Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brexit Plan Revealed - Free At Last But Leave The Champagne On Ice

The British public who voted on June 23rd to take back their sovereignty and become the independent country millions gave their lives to protect have waited seven long months for their Prime Minister, Theresa May, to emerge from her self-imposed purdah and lay forth her plan for leaving the European Union (EU).

Why it took seven months will remain a mystery since during that time immense damage has been done to the Brexit cause by the enemies of freedom and democracy.

As a supposedly experienced politician Theresa May should have known that the global elite and their votaries in the British political class are dedicated to the point of fanaticism to the European Union project;  they will never ever give up their dream of replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single centrally controlled superstate.
As is the case with the presidential election in the USA, the global elite have refused to accept the result of the Brexit referendum.  They are using every device at their disposal including legal obstacles to obstruct, delay and ultimately sabotage Great Britain’s exit from the corrupt and disintegrating EU.

 In addition to this the mainstream media, led by the taxpayer funded BBC, are continuing their propaganda campaign of lies, smear and deceit to de-legitimize the Brexit result with a view to nullifying the referendum result or demanding it be re-run because the electorate were supposedly ‘lied to'.

This is a bit rich since the Remain camp used what became known as ‘Project Fear’ to scare the electorate with an outrageous apocalyptic vision of a post-Brexit Great Britain which they knew was fabricated and totally false from its inception to its eventual exposure as a tissue of lies.

The speech by Theresa May was the stuff of dreams for the freedom loving patriots who voted for a clean break from the corrupt and rapidly failing EU and the stuff of nightmares for the appeasers and collaborators who have dedicated their lives to selling out Great Britain to this undemocratic foreign entity.

Some of the highlights of Theresa Mays’ action plan that will warm the cockles of many a British heart :

The repatriation of sovereignty from the unelected, unaccountable Brussels bureaucracy to the elected, accountable Westminster Parliament.

Withdrawal from the European Court of Justice thus reinstating the supremacy of British law over European law.

Regain control over Great Britain’s borders and hence an end to open border mass immigration. This also has the potential to put an end to the cultural replacement project and the imposition of a so-called 'multi-cultural society'.

No more 55 million pounds per day ‘membership fee’ which disappears into the abyss of corruption.

Withdrawal from the over-rated single market and its requirement to open borders and the free movement of people.

Withdrawal from the customs union allowing Great Britain to make its own trade deals with the rest of the world.

What was not covered in the speech but remains a sad fact of EU membership is that the EU leaders including President of the EU Commission, Jean-Clause Junker, President of the European Council, Donald Tusk , President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, Chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt and the disastrous German Chancellor, Mad Angela Merkel  have a visceral hatred for Great Britain and its people.

In the past they have never wasted an opportunity to publicly belittle and humiliate British representatives including senior Ministers including Prime Ministers.

Mad Mrs. Merkel regularly publicly chastised the terminally spineless former Prime Minister, David Cameron, whenever he stood up for the British people he was elected to represent.
This restoration of national pride and dignity is priceless and must never be surrendered again under any circumstances.

As welcome as Mrs. May’s plan is it must treated with extreme caution. Her record of making speeches containing grandiose promises then failing to deliver is legendary. Everything from curbing mass immigration to deporting terrorists and foreign criminals she has failed to deliver time and again.

This is a time for cautious optimism in the four decade long campaign to regain our sovereignty, independence, dignity and national pride but unfortunately it’s too early to crack open the champagne and celebrate.

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