Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chancellor Merkel's Uncontrollable Urge To Govern Great Britain

Listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reaction to the British people's desire to remove her from the governance of their country, one would think that she would have swallowed her pride, taken the hint and kept quiet but obviously she finds this simple action impossible to take.

The overwhelming majority of the British electorate voted to the leave the undemocratic German dominated European Union (EU) and become the sovereign, self governing nation that millions made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

This didn't stop her telling the British people what she is prepared to allow during the Brexit process even though the negotiations will be with the twenty-seven member states, not just her and Germany.

Such is her dominance over the EU that nobody has the courage or statesmanlike stature to inform her that she alone does not get to dictate the future of the EU, or of Great Britain or of the new relationship between the two.

Merkel's dominance over British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was legendary; it was so total she thought nothing of humiliating him with public admonishments every time he showed any signs of growing a spine and acting on behalf of the people he was supposed to be representing.

It was German Chancellor Merkel, not the EU Presidents, Junker and Tusk, that refused every request by Cameron during his sham re-negotiation and it was Merkel that ordered Great Britain to open it's borders to economic migrants and welfare colonists from around the world under her manufactured 'refugee crisis'.

The International Business Times reports that Merkel has thrown down the gauntlet to Great Britain's new Prime Minister, Theresa May, by stating that there will be no free market access while curbing immigration. Also there will be no cherry picking of EU laws.

This raises three important issues that Merkel is ignoring completely which displays her total and utter contempt for the British people and their desire to be a sovereign nation once again.

Open border mass immigration was the single most important issue for the British people more than anything else that resulted in the vote to leave. Control over Great Britain's borders and a controlled immigration system are not negotiable but Merkel refuses to respect that.

Secondly, there are one hundred and sixty-nine non-EU countries on the planet, many of which have trade deals with the EU. This includes the major trading nations such as the USA, Canada, China, Japan, India, S.Korea etc. none of which are required to have an open border mass immigration policy in order to trade.

Outside the EU Great Britain will have the same status as these free and sovereign nations but Merkel is insisting that the British alone must have a mass immigration policy in order to trade.

Thirdly, the so-called EU single market of five hundred million people consists of the bankrupt Eurozone countries which are mired in mass unemployment, including disastrous levels of youth unemployment along with poverty, misery and depopulation.

Both Greece and Italy desperately need yet another bail-out to stay afloat and even the dopey French socialist President Hollande has declared 'a state of economic emergency' which is his spin doctors code for bankrupt.

It is Merkel's insistence that free movement of people is sacrosanct that has resulted in the breakdown of former stable countries and their communities putting entire cultures and ways of life under threat.

Even in her own German cities rape and violent crime perpetrated by depraved third world immigrants is rampant and on the increase. Merkel's response is typical of a megalomaniac who is either fanatically devoted to an agenda or in denial, i.e censorship, propaganda and prosecuting dissenting commentators. (See here and here)

Under Chancellor Merkel's leadership the EU is a complete and utter disaster; a crumbling empire destined for the dustbin of history which the British people are well rid of if the current political class act on the result of the referendum.

With Great Britain returning to its rightful place in the global community of free trading nations the prospect of a prosperous country just twenty-two miles across the English Channel will be the catalyst for the rest of down trodden Europe to follow suit and demand their freedom from the corrupt, autocratic poverty inducing EU. (See here)

Chancellor Merkel's dream of a German dominated European empire stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Ural mountains in the east is crumbling around her ears and just like Hitler in his bunker refused to accept that the Third Reich had fallen, Merkel is refusing to accept that the end of the EU is nigh.

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