Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hollande And The EU Leaders Are Guilty But They Will Not Be Punished

Despite heavy censorship by the government-media propaganda machine they cannot suppress the bloody disaster that is being visited upon the innocent people of Europe by blood thirsty Muslim terrorists who were invited from their desert hell holes to deliberately flood the continent in order to further the political agenda of the European ruling elite.

The European political elite are so fanatically dedicated to their project to ethnically cleanse Judeo-Christian culture from the continent they will tolerate and excuse violent assault, mass rape and the cold blooded murder of its citizens including the beheading of an elderly priest performing a morning Mass. (See here)

This latest horrific killing comes hot on the heels of the Nice massacre by a Muslim immigrant from Tunisia who murdered eighty-four people and injured over three hundred more, including children, in the name of Allah, as commanded by his prophet Mohammad and as written in his holy book, the Koran.

The far-left socialist President of France, Francois Hollande, along with the rest of the European political elite, knew this was going to happen and they know further massacres of innocents will continue to take place in the future until they actually take positive action to stop it.

The only action they have taken so far is to engage in levels of censorship not seen in Europe since the 1930's and media management so subtle and skilled it makes Josef Goebbels look like a novice.

We've heard the insincere refrain and faux outrage from the political elite with sickening familiarity in the recent past. In fact, it has become so familiar the politicians repeat it by rote like the clones that they are then return to their day job of doing nothing tangible to stop the slaughter.

They will express their horror at the heinous crime, they will express their condolences and falsely claim that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims, then they will falsely promise to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice.

It all ends with the biggest falsehood of all that ' it's nothing to do with Islam' because - as the politicians keep reminding us ad nauseum - Islam 'is a great global religion of peace'.

They will go on to make utterly pointless promises to 'stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with French people' which may make a good soundbite but will do absolutely nothing to stop the slaughter of innocents in the future.

The rest of the charade will also be all too familiar; a makeshift shrine at the site of the killings with bouquets, candles, balloons and teddy bears, a hashtag# slogan on Twitter, Facebook profile backgrounds changed to the French tricolour and public buildings lit up with the nation's colours.

The facts are stark and speak for themselves: the European elite have embarked on a project to destroy the independent, sovereign nation states of Europe and replace them with a single all powerful superstate.

This cannot be achieved without replacing the existing millenia old cultures of the individual nation states and creating a new European identity. This Afro-Eurasian citizen is being created using open border mass immigration from the undeveloped world which serves to downgrade the existing nations to their level.

This also serves to meet the EU/UN global requirement of imposing equality between cultures, religions and ethnicities.

By the United Nations own criteria the EU project is premeditated genocide and despite their expensively tailored suits and benign external demeanour these European leaders are as guilty as any other tinpot genocidal maniac from history.

The guilty leaders are:

The evermore unstable and fanatical German Chancellor, Angel Merkel, who has done more than any other leader to destroy Europe with her dictatorial control over the EU and her open border mass immigration madness.

The unelected President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, a Merkel crony and EU superstate fanatic. Another open border mass immigration advocate who has clearly stated that no amount of murder, massacre or misery will alter the EU mass immigration policy.

Junkers inhuman attitude to the mass rape and murder is summed up by his assertion that 'no matter how bad the migrant crisis or terrorism gets, we'll never give up on open borders'.  Read the shocking revalations here and here

The unelected President of the EU Commission, Donald Tusk, a grovelling excuse for a man who follows in the slipstream of Merkel and Junker acting tough but wallowing in reflected glory.

The far-left socialist President of France who has stood by and allowed his once noble country to descend into a cesspit of multi-cultural horror and a safe haven for radical Muslims to fester and organise the slaughter of his own citizens.

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, and all the other cowardly Presidents and Prime Ministers of the nation states of Europe, both past and present, who act and have acted as willing accomplices in the premeditated murder, rape and utter devastation that is being wrought on the people of Europe.

Despite the rapidly increasing death toll across the continent and an epidemic of violent crime, which includes the mass rape of adults and children alike, these inhuman monsters will not suffer the punishments usually reserved for those that have ruined nations and subjected their citizens to fear, penury and bloodshed.

The global political elite looks after its own and the guilty few will remain free and continue to wield power behind the scenes while being rewarded for their criminality with fortunes looted from the treasuries of their victims.


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