Saturday, April 8, 2017

Murder and Mayhem Comes To Peaceful Multi-Cultural Sweden

Well that didn’t take long did it? The politicians have barely had time to put away their rehearsed responses to the Westminster terrorist attack in London before the religion of peace strikes again, this time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The long suffering public should prepare themselves for another rendition of the threadbare routine of phony outrage at this heinous act, phony sympathy for the victims and their families and a phony vow to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice.

As sure as night follows day politicians like British Prime Minister, Theresa May will then go on to absolve their most indulged client group with a lecture on the difference between Islamic and Islamist to prove that the murder and mayhem perpetrated in the name of Allah and his prophet is nothing to do with Islam.

At this point one is entitled to question the sincerity of these politicians and ask who exactly they are praying to when they claim that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families? Praying to the Christian God in public institutions is banned because its offensive to you-know-who and they have sanctioned the removal of the word Easter from Easter eggs and Christmas from the Christmas holiday.

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiqi Khan, was quick off the mark with the routine and utterly meaningless soundbites he used in the belief that if they are uttered by a Muslim it puts distance between the outrage and his coreligionists.

He begins with the routine and utterly meaningless soundbite “the capital stands united with Stockholm”, then follows it up with the usual nonsense about values. “Sweden has seen a despicable act of terrorism aimed at harming innocent people and attacking our shared values of democracy, freedom, justice and tolerance”. It sounds very good but how does it help the dead and wounded and how will it prevent the next attack? 
This is the same Sadiq Khan who states unapologetically that people should accept these terrorist attacks because they are “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

In a display of posturing typical of politicians, other world leaders will proclaim that they are standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the Swedish people and order that public buildings are lit up with the colors of the Swedish flag.

Incidentally, it’s worth mentioning at this point that there was no such display of solidarity or thoughts and prayers for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in St. Petersburg which killed 14 and injured 45, so we can assume that innocent Russian lives don’t have the same value as their European or American counterparts.

Just as they do after every terrorist outrage an emotionally triggered public will set up a roadside shrine with flowers, balloons, teddy bears and shed rivers of tears at a candlelit vigil.
A pointless #hashtag campaign will surely follow with participants declaring that #IamSweden or some other such imbecility.

This incident will soon fade from the public consciousness as Kim and Kanye have another fight or some other surgically altered celebrity pops their clogs with a system full of pharmaceuticals.
It will fade from public consciousness until the next outrage when the same routine will be repeated all over again.

As heartless as it may seem it is difficult to have much sympathy with the Swedish people when they have allowed their political class to fundamentally transform Sweden into a so-called multi-cultural society using open border mass immigration from Muslim countries.

Radical imams are allowed to spout their murderous filth unmolested by the government with some Swedish politicians taking self-loathing and hatred of their own country to new levels of delusion.
Despite being the rape capital of the world, the Swedish government will continue to import testosterone fueled young jihadis from the war torn areas of the middle east, Africa and Central Asia.

Is it any wonder Sweden has a Muslim problem when one studies the behavior of the political class.

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Under the leadership of the mentally unstable German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the supine leaders of the European Union will express their solidarity with Sweden then continue with their insane open border mass immigration policy regardless of the disintegration of their political project and the descent of the member states into violent civil disorder bordering on civil war.

There will be no respite from the war on the west that has been declared by adherents of Islam until the people themselves rise up and confront an agenda driven political class that are sacrificing the lives of their citizens on the altars of diversity and multi-culturalism.

In other news - the President of the United States of America has sent a message to any world leader that may harbor malign intentions toward his country and his people, not with words or soundbites but with a large dose of high explosive.

While the rest of the world are stuck with leaders who are dedicated disciples of the global elite and their borderless one world government, it would appear that President Trump is the only leader who is doing his sworn duty to put the safety and wellbeing of his citizens first and foremost.


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