Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trumped - David Cameron And His Referendum Stitch-Up Is Exposed

If anyone has any lingering doubts that the current leadership of the political class are nothing more than puppets who have been meticulously trained in the dark arts of media manipulation and propaganda, then I suggest they follow the antics of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he continues with his EU re-negotiation/referendum confidence trick despite the fact that he's been rumbled.

Watching the carefully choreographed campaigns of the establishment controlled political class in the United States getting derailed by Donald Trump is a wonder to behold; watching the apoplexy of the useful idiots in the government-media axis is an even bigger source of amusement.

This includes Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino of Fox News, who can hardly contain their contempt for Trump largely because of his exposure of their preferred candidate, Jeb Bush, as nothing other than a bought-and-paid-for establishment puppet.

Fair and Balanced? You report we decide? You reported and we decided - with a few exceptions Fox News is just as biased toward the political establishment as the other networks.

For a little while at least, everything was going swimmingly; the meticulously planned, pre-packaged campaign strategies of the establishment candidates were seducing the electorate into believing that the fundamentally transformed and downgraded America is still exceptional.

Issues that were degrading life for ordinary Americans, such as being beaten, raped, robbed and murdered by illegal immigrants, along with continued impoverishment by joblessness etc. were being glossed over or brushed under the carpet until the explosive arrival of Donald Trump on the scene.

It is true that the issue of illegal immigration, and the horrific crimes committed by illegals, would not have the high profile it has in the campaign were it not for Trump; neither would the issue of sealing the porous border. The establishment and their candidates were preparing the collective American psych for an amnesty for all illegals thus changing the demographic and cultural balance for ever.

In other words, making the fundamental transformation of America permanent and irreversible.

It would appear that the Trump anti-establishment phenomenon has contributed to the awakening of the British people from their media induced slumber and opened their eyes to the dishonest and treacherous machinations of their own agenda driven political class.

Thanks to Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent the anti-establishment Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, it is becoming almost fashionable to confront, disbelieve and ridicule the political establishment. At long last the people are beginning to accept that politicians routinely lie without conscience and deceive as a matter of course.

Apart from the increasingly popular United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), and their leader, Nigel Farage, the British political class is totally owned and run by the EU controlled establishment.

All the main parties are committed to the post-democratic European superstate project, an important part of which is the cultural and demographic replacement of existing societies - referred to in the USA as a 'fundamental transformation' - using open border mass immigration, particularly from the undeveloped, uncivilised third world.

To say that the British people have been lied to about the true nature of the European project would be the understatement of the century. Lied to, not just by the government of Edward Heath who signed the original surrender document, but by successive generations of all parties right up to David Cameron today.

These charlatans have been consistent with the lie that surrendering the power loaned to them after an election to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats is in the British people's best interests.
(Great article on EU deceit by Christopher Booker here)

Knowing that the replacement of the independent sovereign states of Europe with a post democratic superstate would be unacceptable to the various indigenous people, it was to be achieved "without the peoples of Europe realising what was happening, the plan was to be accomplished in successive steps. Each was to be disguised has having an economic purpose, but all, taken together, would irrevocably and irreversibly lead to federation". 

This quote has been attributed to EU founder Jean Monet and is now in dispute; what is not in dispute however is that the agenda and sentiments contained therein have been carried out to the letter; it is indisputable that the British people are still being lied to with reference to the EU by the establishment owned political class, including Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron is the archetypal politician for the post democratic era; hailing from a remote elite, he was exclusively educated and he has never had a proper job in the real world inhabited by real people.

He has adopted the modus operandi of the career politician of saying one thing to one client group and something completely opposite to another, as well as lying through his back teeth to get elected. This is considered to be acceptable behavior by modern day career politicians but it will only last if people like Trump and Corbyn stay silent and allow them to get away with it.

Having complete and utter contempt for the people he is supposedly representing, along with their views, their hopes and their aspirations, is another essential virtue for career politicians of the Cameron ilk.

It is universally acceptance by all and sundry that there will be no re-negotiation of Great Britain's terms of membership nor any repatriation of already surrendered powers. That includes border control, immigration and asylum policy, control over welfare, taxation or the criminal justice system; David Cameron still insists on carrying on with the re-negotiation charade.

Cameron has re-iterated his absolute commitment to the EU superstate project and will not campaign for Great Britain's exit even if his own negotiation ends in failure. This position is not just amateurish but untenable and an indication Cameron's confidence that he can con the British people into remaining in the United States of Europe.

Cameron's referendum stitch-up is now being seen for the charade that it really is by an increasing number of cynical observers who are returning the contempt that Cameron has for them but in spades.

It has now been revealed that Cameron and his controllers are going to orchestrate a phony bust-up with the French, who will then appear to concede some reforms; these will be nothing other than meaningless window dressing designed to con the British people.

The phony bust-up will, of course, be portrayed by the bought-and-paid-for main stream media as a victory for Cameron over Great Britain's historic and traditional enemy in a cynical attempt to play on the people's sense of patriotism and garner a few more votes for his dishonest project.

With the aid of an endless supply of resources including money and manpower along with compliant, agenda driven institutions, such as the trade unions, the bailed out banks, bonus addicted industrialists, the NHS, the Quangocracy, the NGO's, the government-media complex, including the taxpayer funded BBC, the referendum campaign will be a veritable tsunami of pro-EU propaganda.

If the treatment of Nigel Farage in the last general elections is anything to go by, the 'No/Out' campaign will be demonised, belittled, insulted and smeared without mercy.

In conclusion: Increasing numbers of people have realised that Cameron's re-negotiation is a confidence trick and his phony referendum will be a stitch up from beginning to end.

With that said, the EU superstate fanatics in the British establishment have come too far along the road to lose their prize of total integration at this late stage, therefore they will pour every available resource into the re-negotiation confidence trick and the referendum stitch up in the hope that enough low information voters will remain ignorant and anti-establishment figures like Donald Trump will not emerge and wield influence to the detriment of their beloved superstate project.


  1. Absolutely spot on Dan, I was only made aware of this site last night and I am overjoyed with the discovery. It's a pity that you don't have a wider audience as the people of the UK need to wake up to the reality of the EU and the crisis occurring due to unlimited immigration. All social engineering .I fervently hope that we vote to leave the institutionally corrupt EU before it's too late. Enough damage has been done to the British way of life and I fear that we have many among the immigrant community who wish to bite the hand that feeds them.
    I am not a rabid racist, I have friends in many countries who are of different religions, cultures and colour. I am just very concerned about the future of the UK.

    1. I'm glad you like the site, I would be grateful if you help spread the word.

      Great Britain's future was decided years ago during the Heath premiership. The political class will gradually surrender our sovereignty until we are fully integrated into the European Union superstate. That includes replacing our culture and way of life with a so called 'multicultural society'.

      It is not racist to hold a contrary point of view but be prepared to be labelled one by Cameron and his fellow Europhiles. They have decided the future of Great Britain and they don't intend to change course.

  2. Hi Dan,I will be spreading the word and have started to do so. Our only hope is a No vote in the referendum.

    1. Thanks for your interest.

      Personally I don't think there should be a referendum, we should just leave the corrupt tyranny. We didn't have a referendum to give our sovereignty away so why do we need one to take it back? They are going to rig it anyway.

      However,having said that, if there is one, I will be voting 'No'.