Monday, January 16, 2017

President Trump Is More Legitimate Than The Political Establishment

Apart from the rank hypocrisy that is the hallmark of the liberal/socialist/communist community, along with those who try to disguise their ideology by referring to themselves as ‘progressives’,  the latest attempt to de-legitimize the election of Donald Trump raises several other issues that are equally relevant.

Despite being proved to be false, the main contention is that the outcome of the election was influenced by Russian hackers who tainted the Clinton campaign in favour of Donald Trump.

Foreigners, they claim, are corrupting the heart of American democracy by influencing the outcome of the general election ignoring the fact that President Obama spent millions of dollars of taxpayers money trying to influence the general election in Israel because he didn’t approve of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

No mention of the hundreds of millions of foreign money pouring into the Clinton campaign from regimes that hate America such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar or the incessant campaign of vilification against Donald Trump by mainstream media whores who were bought and paid for by the America hating Hungarian billionaire, George Soros.

Closer to home, President Obama travelled to Great Britain in an attempt to influence in person the outcome of the Brexit referendum using lies, threats and government sponsored propaganda.

These anti-Trump ‘progressives’ are also alleging that the use of so-called ‘fake news’ by the Trump campaign constructed a false narrative of corruption and criminality surrounding Hillary Clinton and her family foundation which negatively impacted her campaign driving voters away.

Clinton dodging sniper fire on her arrival in Bosnia and an obscure video inciting the Benghazi terrorist attack are classic examples of fake news along with the nonsense that Russian hacking was the reason she lost the general election.

Another spurious claim is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote which further de-legitimizes the Trump victory. 

The electoral system is what it is and was designed to prevent densely populated urban areas from imposing a president on rural America. The system is accepted by all parties prior to the election therefore on this point the result is legitimate.
By virtue of the fact that Great Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, was appointed by her party after the resignation of David Cameron therefore she had no votes whatsoever therefore in reality she has no mandate to govern. 

Former Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in similar circumstances after the resignation of Tony Blair.
As flawed as it is this is the system in place at this time and it is applicable to all political parties. 

Until this system is reformed the politicians win and the people lose but it does not de-legitimize the Prime Minister or dilute her executive powers.

All this questioning the legitimacy of the election is nonsense of course designed not just to falsely de-legitimize a Trump presidency but to question his popular mandate and subsequently use the courts to prevent the implementation of his agenda to make America great again.

These shenanigans are part of a well planned contingency to be activated in the event of a Trump victory and demonstrates that the political establishment, along with their useful idiots from the aforementioned liberal/socialist/communist community will never, ever give up on their 'progressive' agenda.

Their refusal to accept the election result and the subsequent dirty tricks also proves that this same political establishment does not believe in democracy, multi-party elections and judging by their pre and post election behaviour they don't believe in freedom of speech either.

President Trump is America's best and possibly last hope to reverse the decent into third world mediocrity that the 'fundamental transformation' was designed to achieve. Freedom lovers and people of goodwill from around the world wish him success.

                            God Bless President Trump and God Bless the United States of America.  

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