Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Europe Is Defeated - The Battle For Britain Has Begun

With the attention of the political pundits focused on the Presidential primary elections in the USA, the referendum to decide the future of Great Britain and the European Union (EU) has taken a back seat. It is however a ballot of such importance it could not only reshape Europe but could have far reaching consequences for the global elite that are dedicated to reordering the planet in line with their 'progressive' ideology.

The current phony 'refugee crisis' - it's actually a deliberately engineered economic migrant invasion - and the very real Muslim rape and violent crime epidemic has dominated the headlines of late and has tended to push the other EU disasters engulfing the peoples of Europe into the shadows.

Opening the borders to an unlimited number of economic migrants under the guise of a humanitarian response to the Syrian civil war is a last gasp scorched earth policy to complete the long planned replacement of the individual cultures of Europe before the EU finally implodes and falls apart at the seams.

This implosion is largely due to those uncooperative, bloody-minded Brits, myself included, who have always been unwilling subjects of the EU elites and who are now battling to regain their independence bringing the carefully constructed superstate crashing down in the process.      

It is worth reminding ourselves that in addition to the economic migrant invasion there is the complete and utter economic devastation visited upon the so called PIIGS countries - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain - resulting from the premeditated manipulation of their the economic criteria to justify their adopting the disastrous Euro as their common currency.

Despite bailouts in the hundreds of billions, economic growth in the Eurozone is practically non existent at around 0.4% with only Latvia cracking 1%. But it's unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, that is the most tragic consequence of socialist central control of the economies coupled with the elites ruthless dedication to the EU project; i.e replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

Unemployment in the EU is running at  9% but in the Eurozone it's 10.4%, in Greece 24.5%, Spain 20.8%, Portugal and Italy circa 11.5%

The killer statistic is youth unemployment which is running at 19.7% in the EU but in the Eurozone it's 22%, in Greece it's a devastating 48.6%, Spain 46%, Italy 37.9% and Portugal 31% and despite being governed by avowed socialist Hollande, in France it is a staggering 25.9%.

*American voters please note: The younger generation in France got what they voted for and really are 'feeling the Bern' with unemployment and hopelessness as a reward for their idealism and ignorance.

The destruction of the EU economies and the consequent impoverishment of the European populations has resulted in a slow awakening as to the real motives of the political leaders but it was the drive to eliminate the identities, cultures and ways of life of the individual nation states by imposing so-called 'multi-cultural' societies that provided the final straw.

The British people have always been unenthusiastic about the EU and have been consistently reluctant servants of the superstate but it was the realisation that their elected Parliament is not only handing over billions per year of their hard earned cash to the EU bureaucrats but it is also powerless to stop open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism, even if they wanted to, having surrendered their sovereignty to Brussels.

Between economic collapse, mass unemployment, an orchestrated invasion by economic migrants and the surrender of national sovereignty to the agenda driven bureaucrats in Brussels, Europe is well and truly defeated in the same fashion as the early years of World War II.

Similarly, only Great Britain stands between freedom and utter defeat, whereby Europe will descend into a new dark age of tyranny and subjugation to an elite who have spent decades transferring sovereignty from the nation states to their unelected selves.

The elite and their forbears have spent decades slowly but surely usurping power and consequently they have no intention of giving it up. The historic June 23rd referendum on Great Britain's membership of the EU will not just be a dirty affair but rigged from beginning to end with the fix already in.

The entire bureaucracy of the EU including unlimited sums of money and it's vast propaganda machinery has already been mobilised to demean those who wish to leave and to scare the voters over jobs and a projected economic collapse into remaining inside the EU monolith.

Known as 'Project Fear', the Remain in Europe side are using the fear of job losses and economic collapse should Great Britain vote to leave despite the fact that, as already mentioned earlier, the EU economies have already collapsed with unprecedented disastrous levels of unemployment.

In true EU fashion electoral fraud and ballot rigging are rife with government opponents being denied access to information which helps the Brexit (British Exit) cause.

In the coming months it is hoped that the British people will stand firm in the face of the unrelenting propaganda along with the deluge of negative publicity and dirty tricks and vote to restore their democracy, their right to self government, their dignity and a return to trading freely in the markets of the world instead of being tied to a failed, outdated, centralised bureaucracy which we all thought had died with the fall of the Soviet Union.


  1. Just as your problems started with the Common Market, we here in New Zealand are being led down the same garden path. We have had no say in the passing of the TPPA which is, they tell us, only a trade agreement. It is most certainly not. Sure there has been some movement on tariffs, certainly not enough to make it worthwhile for us, but it is all the supplementary stuff and the barely mentioned "Council" of unelected bureaucrats that will have the power to alter the agreement without consulting the signatory nations that is the purpose of the agreement. It is nothing less than a nascent EU.

    I seethe with rage at the high-handed manner that our traitorous Tory government has handed our sovereignty to this crowd without taking it to the polls...... Never mind, we will have a say in choosing a new flag that really signifies nothing, to distract us.

    1. I have only recently took an interest in TPPA and its Atlantic counterpart TTIP. I am rapidly coming the conclusion its a transfer of sovereignty and power grab by the global elite.

      I need to study it some more but one thing is for sure, the people will lose out