Friday, April 14, 2017

No Solidarity or #Hashtag Campaigns for Murdered Egyptian Christians

It speaks volumes about the British and European political class and their motives when they deem the murder by Muslims of British and Swedish innocents to be more worthy of their thoughts and prayers than the murdered Christians of Egypt.

The virtue signaling public is also guilty of a massive double standard and gross hypocrisy when they weep their crocodile tears for the murdered of Westminster and Stockholm but stay silent and dry eyed on the recent carnage in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt.

As despicable and horrific as it was, the death and destruction in Westminster and Stockholm was mild in comparison to the carnage in St. Georges Church, Tanta and St. Marks Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria which was deliberately timed to take place during a crowded Palm Sunday Mass.

The forty-nine dead and over one hundred injured are so insignificant that they didn’t warrant the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate or the Place of Westminster to be lit up in the Egyptian colours; they didn’t warrant an #IAmEgyptian hashtag campaign; they didn’t even warrant a repetition of the specially prepared soundbites that are routinely brought out whenever a Muslim commits an atrocity in a western country.

Presidents and Prime Ministers who are normally quick to declare that their ‘thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families’ remained silent.

In shows of bravery from behind their armed security details politicians and celebrities have been quick to claim that they are ‘standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity’ with the citizens of a victim country, but not this time. Egyptian Christians stand alone in their hour of need.

What is most surprising is that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, missed an opportunity to deliver her usual lecture on the difference between Islamic and Islamist mass murder and go on to declare that the carnage perpetrated by Muslims against Christians in Egypt is nothing to do with Islam.

One only has to look at the punitive actions against Christians by the political elite in the west and their parallel Islamification to see the reason for their refusal to mourn the Egyptian victims of the Muslim jihad.(Persecuted Christian from war zones refused entry into UK here)

Devout Egyptian Christians attending a church to celebrate Easter are the antithesis of the Islamification of the west. Judeo-Christian symbols and festivals are being slowly eradicated from public life and replaced by their Islamic counterparts.

Christmas, Easter, the Sabbath day and crucifixes are being replaced by Ramadan, Eid al Fitr, Friday prayers and the crescent moon.

If that isn’t bad enough, the people of the west are being forced to accept religious and cultural practises that are not only an anathema to Judeo-Christian culture they are barbaric by any measure of civilization.

The establishment along with all the institutions of government, the media and civil society at large have been commandeered and used to bring about this cultural and religious genocide and to impose Islam on the people whether they want it or not.

This includes the judiciary whose politicization has undone and compromised the integrity of a legal system that has slowly evolved since Alfred the Great began to coalesce and codify English law in the 9th century AD.

Equality under the law and blind justice has been perverted by politicians and activist judges who are allowing medieval and misogynistic sharia law to be tolerated and integrated into British law. Cultural and religious factors are being taken into consideration when dispensing justice even in cases of rape, pedophilia and spousal abuse.(Imam convicted of sexual assault spared jail here)
As the people have learnt to their cost, anyone disagreeing with this cultural and religious genocide is smeared as Islamophobic, racist or xenophobic and, in a classic example of supreme irony, Fascist or Nazi.

It’s not only the politicians that are ignoring the persecution and genocide of Christian communities in the Middle East. Christian leaders including the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are no longer concerned with preparing the souls of their congregations for eternity, they are expending their compassion and spiritual energy defending Islam and giving it moral and religious equivalence to Christianity.(Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism does not exist here. The Holy Bible and the Koran are same here)

The clergy are studiously ignoring the genocide and purging of Christian communities in the Middle East and aligned themselves with the globalists and their organized migration of millions of incompatible adherents from the Middle East and Africa into the civilized world under the auspices of a refugee crisis.(Christianity 'on course to disappear' from the Middle East as ethnic cleansing continues here

These Christian leaders are either naive or they are deliberately ignoring the fact that women, children and elderly people are absent from the invading hoards, the majority being comprised of testosterone fueled men of military age who go on to assault and rape western women on an industrial scale with impunity.

They are also ignoring the fact that ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations have indicated that they will infiltrate their seasoned fighters into the migrant hoards to cause murder and mayhem in the host countries.

While a handful of citizens murdered by Muslims in London or Stockholm can generate an outpouring of phony outrage and displays of mass emotional hysteria by the political class and a dumbed down populace, mass murder, carnage and genocide in the Middle East barely registers on the scales of compassion or puts a tear in the eye of the immigration pimps.

In conclusion, Islamification as part of the cultural replacement agenda is well on its way in Europe and the rest of the civilized world. The attacks on Judeo-Christian culture at home and complicity in the eradication of the ancient Christian communities in the middle east demonstrates the utter callousness of the global political elite and the bloodshed they are prepared to ignore in pursuit of their beloved one world project.

The Islamization of Great Britain here 

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