Monday, March 13, 2017

Healthcare Scavengers Feed On The Corpse Of A Much Loved Friend

While the debate rages in the USA about replacing Obamacare, the American people should be made aware that like the socialized health care system in Great Britain Speaker Paul Ryan's plan will expand government dependency by creating more entitlements and bureaucrats will gorge themselves on the endless supply of taxpayers money.

It has become an eternal truth that wherever there is an unlimited supply of taxpayers money scavengers and parasites appear from nowhere to exploit the largess and stuff their pockets and their bank accounts with ill-gotten gains.

Like all organizations that are financed by the long suffering taxpayer these career bureaucrats give themselves fancy titles to deflect attention away from what they really are; namely parasites and scavengers that have made a career out of conning the public about their expertise then growing fat on looted money.

Hence in Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) there are hundreds of thousands of self-styled healthcare professionals, healthcare consultants, healthcare experts who’s only discernible skill is perpetuating themselves by creating ever more complex rules and regulations then expanding the existing bureaucracy to police them. (One horrendous fat cat looting scandal here)

Like an amoeba they have the ability to multiply themselves by dividing and sub-dividing without any apparent stimuli from outside.

Recent figures show that some five hundred and fifty-six thousand (556,000) non-clinical staff are currently employed by the NHS which does not include clinically trained staff who no longer serve on the front line having become full-time bureaucrats.

Also this figure does not include sub-contractors and agency staff that consume resources but don’t appear in the headcount numbers.

It is accepted that a certain amount of non-clinical, administrative staff are essential to the smooth running of any organization but the NHS has gone far beyond what is required and become a bureaucratic behemoth that devours taxpayers money in exchange for ever increasing amounts of rules and regulations.

Complexity is a black hole for money and the friend of the bureaucrat; the following is the labyrinth that’s stands between sick patients and the healthcare they pay for through their taxes.

If that’s not complex enough inside each of the boxes above lurks another equally complex and expensive bureaucracy that puts further distance between the sick and the treatment they need . In the case of serious illness and diseases it stands between life and death.

A local NHS Trusts for example looks like this:

These self same healthcare professionals, consultants and experts speak their own alien language which is unintelligible to all but those initiated into the esoteric world of the bureaucrat. One has to wonder if this language hasn't been deliberately designed to confuse simple minded politicians into handing over evermore sums of taxpayer money without question.

Hence, in the language of the bureaucrat, funding the NHS has become:

"Mapping the Health & Social Care Procurement Landscape by Maturity, Impact and Operating Model" and it looks like this.

These self-styled professionals, consultants and experts don’t come cheap with six figure salaries, gold-plated pensions and generous expense accounts awarded without any apparent requirement to deliver results. Unlike private industry there are no sanctions in event of non-delivery or, in the case of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, mass deaths caused by poor healthcare delivery.

(Mid-Staffs scandal. Only one unnamed manager sacked despite 1,200 deaths. See here)

Anyone who has had the misfortune to work with a bloated out of control bureaucracy will know that they are not only expensive, hopelessly inefficient, time consuming and an obstacle to performance but unaccountable as well. Faceless bureaucrats notorious for their fancy job titles are in charge of everything but responsible for nothing when their inefficiency and incompetence is exposed by poor results and scandal.

( Nine out of ten hospitals unsafe. Report here)

Unscrupulous politicians never miss an opportunity to pursue their agenda hence the NHS has been politicized to the point where imposing political correctness has taken precedence over patient care.

While demand has increased due to a surge in population, numbers of frontline clinical staff has not kept pace exponentially. This has caused waiting lists to become even longer than they already are resulting in the deterioration of the patients condition.

This scandalous inefficiency has spawned a spin off industry which is nothing more than a scam which fleeces patients who are desperate for treatment. Faced with a delay of months or longer for treatment, the doctor or consultant concerned will offer to treat the patient privately without delay for a payment, often in cash in hand.

Frightened patients desperate for treatment have been known to sell the family silver or go into debt in order to get treatment they've already pay for. Doctors and consultants with waiting lists running into months can suddenly find time to treat patients privately for a wad of cash.

Known as 'going private' it makes the NHS  ethos of  healthcare free at the point of need regardless of ability to pay looking a bit sick and in need of attention itself.

This article is intended to highlight to the American people some of the pitfalls of nationalized healthcare provision and it could run into several volumes. I would urge them to read what is written so far and be absolutely sure that the replacement of Obamacare offered by Speaker Ryan is not the same inefficient, taxpayer funded gravy train that will benefit bureaucrats and agenda driven politicians at the expense of those in need of healthcare.

Further reading on NHS scandals:

Revealed: 9000 deaths per year caused by politicians worshipping at the alter of the NHS here

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  1. You point out one facet of bureaucrat control of healthcare that is detrimental and costly to the populous and I agree it's a huge factor in costs and inefficiencies of the system. Another though, I believe, is caused by lawyers and their parasitic relationship on this and many other industries.
    The lawmakers ignore this aspect because it directly affects them since the vast number of politicians are, in fact, lawyers. The costs paid by doctors malpractice, hospitals liability ins, medical appliance manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies just to protect themselves from multimillion lawsuits, many frivolous but still settled for massive amounts because it's "more cost effective" just to settle, are a major driver of the increased costs of treatment.
    This is why we pay thousands for the appliance used in say a knee replacement when a decent tool shop could probably fabricate the thing for 30 bucks. It's why hospital rooms are 20 times more expensive than a five star hotel suite and why a doctor needs to charge a couple hundred dollars for a 15 minute office visit. Seldom you hear "Tort Reform" mentioned but put caps on these lawsuits or change the laws to require the loser in a frivolous lawsuit to pay all attorney fees and watch how few will be filed.
    If these politicians could be forced to address what drives the COSTS of healthcare instead of only addressing the providing of Healthcare insurance to everyone it could solve this whole dilemma. Real Tort Reform coupled with an open market, slashing of the bureaucracy and borderless competition could drive costs back to where they were 30 years ago which would allow coverage cost to be a fraction of where they are now. Most would probably just pay their way at those decreased rates and just carry a catastrophic policy.

    1. I couldn't agree more with your entire comment. You are so right about parasitic lawyers forcing up the cost of healthcare by using frivolous law suits to stuff their pockets. Tort reform is desperately needed along with borderless competition.

      Politicians should indeed address cost drivers along with organizing insurance but cutting costs has never been the forte of a politician. I'm not sure they know what it means.

      Off topic slightly but I would add that lawyers should also be removed from the battlefield to allow military personnel to do their job without fear of being sued.

      Excellent comment, thanks