Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Europhile PM Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted To Deliver Brexit

Business leaders and economists agree that one of the main sources concern that has a negative effect on the financial markets and economic activity is uncertainty. This uncertainty adversely affects economic growth and wealth creation which in turn depresses job creation and potential prosperity for the masses.

What is not uncertain however is the yawning chasm that exists between the political class and the people they govern.

The vast majority of the electorate in Great Britain voted emphatically to leave the corrupt and rapidly disintegrating European Union in favour of regaining their sovereignty and becoming an independent, self governing nation once again.

In spite of this victory all they hear from the government of the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, are limp excuses of why she will not trigger the two year long Brexit process, commonly referred to as Article 50. (Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which is the process for leaving the EU)

One would think that since Mrs. May spent eighteen years working in the banking and financial sectors she would understand the deleterious effect that uncertainty has on economic activity and growth, but like all disciples of the United States of Europe she has sworn fealty to Brussels and consequently finds it difficult, if not impossible, to renege on her oath.

Mrs. May's initial pronouncements were unequivocal, Brexit is set in stone, the government will honour the result of the referendum and Great Britain will leave the European Union. Her actions since her coronation as the nation's unelected Prime Minister tell a very different story and the omens are not good for the British people.

It must be noted that life long Europhile Mrs.May was selected as the replacement for disgraced former Prime Minister, David Cameron, by the Members of the Parliamentary Conservative Party who, like Mrs. May, are overwhelmingly Europhile, and not by popular vote in a general election.

Despite the emphatic vote by the British people to leave the EU, her new government consists of twenty-one Europhiles and only four Brexit supporters.

Mrs. May's inaugural speech set the alarm bells ringing and confirmed what informed observers knew already, she is a typical EU big government 'progressive' and not the free enterprise conservative she claims to be.

Her speech was laced with phrases and soundbites that are routinely used by Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left leader of Great Britain's socialist Labour Party and in a demonstration of the global aspect of socialist activism they are also being used by American primary election contenders, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Phrases and soundbites such as burning injustice, inequality, institutional racism in the criminal justice system, a country that works for everyone, the privileged few etc.etc. ad nauseum. (Read the speech here)

Instead of settling the markets down and initiating confidence by triggering the exit mechanism by invoking Article 50 or repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, Mrs. May has prolonged the uncertainty by announcing that initiating the Brexit process is not imminent now or in the near future.

In her first act as Prime Minister, Mrs.May paid a visit to the rabidly Europhile leader of the Scottish Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon, and proclaimed that Article 50 will not be invoked until the Scottish were on board. Since this is highly unlikely the Scots are now labouring under the impression that they have a veto over Brexit.

Next she visits the increasingly unstable megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who came away from that meeting with the idea that she still governs Great Britain; she then proceeded to indulge her impulses and lecture the British people that they must keep their borders open to unlimited immigration.

Mrs. May has not said or done anything to alter the mindset of the ruling EU bureaucrats who remain convinced that they will still be running Great Britain even after Brexit. (See here)

By accident or design, this delay not only promotes further uncertainty, it plays into the hands of the Europhiles both inside and outside Parliament whereby Mrs. May's prevarication on Article 50 allows the them time to organize their campaign to annul the referendum result and prevent Brexit. (See here)

Ninety-eight percent of the British people in one poll are saying an emphatic No to any EU deal and urged the government to quit Brussels now; this didn't stop Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive of American super bank, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co from suggesting that the result should be ignored or reversed. (See here)

Led by the taxpayer funded BBC, the bought-and-paid-for whores from the government-media axis have continued their Project Fear campaign to blame every negative story on Brexit and to smear Brexit supporters as narrow minded nationalists, bigots and racists. Unfortunately negative campaigning works, therefore the longer it goes on the more it degrades the momentum for Brexit.

Speaking of the bought-and-paid-for media whores, The Independent newspaper has already touted the idea that it's time to accept the fact that Brexit will never happen and it would be easier for Mrs.May to endlessly delay the process rather than to actually leave the EU. (Read the offending article here)

In conclusion, it must be asked whether Theresa May, a life long committed Europhile running a government of committed Europhiles backed by a Europhile Parliament, a Europhile political establishment and a Europhile government-media axis, can be trusted to carry out the people's wishes and actually leave the corrupt and failing United States of Europe?  

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