Friday, January 20, 2017

The Siege Is Over A New Era Of Freedom Has Begun

Since the end of the Reagan/Thatcher era, America, Great Britain and the rest of the civilized world have been under attack from a global elite hell bent on creating a borderless, egalitarian world governed by themselves.

As we have witnessed to our horror this entails destroying capitalism and individual liberty and by extension the countries that have become prosperous using these systems and values.

The top targets have been the people of the United States of America and Great Britain who have watched helplessly as their countries have been 'fundamentally transformed' downward into third world mediocrity.

First with Brexit and now with the inauguration of President Trump, this descent has been halted and the fightback has begun. The ruling global elite have expended too much time and treasure on their malignant project to give it up without a fight.

They will fight President Trump and Brexit every step of the way therefore with the spirit of past alliances in our minds it's up to the liberty loving people of the world to support President Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May as they take the fight to to the global elite on our behalf.

Today is just the beginning so lets savour the moment then prepare ourselves for battle.

                                    God Bless the United States of America and Great Britain

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