Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris Slaughter - The Real Guilty People Will Go Unpunished

When the class bully made it known he was going to give me a beating on the way home after school I believed him for the simple reason he had done it before to others. He never made idle threats for effect or to instill fear or for reasons of ego or bravado. Whatever his reason he always dished out the beating as promised.

Bearing in mind the fanatical commitment to their cause, along with their history of following through on their threats of violence, when radical Islamists threaten to bring their jihad to Europe, America and the rest of the civilised world, it would be the height of irresponsibility not to take them seriously.

As recently as a week ago they were using social media to announce that not only were they going to bring their jihad to Europe, they would use the the so called 'refugee crisis' as a Trojan Horse to smuggle in their fighters to join the thousands of home grown fanatics already embedded.

To avoid a beating I took an alternative route home which was used by a rival gang who were no friends of the school bully. In other words I took the threat seriously and as a result took positive action and used a superior force to save my skin.

While the civilised world joined the French people to mourn the deaths their innocent compatriots, the guilty leaders who's refusal to take action to protect their citizens in the face of threats facilitated the atrocity.

Their reaction to the merciless slaying of their citizens is depressingly predictable; the perfunctory trotting out of the usual spin doctor authored platitudes.

In the recent past we heard the same platitudes trotted out after the Ottowa Parliament atrocity and again after the Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia; they were broken out again and dusted down for use after the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris.

With minor variations it's the usual litany of soundbites: 'sympathy for the victims, dastardly acts, savagery, extremist minority, nothing to do with Islam, shoulder to shoulder with our staunch ally, no stone left unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice' etc.etc. ad nauseam.

These platitudes will be returned to the shelf ready to be brought out and used again after the next atrocity with the name of the town, city or country altered accordingly.

The guilty people who's agenda driven inaction facilitated this atrocity and who's hands are soaked in innocent blood are:

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

French President, Francois Hollande

British Prime Minister, David Cameron

European Union President, Jean-Claude Junker

Another EU President, Donald Tusk

UN Special Representative for Migration, Peter Sutherland

Aided and abetted by the President of The United States, Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, along with all the right-on celebrities and their dumbed down followers who agitate for open borders.

They will take no practical steps to protect their citizens from murder and mayhem by radical Muslims if it compromises the projects to which they are totally committed and which they have sworn to complete.

With the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, the transfer of sovereignty from the democratically elected parliaments of the nation states of Europe to the appointed bureaucrats of the European Union is for all intents and purposes complete.

The cultural replacement agenda to create a generic European citizen, loyal to the EU as opposed to the individual nation states, is effected by imposed 'multi-culturalism' which is continuing apace. Open border mass immigration and the so called 'refugee crisis' is a visible manifestation of this perverted project.

To the obvious glee of the UN's ethnic cleanser, Peter Sutherland, the souls of the murdered innocents had barely departed before Merkel, Junker and Tusk confirmed that this atrocity will not stop, slow down or hinder in any way the open border mass immigration disaster currently engulfing the peoples of Europe, including unvetted refugees from Syria.

David Cameron and Francois Hollande are the junior team with regard to the others and they will duly trot out similar sentiments as the tragedy is slowly replaced in the news cycle.

If proof were needed that a parallel fundamental transformation is continuing apace in the USA; President Obama steadfastly refuses to enact border controls and against the advise of the intelligence and military experts, his administration will go ahead regardless of the danger and welcome tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in addition to giving amnesty to millions illegal immigrants by Executive Order.

In conclusion, it's worth adding that in a display of utter contempt for their vulnerable citizens and the victims of the latest outrage; despite all agreeing that further attacks are inevitable these same politicians will be indulging in an expensive jamboree in Paris, of all places, to proclaim that the biggest threat to our safety and security is climate change, with the imposition of global socialism as the only possible solution.

Citizens of the civilised world beware, hang on to your heads and your wallets because both sets of criminals are coming for you.

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