Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama Abdicates - Who Is The New Leader Of The Free World?

Those who follow global politics, especially those who paid particular attention to the American scene, warned during his original election campaign that candidate Barack Obama was an anti-western, anti-capitalist, anti-American 'progressive' who's core beliefs revolve around the philosophy of Karl Marx.

Everything he has done since his election to the American Presidency confirms that original prognosis as being one hundred percent correct.

His latest stance, protecting Islam from the justified uproar of criticism despite the daily diet of savagery carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah, as directed by their prophet Mohammad and as written in their holy book the Koran, should dispel any doubts once and for all.

For the global 'progressive' radical left he is the physical manifestation of all the things they hold dear; from socialist tax, spend, borrow and debt economic policies, the expansion of government entitlements and dependency, to replacing individual liberty with collectivism and state control, the President has obliged in spades.

Of more concern to those who cherish, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a world infested with corrupt, ambitious, authoritarian despots who will stop at nothing to impose their perverted ideology or religion on the innocent, is the abdication of President Obama as the de facto leader of the free world.

The writing was on the wall when one of his first acts as President was to tour the world apologising for America's part in the history of global freedom. His hatred of America started to become apparent when he classified American exceptionalism, together with its willingness to sacrifice its sons for other peoples freedom, as arrogance.

Despite the tens of thousands of American war graves in France and elsewhere, the President apologised for America being derisive and dismissive toward Europe.

Since those early days when he nailed his anti-American colours firmly to the mast, he has set about his promised 'fundamental transformation' of that shining city on a hill with extraordinary gusto.

He has eviscerated the US military subjecting it to a social engineering program that has had a detrimental effect on its image and reputation. It should be understood that when correctly led and motivated it remains the most efficient military machine on the planet but it has lost respect among America's enemies and they no longer fear it.

The enemies of freedom, from Russia, China, North Korea, and most worryingly from Iran and the Muslim world, have learned by his lack of fortitude - combined with his belief that America is a global force for evil - that the Commander-in Chief will not use the military resources at his disposal to their full potential.

Consequently the real forces of evil in the world are emboldened; the Chinese military build up continues apace, Putin is expanding into Ukraine and threatening action in the Baltic states, North Korea and Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons without let or hindrance while other American interests around the world are encroached upon with impunity.

Of greatest concern is the rise of radical Islam and its utter contempt for America and the rest of the so called free world. While the Western leaders fret about their 'progressive' agenda of 'multi-culturalism, religious relativism, inequality, gay marriage, celebrity worship and all the fluff that occupies its people, Islam is on the march.

Its fifth columns of legally documented operatives are in place in Western societies and they are openly threatening to bring their jihad into the heart of America and Europe.

While the former leader of the free world spends his non-golfing time on illegal immigrant amnesty, criminalising legal gun owners and otherwise tearing up what is left of the peoples' Constitution, who will take over the unenviable task of leading the free world?

The nominations are few and far between with whole continents on the planet bereft of anyone with suitable leadership qualities. The entire African continent remains a land mass of aid dependent, blood drenched, warring tribes mired in corruption.

Ignoring the fact that that he led the communist inspired and financed African National Congress, the closest Africa came to having a respected leader was Nelson Mandela. There's Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or long time President Museveni of Uganda but they are drenched in so much blood of their own citizens they are disqualified.

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya can be discounted on account he's suspected by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity. North Africa, including Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt have descended into chaos and fallen into the abyss of radical Islam.

Japan has disappeared off the face of the earth with near neighbours China and North Korea disqualified due to their authoritarian nature. South Korea and Taiwan appear to be lacking any recognisable or respected leaders.

President Putin of Russia is a strong leader who is currently running rings around President Obama and the Europeans on the geo-political stage but being an ex-KGB thug and tyrant disqualifies him also.

Canadian leader Stephen Harper doesn't set the world alight and although Australia's Tony Abbott started his Premiership with promise, unfortunately he is showing signs of buckling under pressure from the global elite with his acceptance of climate change/carbon emissions rhetoric.

That leaves Europe and the UN - and the nominations are:

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Tony Blair, Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Union

Donald Tusk, another President of the European Union

Martin Schultz, yet another President of the European Union

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

This appears to be the best leadership talent available so may the Lord have mercy on us all....

There is one who stands out like a beacon in the depressing gloom of the modern political scene, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who like the British during the Nazi onslaught in World War II, is standing alone while protecting his people from annihilation by a host of surrounding enemies.

Unlike the rest of the media creations that masquerade as statesmen and women, he has the qualities and experience to be the leader of the free world but due to the rabid anti-semitism that has risen from the ashes of history he would most surely be rejected.

The facts are plain for all to see, that apart from Benyamin Netanyahu there are no Winston Churchills, Dwight Eisenhowers, Ronald Reagans or Margaret Thatchers to stand up for freedom, liberty and democracy against the dictators, tyrants and evil doers of the world.

Until the people of the free world wake up from their media induced slumber and dump this current crop of self serving, agenda driven charlatans into the dustbin of history, evil will triumph over good, despair will replace hope and that shining city on a hill will become just another dust blown, run down, shanty town that is so familiar to the oppressed people of the world.  


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