Friday, February 26, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg - She's Leaving Home Bye Bye

When actress, comedienne and television host, Whoopi Goldberg, informed the world of her intention to leave the USA should Donald Trump become President she joined a long line of multi-millionaire celebrities who have made similar threats in the past.

In all these cases 'threat' is the operative word because it gives the impression that the user is taking a principled stand and this in turn can have a short term positive impact on their image. In reality threatening is the easy part, it's following through by packing their bags, going to the airport then getting on a plane and actually leaving the country that will ultimately define their long term image.

Wealthy celebrities threatening to leave the very country that gave them the opportunity to build personal fortunes, which most of their compatriots can only dream about, displays a level of loathing for America and ingratitude that is more than shameful, it's hypocrisy writ large.

It must be said that many of these celebrities may have been blessed with acting or singing skills but were short changed when it comes to an Intelligence Quotient high enough to realise their own imbecility.

Fellow actress and comedienne Raven-Simone has vowed to leave the USA for Canada "if a Republican is nominated" obviously ignorant of the fact that in a Presidential election a Republican is always nominated along with a Democrat and any Independent that fancies their chances.

Morose rapper Kanye West threatens to leave America on a regular basis apparently because of racism; this is despite the fact that, according to himself, he is comparable with Jesus Christ and further more can only be judged by God. With such a divine status and connections it's a mystery how his grievances aren't fixed from on high.

It would be helpful if his holiness Kanye West could explain if America is such a racist country why are Africans risking life and limb crossing deserts and oceans to get there.

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Apart from Raven-Simone, neither Whoopi Goldberg nor Kanye West has given any indication of their preferred destination; there is however another actor comedian, Eddie Griffin, who has chosen Africa as his preferred place of exile from Donald Trump.

Since Africa is such a massive continent containing some 54 independent countries it would help if he could be more specific and narrow it down to a single country. There's plenty to choose from including those bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the north, those bordering the Atlantic in the west or those bordering the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea in the east.

Alternatively he could choose one from the interior such as Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda or Burundi. There is of course the home away from home, Liberia - translated means "Land of the free" - which was home to freed American slaves and modeled on the USA. The capital city, Monrovia, is named after President James Monroe.

Like most post independence African countries Liberia is wracked with corruption, tribalism, civil war and abject poverty. Since these post independence countries were left with viable industries, infrastructure and all the accomplishments of European development the blame lies solely with black Africans and not the white man.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has decided to head off to South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, for his post Trump exile but I fear he's in for a shock when he alights from his airplane at Johannesburg airport or wherever. If he thinks it's all Nelson Mandela constructed peace, love and brotherhood he'll be wrong.

Since the white people that Jackson hates so much were removed from power the country has been mired in corruption, tribalism, poverty and violent crime that would make South Chicago look like Disneyland.

Hatred of foreigners, including Americans, is now the hallmark of the Rainbow Nation where the term 'xenophobic violence' has joined the lexicon of terms for brutality in South Africa.

Despite claiming African identities I would hazard a guess that Whoopi Goldberg, worth an estimated $45 million, Kanye West, despite pleading poverty, reputed to be worth around $145million along with Samuel L. Jackson, a paltry $170 million, wouldn't last a week living anywhere in Africa despite the fact that white privilege and it's supposed associated racism are long gone.

In African countries the wealth and living standards that our celebrities enjoy in America are dependent upon ones tribe which is nothing other than black privilege. Tribal animosity accompanied by inter-tribal violence is Africa's very own black on black version of racism.

It's odds on that should these America loathing, wealthy celebrities choose exile in any part of their ancestral home they'll regret it within a week and be sheepishly making their way with all possible haste back to the Good ol' USA, Donald Trump and all.    



  1. "actress, comedienne" - come now Daniel, you are stretching it a bit.

    To help these potential emigrants in making their choice, I feel that Zimbabwe would be ideal for them. With their wealth they could join Mugabe with their usual over-the-top tasteless celebration whilst walking over the masses in their jackboots of privilege. They could probably even club together and buy the country back from the Chinese. Maybe they can take Oprah with them.

  2. Hi mawm, I was being generous largely because if wrote down what I really thought I would be breaking my own rules on using profanities.

    I think Zimbabwe would be a perfect choice. Breaking bread with butcher Bob and Grace would be like home from home for these one 1%ers.

    Oprah is wealthy enough to buy the Chinese out on her own without breaking the bank.