Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama v Putin - A Conscious Uncoupling Or Abdication?

Nothing generates more pity than seeing something that was once noble and respected reduced to a beaten, humiliated mockery of its former self. The pathos is not shared by everyone however as the humiliated party often has plenty of enemies who rejoice at the fall from grace.  

Like the bull awaiting the tercio de muerte after hours of torment in the bullring, President Barack Obama and the United States of America are in the final stages of destruction, joining Great Britain among those once great nations that have descended first into mediocrity then into degradation followed finally by cultural oblivion.

What makes the fall of these nations more pitiful is that it was not brought about by external enemies bent on military conquest but slowly and deliberately by internal enemies bent on ideological conquest on their enemies' behalf.

It amounts to the same thing; the culture, the way of life and the very standards of civilisation are irrevocably changed for the worse and downgraded for the majority of citizens.

If revenge is a dish best served cold then this particular offering is at absolute zero. Having put down his internal enemies and rebuilt his military strength, President Putin set about restoring his beloved Russia's former glory. To an experienced political operator like Vladimir Putin, the advent of the Obama administration was like a gift from Heaven after the Reagan/Thatcher era with their defeat of communism and consequential fall of the Russian empire.

President Obama's recent press conference in Antalya, Turkey was so inept and embarrassing it confirmed once and for all that he has conceded America's global leadership in the various spheres of influence to Putin and Xi Jinpin of China, especially the volatile middle east.
(Watch it here with a transcript here)

This abdication of America's traditional global role is by design as opposed to a failure to act in response to events.

His words and actions from the beginning of his Presidency, along with those of his wife, Michelle, demonstrated their hatred primarily of white people but also of the United States of America itself, together with it's history, it's Judeo-Christian heritage and it's way of life. They are dedicated to the destructive teachings of Saul Alinsky and Marx as opposed to individual liberty and the free enterprise system espoused by the Founding Fathers.

As the 'apology tour' confirmed, they do not believe in American exceptionalism, rather that America is evil and the root cause of the world's problems. As a consequence he has devoted his entire Presidency to the now infamous 'fundamental transformation' of America.

Obama and his handlers deliberately conceded the global leadership role in order to give total focus to the destruction of the United States and its replacement with an egalitarian, downgraded nation where the instruments that made America free and prosperous at home and envied abroad were erased.

Instruments such as Christianity, democratic government, free enterprise and the Constitution to name but a few.

The most shameful behaviour of Obama and his administration is the consummation of their hatred of white people using phony movements such as 'black lives matter' and 'white privilege' while excusing the overtly racist antics of organisations such as the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers and the Church of Jeremiah Wright.

When Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, presented her counterpart with a plastic toy reset button to indicate the administration's new direction for Russo-American relations, one could not only sense the embarrassment in the room at such a juvenile publicity stunt but it also confirmed to Putin and the Russians that this administration is not serious.

It only got worse when John Kerry replaced Clinton as Secretary of State. What did the administration imagine Putin and the rest of the world were thinking when Kerry outdid the banality of the reset button by co-opting superannuated crooner James Taylor to sing "You've Got A Friend" to the French nation who were recently traumatised by the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

In conclusion its worth noting that in past years the first contact after a serious national tragedy would have been the President of United States but after the recent Paris massacre President Hollande contacted President Putin first, followed by a meeting with Obama pencilled in for next week.

This suggests that President Obama has indeed abdicated the role of free world leader in order to dedicate the remaining months of his Presidency to finishing off the fundamental transformation of America from greatness into mediocrity


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