Thursday, October 1, 2015

The UN And Cultural Genocide - The Puppet And The Puppet Master

Let's be clear and unequivocal from the outset, an integral part of the post war reordering of the planet by both the United Nations and the European Union includes the removal from power and influence of predominately white people who share a Judeo-Christian heritage.

It should be obvious by now that the so called refugee crisis which has dominated the global bought-and-paid-for media has been long in planning; it has been brilliantly coordinated and flawlessly executed.

This mass influx of third world, mainly Muslim, economic migrants into Europe combined with imposed quotas for each country guarantees that the generational project to replace the individual cultures of the European nation states, along with their Judeo-Christian heritages, with artificially constructed 'multi-cultural societies' will pass the tipping point and become irreversible. 

Even now as the truth emerges that only one in five of those swarming into Europe are refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war - the rest being economic migrants from a variety of countries and continents including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Africa - they persist with calling it 'the refugee crisis'.

One only has to follow the agenda of the de facto world government at the UN, along with its European subsidiary in Brussels, to see this tragedy for what it is. It also reveals the callousness and the fanaticism of the key players along with the depths they will plummet to achieve their goal.

The UN/EU bureaucrats and their propaganda machine use the politically correct term of 'unhomogenising' to describe their cultural replacement agenda. To that end they dispatched their super bureaucrat and senior Bilderberger, Peter Sutherland, to tour the capitals and legislatures of Europe advising the various political establishments to "undermine national homogeneity".
(See here)

Even by the UN's own criteria this undermining of national homogeneity is in fact cultural genocide, at least within the spirit of its Articles and Declarations.
(See here)

Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, is the archetypal modern politician. He possesses all the attributes he needs to deceive enough of the electorate into believing he represents their interests and can be trusted with their safety and well being.

In actuality Cameron is a self confessed 'progressive' who is totally dedicated to the UN and the EU, along with their cultural replacement agenda. He represents the UN and the EU in the Westminster Parliament, not the British people.

When UN or EU bureaucrats make any demand on Cameron, whether it be increased contributions, an increase in immigrant quotas or welfare entitlement policy, he makes an initial high visibility pretence at being tough for the benefit of his home audience before quietly complying at some later date.

Instead of asking the obvious questions regarding the unhomogenising propaganda of Peter Sutherland and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Cameron merely repeats their nonsense, almost by rote.

( David Cameron on unhomogenising here)

Sutherland and the UN/EU propaganda machine push the line that the future progress, security and and prosperity of the British people, and those of the other European nation states, is being hindered by their lack of diversity and their homogeneous, mono-cultural societies.

This justification for cultural genocide of the nations that advanced civilisation from the dark ages to the modern world, raises multiple questions that need to be addressed by Ban Ki-moon, Peter Sutherland, David Cameron along with all the other advocates of the UN/EU cultural replacement agenda.

If progress, security and prosperity is impossible to achieve in the homogeneous, mono-cultural nations of Europe, how is it that the same doesn't apply to homogeneous, mono-cultural nations such as Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Ban Ki-moon's own country of South Korea?

Also, if these same immigrants are essential for the future prosperity of the developed world, how is it that their home countries have not progressed but remain backwards and undeveloped?

It is now universally accepted that imposed multi-culturalism using open border mass immigration has been a complete and utter disaster for the peoples of Great Britain and Europe. Cameron, Sutherland et al, need to explain how tens of thousands of impoverished, crime ridden, welfare funded, mono-cultural ghettos, with their violent turf wars could possibly be vital for the security or the future prosperity of the European people?

How can the barbaric customs of incompatible, backward cultures from the undeveloped, uncivilised world add anything to western civilisation let alone guarantee their future security and prosperity?

How can importing female genital mutilation, paedophilia, incest, child marriage, honour killings, spousal abuse, homophobia, beheading and mutilation complement British or European culture?

How can Sharia law or the violent exhortations to dominate all other cultures, as written in the Koran, be compatible with the European people, their way of life or their Judeo-Christian heritage?

They are obviously not compatible and never will be therefore the UN/EU elites have decided, without consultation, that Islam will gradually supersede the Judeo-Christian heritages of Europe as part of their cultural replacement agenda.
(Listen to David Cameron on Islamification here)

If, as the UN and the EU claim, that this is a humanitarian crisis of Biblical proportions, why is it that the burden is being put solely on the people of Europe and the Anglosphere to take the brunt of it?

Admittedly it was exacerbated by western interference, but this remains a Middle Eastern problem concerning mainly people of the Muslim faith, therefore why aren't the oil rich countries of the Middle East, including the Gulf States, dealing with it or at the very least alleviating the suffering of their coreligionists?

Why is the UN's Ban Ki-moon putting pressure on Europe and not the rest of the nations that make up his organisation to take their 'fair share' of refugees?

Why is Saudi Arabia offering to fund mosque building in Germany and Europe but refusing to take their fair share of immigrants or to fund their rehabilitation in Europe?

The answers are blindingly obvious; the cultural genocide by mass immigration being imposed by the UN/EU has caused opposition to the European project putting it's continuation at risk. The lack of democratic means to address this disaster has seen an increase in violence and the rise of patriotic and nationalist parties.

This threat to their generational project was viewed with horror by the UN/EU elites with the distinct possibility that their prize could be lost at this late stage. Something needed to be done to push cultural replacement past the tipping point and what better way was there than opening the borders to all and sundry.

The usual tactic of demonisation and smear is being deployed with venom against any person or party that questions or opposes this cultural genocide and open border mass immigration. The rising tide of opposition is being labelled as the rise of the 'far right' and adherents are smeared as bigots, fascists, xenophobes and Islamophobes along with the overused but predictable favourite 'racist'.

Everyone outside of the agenda driven, global 'progressive' establishment, along with their collaborators in the media and the self loathing community, see this crisis for what it is; a deliberate and final push by the UN/EU to replace the successful, centuries old Judeo-Christian cultures of Great Britain and Europe while downgrading the standards of civilisation with the intention of finalising their project to impose the equality of nations and cultures.

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