Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ignoring Election Results - It's An Africa Thing

News that African-American Congressman, John Lewis, and his fellow race baiter, the Reverend Al Sharpton, are refusing to accept the result of the American general election has spearheaded a campaign by fellow Democrats to follow suit.

Even the outgoing President, Barack Hussein Obama, has stated that he will not sit quietly on the sidelines but will resurrect himself and intervene should President Trump not govern to his liking.

In the civilized free world where liberty prevails, the peaceful handover of power is a hallmark of democracy but this is not so in the developing world especially Africa.

Only this week the President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has refused to accept the result of the Presidential election and is refusing to relinquish power and leave office. (See here)

This dictatorial behaviour is par for the course in post colonial Africa where the first act of the post independence Presidents was to alter their various Constitutions to stay in power when their terms in office expired. Their second act was to abolish political parties heralding the one party state phenomenon, the legacy of which blights much of Africa today.

I digress but in my previous stamping grounds in Africa, Kenyan dictator Daniel arap Moi was in office for twenty-four years, former President Nyerere of Tanzania twenty-one years, Yoweri Musveni, of Uganda is still there after thirty-one years, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia hung on for twenty-seven years and the notorious butcher of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is still blood letting with UN approval after thirty years.

Congressman John Lewis, Al Sharpton and even Barack Obama, despite being half white, refuse to accept being part of modern, multi-cultural America and cling to their African heritage and unique cultural practises.

Their behaviour suggests that these practises include refusing to accept election results and the subsequent transfer of power.

As a further indication of the descent of the west into third world mediocrity, the now widespread practice of electoral fraud and ballot rigging has been imported from places like Africa. Due to the lack of political will to stamp out this affront to democracy it is obviously now accepted by the political establishment as a part of the electoral process.

The behaviour of people such as Lewis, Sharpton and former President Obama are an insult to the people of colour in the USA who have put the history of slavery behind them to partake of the American dream and who judge people by the content of their character not the colour of their skin.

The other Democrats who are refusing to accept President Trump as legitimate are a motley, dishonourable gang of fanatical ideologues, charlatans and opportunists jumping on a passing bandwagon that they hope will aid their fundraising efforts and re-election.

Hopefully the Trump administration will not only make America great again but will also consign Lewis, Sharpton and the rest of the self loathing 'progressive' crew to dustbin of history where they belong.


  1. I realise you're trying to be fair and balanced here, but when you lie down with dogs, expect to rise up with fleas. Africa - especially black Africa - has shown the world they are incapable of living under the concept of 'democracy'. Their culture and intellect lack the ability to meet Western standards of living. You only have to look to any black-run country (whether in Africa, or for eg. Haiti) to understand that the black man is a completely different beast. As Obama once famously said, you can slap lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig - likewise, you can take a black African and put him in a suit, but he's still a black African. Those who have managed to succeed are the outliers, not the norm. The norm is for all to see - just look at Chicago and any other black-majority city in the USA. Blacks are incapable of changing to live up to standards. They usually bring down standards, with crime, poverty and the associated socio-economic issues close behind. Now, you can label me a 'racist' all you want, but this is my life-time observation, and you can try and deny it, but at the end of the day we all know the truth. You can put your hand in fire and convince yourself it didn't burn, but the truth is, you hand would burn. Likewise with living with blacks - you can convince yourself that every race is the same, but at the end of the day it's not true. South Africa may have erred in naming the policy Apartheid, but one day they'll be shown to be ahead of the times. You can try fit a circle in a sqaure, but it just won't work.

    1. An excellent and thought provoking comment. I would not label you a racist because you have backed up your opinion with empirical evidence born from personal experience.

      I would disagree with one of your points born from my personal experience in both Africa, the USA and the western world. I have met and worked with many black people who are educated and compatible with western civlisation. I have also lived aand worked with white people who are as thick as pig sh*t and who make no contribution to western civilisation whatsoever.

      That said it's hard to argue against the thrust of your argument since all the evidence is in your favour and there for all to see.