Saturday, June 10, 2017

Brexit Election Disaster - Theresa May Takes A Dive For The Globalists

As the dust settles and the recriminations begin after the disastrous general election results where British Prime Minister, Theresa May, managed to blow a twenty-four point lead and almost handed political power to the far-left Labour Party led by lifelong communists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.
Bearing in mind that she is a seasoned politician experienced in electioneering and backed by an efficient, well financed election machine, her failure to dispatch a rag bag of communists, wealthy metropolitan progressives and venal career politicians into the dustbin of history is all the more surprising…..but only to the layman.
Informed political observers saw through her carefully manufactured image along with the PR and associated spin and saw Theresa May for what she really is, i.e. a ruthlessly dedicated globalist from the Blair/Cameron/Obama school of ‘progressive’ treachery who is as dedicated to the European Union and the associated UN controlled borderless one world government as they are.
This was billed as the Brexit election called by Mrs. May to strengthen her mandate thereby giving her a strong position for the up and coming Brexit negotiations. The fact is that she already had a mandate and her negotiating position could not have been stronger.
The strong and growing British economy compared to the disastrous Eurozone put her in the position to dominate the negotiations and walk away if the EU bureaucrats persisted in punishing the British people for their temerity.
With an overall majority in the House of Commons and Brexit set in law, this election was unnecessary but by accident or design Theresa May has made it possible for the treacherous political class to sabotage the negotiations and prevent Brexit altogether.
Increasing numbers of pundits, myself included, believe this loss was by design hence the boxing analogy in title. The term ‘taking a dive’ refers to a boxer who despite being the favourite to win throws the fight under pressure from malign influences outside the ring.
The malign influence in this case was the EU/UN globalists.
Mrs. May’s lifelong dedication to the European Union project and the broader UN one-world government; her support for their policies of open border mass immigration, imposed multi-culturalism and Islamification should have given an inkling that she would never deliver Brexit as demanded by the British electorate.
As Home Secretary her record of broken promises and inaction on signature issues such as mass immigration, Islamification, Foreign aid, etc. proves beyond any shadow of doubt that she took her orders from the globalists not the British people.
One big clue was her refusal to start the two year Brexit process by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty until the anti-Brexit forces had regrouped, mustered their forces and organized their campaign to frustrate and ultimately prevent Brexit.
Had she triggered Article 50 immediately as promised by her predecessor, David Cameron, there would have been fewer obstructions, no challenges in courts and the process would almost be at the half-way stage.
With negotiations about to begin, the timing of the election and the appalling campaign, which included fox hunting and the confiscation of family homes to pay for elderly care, labelled the dementia tax, lends further credence to the charges that Theresa May deliberately alienated millions of voters in order to throw the election and sabotage Brexit.  
Correspondents and pundits, myself included, took a lot of flak for warning that as a globalist Theresa May is a dedicated Europhile who will obey her masters in Brussels and New York and sabotage Brexit.
Naysayer and pessimist were two of the mildest charges hurled in my direction. Have faith in Theresa May and give her the benefit of the doubt I was told. I take no pleasure in saying I told you so but warnings by myself and others went unheeded.
On June 30th, just one week after the referendum, it was obvious that humiliated Prime Minister David Cameron would resign and be succeeded by Theresa May, I wrote then that Mrs. May could not be trusted to deliver Brexit so leave your champagne on ice (See here)

Further articles, and flak, followed but fell on deaf ears:


  1. Dear Dan,

    Thanks for another article. While I would not say that I am TM's greatest fan, the electoral result is far from a disaster.

    It was brave and right to call the election, and we must recall that the polls are somewhat unreliable indicators of the result these days.

    I say "right" because conditions in the UK have clearly changed massively since 2015.

    TM did make many errors in the campaign and I'm sure that her party will hold a certain resentment against her. That said, she couldn't realistically have expected to gain more vote share at 44%.

    I say brave, as she didn't have to call the election, but looking at the ill-fated Gordon Brown this was the right decision: her unpopularity has been shown, but she did pull it off. It would manifest itself much more harshly if she had left this until later.

    A major danger facing the country was the anti-Brexit vote in Scotland and NI, with calls for independence or at least special deals for the regions. This election has ended this threat to the union and the UK now goes forward as a united entity into the exit negotiations, with the Tories even winning over 1/5 of Scottish seats.

    The major worry now is if the Tories can hold themselves together and avoid the backstabbing tendencies against their leaders: she's done a brave thing and did better than Cameron in 2010 and against a very challenging backdrop. She does not need an alliance with an ideologically opposed party to maintain power and should be able to pull off a solid brexit and trade deals around the world over the next five years.

    While I agree with many of your criticisms of her attitudes, priorities and loyalties, I think that the important question of our time is the unambiguous re-establishment of British self-Sovereignty. Only by doing this, can we fix the very real underlying problems in this county in the medium term.

    Finally, I think that Corbyn has come across as a joke: he couldn't do better than Ed Miliband against an opponent running on "fox hunting" and "selling your home if you get ill". The fact that so many of the smooth-talking Blairites are now congratulating his performance and wriggling over to him is a political mis-judgement: the next Labour PM hasn't been born yet. The Tories will not let TM run the next election campaign and a serious candidate will knock ten bells out of Labour standing on a Marxist platform.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks for your comment which makes some valid points. Please refer to my next article and by the way, we dismiss Jeremy Corbyn at our peril.