Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lost Briton Of Gitmo - A Saudi Citizen Who Refused Release Twice

While the British political class pat themselves on the back in congratulations and wealthy right-on celebrities quaff champagne to celebrate the release of the so-called last British inmate of Guantanamo Bay, a Mr.Shaker Aamer; his lawyers will be preparing the inevitable lawsuit to relieve the British taxpayers of millions of their hard earned money in compensation.

If Mr. Aamer is a victim of an injustice by the representatives of the British people then his millions will be deserved; but, however one looks at the entire saga something stinks to high heaven. It is only right and proper therefore that before the British taxpayers hand over their hard earned cash they get an explanation for some of the more incredulous actions and behaviors of Mr. Aamer and the governments involved.

The deceit begins right off the bat when the government-media complex initially kept referring to Mr. Aamer as British or a Briton. That was a deliberate distortion,  known in the real world as an outright lie. He is, in fact, a Saudi Arabian citizen given leave to remain in Great Britain by virtue of his marriage to Zin Siddique, a British documented Muslim.

Born in Medina, the second holiest Islamic site on the planet and burial site of their prophet Mohammad, Shaker Aamer would unlikely be a common or garden Muslim but most likely a fervent adherent of the virulent Wahhabi strain that is financing mosque building and organising jihad across the civilised world.

As the story goes Aamer was educated in various middle eastern countries, followed by the USA and Europe and therein lies the first question; how does a seventeen year old from a fractured family in a medieval country organise travel, accommodation, education and the required finance of such, thousands of miles from home in the developed world?

Following on from his education and global travel, Aamer finds himself in London and establishes residency by marriage to the aforementioned Ms.Siddique. The narrative continues that the Aamer family, now four strong with another on the way, are happy, contented and settled. So settled was Mr.Aamer he was in the process of applying for British citizenship.

Meanwhile half a world away in Afghanistan the medieval savages of the Taliban and al-Qaeda are in full bloodletting mode, mutilating and butchering all and sundry for the pettiest of crimes, including dancing and flying kites, as they imposed their brutal Islamic regime.

Also at this time the world was holding its breath in trepidation as the United States was about to unleash hell fire on Afghanistan to root out and destroy the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Incredulously, we are being asked to believe that Shaker Aamer abandoned his application for British citizenship and sacrificed his career as an Arabic interpreter, to uproot his pregnant wife and their children from the safety of London to work for an Islamic charity in about-to-be bombed Afghanistan where Arabs are treated with suspicion by the locals.

It needs to be verified to the British taxpayers, the name of the charity, how was it financed and by who, and what did this charity work entail?

The Aamer family reportedly traveled unmolested between towns and places with names that curdle the blood of westerners. Places such as, Kandahar, Jalalabad and Tora Bora, fearsome places that were war torn, lawless and infested with brutal Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters.

Bearing in mind the Taliban/al-Qaeda attitude to Great Britain and the west, how was this unmolested travel accomplished by a British resident with his British wife and his British kids in tow?

Captured by the Northern Alliance allies while trying to cross into Pakistan, Aamer was handed over to the US military who suspected he was an al-Qaeda operative involved in recruitment, financing and planning.

The veracity of the evidence against Shaker Aamer, and whether it was gathered using torture is for the legal experts to verify and for the politicians to decide if he is safe to release.

The main stream media narrative is that the evil Americans were holding an innocent Brit in appalling conditions either to save face because the lack of evidence indicated incompetence or because he harboured sensitive information about both the British and American intelligence communities and their methods.

If that is the case, why did the British government lobby Presidents Bush and Obama for his release?

Increasing numbers of people do not believe Aamer's incredible explanation for his presence in Afghanistan. Also, they want to know why the British government lobbied for the release of a Saudi citizen but joined the European Arrest Warrant which has left British citizens languishing in appalling conditions in foreign jails without evidence and for issues that are not offences in Great Britain.

The questions accumulate but the government remains silent and will most likely declare the American and British intelligence services guilty of abusing Mr.Aamers' human rights and hand over a shed load of taxpayer's money then hope the issue will go away.

The truth is that eight years of his incarceration were voluntary, President Bush offered to release him to his native Saudi Arabia in 2007 and President Obama did the same in 2009, both offers he refused to accept.

He had committed no crimes in SA and it appears he was not wanted for any crime or misdemeanour against the country or Islam.

His marriage to a foreigner is being used as an excuse because her status would prevent her living in SA (it didn't prevent an infidel like me from living there but I digress). However one would think that Zin Siddique's status could be rearranged at government level so that Shaker Aamer could be freed from the hell hole in Guantanamo Bay and his family could be reunited at last and live happily ever after, not in the bacon and beer culture of Great Britain but in the spiritual home of their religion.


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