Monday, November 16, 2015

Hollande: Revenge Without Mercy But Labels Netanyahu A Terrorist

Apart from the Israeli President, Benyamin Netanyahu, Russian President, Vladimir Putin and to some extent German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the current batch of world leaders are not only weak and indecisive but hypocritical in the extreme; it must also be noted that we the people must bear some of the responsibility for voting them into power.

While civilised people across the world mourn the victims of the Paris atrocity and express sympathy with their loved ones, one mustn't lose sight of the fact that this outrage was thoroughly predictable. It happened because the leaders of the so called 'free world' - especially the leaders of the European Union - put their fundamental transformation agenda before the safety and security of their respective citizens.

In pursuance of their United States of Europe and its new citizen, which is being created using imposed multi-cuturalism, these leaders have adopted anti-citizen positions, along with high moral stances, as they lecture and bully their respective populations into acquiescence.

In Europe there is no one more risible or hypocritical than French President Francois Hollande. A doctrinaire socialist, he adopts all the positions of the 'progressive' left including punitive taxes (seventy-five percent for the 'rich'), expanding welfare entitlements and dependency, EU integration, climate change, multi-culturalism, phony pacifism and most importantly the visceral hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.

Listening to the war-like language issuing forth from Hollande after the Paris massacre, one would be forgiven for confusing this Hollande with the one that regularly excoriates Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for defending his people against the daily onslaught of the murderous Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups.

Now that the Muslim jihad has arrived on the shores of France, it appears to be acceptable to promise a war of revenge, executed without mercy, upon inhuman barbarians regardless of the high possibility of collateral damage to innocent civilians.

One has to remember the reaction by Hollande and the rest of the world leaders - including President Obama and John Kerry - when Netanyahu defended his people against the four thousand rockets fired into Israel from Gaza which deliberately targeted innocent civilians.

Taking out the rocket launching sites and the terrorists snatch squads who used tunnels to abduct and butcher innocent Israeli citizens was labelled 'disproportionate' and Netanyahu was harassed on a daily basis by Hollande and the rest to 'show restraint' while protecting his citizens.

After the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris, Hollande invited the Palestinian Authority terrorist leader Mahmoud Habbas for the solidarity 'Je Suis Charlie' photo shoot but publicly displayed his contempt for Israel and the Jewish people by snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Along with the rest of the cowardly EU leadership, Hollande is at the forefront of the various campaigns to isolate Israel including the vile Boycott, Disinvest and Sanctions favoured by the ever-so-trendy celebrity community and their army of useful idiots.

While Israel is roundly condemned for building a security wall to protect itself against the same savages that attacked France, front line EU countries are erecting security barriers of razor wire to protect themselves against terrorist incursion during the phony 'refugee crisis' without comment.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds when terrorists bring their murder and mayhem onto home soil.

Since the leaders of the free world, including the USA and the EU, are standing by and supporting France as it executes its 'war of revenge, waged without mercy', upon the Muslim 'barbarians' of ISIS, it is now incumbent upon these same leaders to give equal support to Israel and its Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, who are the biggest victims of Islamic terrorism on the planet bar none.    

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