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emma Thompson Stands Up For British Culture Against Tesco

It was only last week that actress Emma Thompson, in concert with other wealthy celebrities, was in the news urging British Prime Minister David Cameron to open the borders to more Syrian refugees regardless of the catastrophic effect that open border mass immigration has had on Great Britain, its culture and its way of life.

There must be a shortage of stage and screen parts for wealthy elite actresses because she's at it again with another open letter, this time to grocery giant Tesco over their plans to open a store in Belsize Park. This is an upmarket town just two miles from Ms Thompson's home in the exclusive area of West Hampstead, North London.

What is revealing about this second letter from Ms Thompson is the fact that despite being a 'value she holds dear', her compassion for the poor and downtrodden, including Syrian refugees, is conditional upon their staying clear of her own back yard. It is also an indication of what an appalling snob this woman is.

According to Ms Thompson, Belsize Park is a "villagey area......who's very nature will be threatened" should Tesco proceed with their grocery store. Beside, their "meanly paid" staff would harm the local community spirit.

The following quote says it all about celebrities like Thompson, and in this case it includes fellow thespians James Cordon and Tom Conti.

"Wherever Tesco's goes, the local feeling is destroyed by staff who neither know nor care to know the inhabitants".

It is safe to assume that if a Tesco store 'threatens the very nature of Belsize Park' and it is not welcome on the grounds that its staff doesn't care to know the inhabitants and who will destroy local feeling, then thousands of Syrian and other refugees are most definitely not welcome.

This begs the question about her previous letter to the Prime Minister which urged him to open the borders to more refugees; if they are not welcome in her back yard then who's back yard will they settle?

Should they decide to settle in the exclusively white village of Dunoon, Scotland and 'threaten its very nature', Ms Thompson would most likely object on the same grounds and also because she has another residence there which seems to be a justifiable criteria for keeping Tesco and immigrants out.

As and example of Ms Thompson's double standard, not too far from "villagey" Belsize Park lies blighted Heston which, in the not to distant past, was also a quintessentially English village.

This village has been in the news recently because it has been transformed by hundreds of homeless immigrants to whom the values of "compassion and humanity" ,held so dear by Thompson and her fellow celebrities, does not extend.

She didn't worry about the local feeling in Heston being destroyed, or whether the incoming hordes would know or care to know about the local inhabitants or even whether its very nature would be threatened'.

If meanly paid Tesco staff would harm local community spirit in Belsize Park what on earth does she imagine hundreds of unemployed, homeless immigrants had on the community spirit in Heston?

It would appear that the British public are suffering from celebrity fatigue whereby they are tired of wealthy celebrities parading their faux compassion for the less fortunate in the media from atop their ivory towers.

If their emotions toward the less fortunate were genuine then they would not only welcome Tesco to Belsize Park but they would also bus the unfortunates of Heston there to stack the shelves.

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