Monday, April 3, 2017

American Preppers Get Ready – The Euros are coming! The Euros Are Coming!

While the attention of the American administration was focused on North Korea and their attempt to manufacture a nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States, they took their eyes off the threat from across the Atlantic.

In a pincer movement the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned that America will be attacked if President Trump refuses to lift his non-existent Muslim ban and European Union President Jean-Claude Junker has threatened to break up the United States if President Trump continues to support Brexit. (Let Muslims in or else here and here)

I’m sure our American cousins will be quaking in their cowboy boots and retreating into their bunkers at the thought of these two political non-entities attacking and subjugating a nation that was built on individual liberty, free enterprise and constitutionally limited government. (Junker threatens USA here)

The American system of government is the exact opposite to the freedom crushing, poverty inducing socialist administration of Mayor Khan and the rapidly disintegrating socialist tyranny of Jean-Claude Junker, known universally as the EU.

Being the global socialists that they are, hatred of the United States and all it stands for is a prerequisite; their hatred has been compounded by President Trump’s vow to fight the globalist agenda of creating a borderless, one world government and putting the safety and prosperity of the American people first.

Since they went to the media with their ludicrous opinions its worth looking at these two characters in a little more detail so that the American public know what they are dealing with.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is the living embodiment of the decline of Great Britain’s once mighty capital city. What the tourist brochures don’t show are the violent, semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos, where not even the police dare to venture, that flourish outside the tourist hotspots.

White flight into the suburbs and neighboring counties has rendered London a white minority city and it shows. It is most definitely not the tolerant multi-cultural city at ease with itself that the politicians would have you believe.

Like all Muslims, Mayor Khan is a loyal to the Ummah first and this was demonstrated by his warning to President Trump to moderate his stance on Muslims or face attack. He is obviously unaware that the Mayor of London has no input into foreign affairs and Khan has no business telling the President of the United States what he should or should not do.

It is his follow up statement that exposes Khan as the ignorant little imbecile that he actually is. The guy must have the memory span of a mayfly when he opines thus:

“Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe – it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of the extremists. Donald Trump and those around him think that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam – London has proved him wrong”.

Khan has obviously forgotten that as a resident of Manhattan President Trump learned all he needs to know about Islam and it adherents on 9/11. Like the majority of Americans, President Trump’s supposed ignorance of Islam was lifted after the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, San Bernadino and Fort Hood massacres among others.

His selective amnesia is further demonstrated when he states that London has proved President Trump and his team wrong when they think that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam.

London has not proved President Trump or members of his administration wrong when it comes to incompatibility of values. In Great Britain and America, western liberal values are not required to be compatible with Islam, in fact the reverse is true; if Muslims want to live in the west they must adapt to western values without question and not make the continuous incessant demands on the indigenous population in the way that they do.

The 7/7 massacres in London and the 2016 various Muslim surveys indicate that western values are indeed incompatible with Islam. (See here)

Jean-Claude Junker is a career politician, bureaucrat and drink addled buffoon. He is also one of the five unelected Presidents that rule the EU. He is the polar opposite of President Trump; he does not believe in individual liberty, free enterprise or limited government. He doesn’t even believe in democratic elections or referenda or that people should have any say whatsoever in how they are governed.

His dream of replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single superstate governed by appointed bureaucrats like him has been fatally damaged by the desire of the British people to be the self-governing nation they were before the treacherous political class surrendered their sovereignty to the likes of Junker. (Boozed up Junker here video here)

For the uninitiated, the EU is part of the wider project of the global elite to form a borderless global government and a post-democratic age.

President Trump’s election and his support for Brexit has put a stop to their four decade long project and this has sent the already unstable Junker into the stratosphere. He has warned that unless President Trump stops his support for Brexit he will use the EU to break up the United States.

The American people need not worry, just like the Liberal/Progressive community in the USA, Junker and the ruling cabal in Europe don’t like to lose elections and throw juvenile, emotionally driven tantrums when they do.

In conclusion, the American people and President Trump should try not to laugh and not lose any sleep over this, these two political non-entities with their armies of sycophants, bureaucrats and useful idiots couldn’t scare the occupants of a kindergarten let alone the United States of America. It would be wise however to stay vigilant and keep your powder dry because they have powerful supporters and are well-resourced but more importantly they are fanatics and they never, ever give up.

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