Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Brexit Denied – British People Should Prepare For A Stitch-Up

For those naïve enough to still believe that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is serious about delivering Brexit I suggest they pay attention to her Cabinet appointments after her contrived election disaster.

Apart from another world war, Brexit is the single biggest issue facing current and future generations since the very survival of their nation and its way of life is at stake.

If Theresa May is serious about taking back the sovereignty of the British people that was so treacherously surrendered by her and her predecessors she would construct a government dominated by those who have spent their entire political lives trying to achieve that noble end.

Despite an overwhelming mandate from the British people to leave the European Union (EU) she has packed her new government with Europhiles dedicated to the destruction of Great Britain by keeping it locked inside this hideously corrupt dictatorship.

Out of Theresa May’s twenty-eight member Cabinet, only seven - yes seven – are Brexit supporters with twenty-one members dedicated to ignoring the people’s wishes and remaining inside the EU. If one anyone expects these Europhiles to cooperate and help facilitate Brexit then I suggest they wipe the mist from their eyes, take a reality check and look at the facts.

There are several adjectives one could use to describe supporters of the European Union and even those fail to adequately illustrate their obsessive dedication to the EU Project. The word fanatical is my particular favorite since their dedication to a corrupt, anti-democratic tyranny is total and no such creature exists as a moderate Europhile.

Why the destruction of the centuries old independent nation states of Europe and their cultures should command such dedication is a question for the psychologists as is their dedication to replacing nation state democracy with an unelected dictatorship.

Despite the economic collapse of the Euro and the subsequent destruction of the economies of the Eurozone, these Europhile fanatics refuse to countenance any kind of reform and many British Europhiles still express their desire to join the Eurozone and adopt the failed currency.

Why supposedly educated people would want to subjugate themselves and their country to a German dominated superstate is a mystery. This folly is compounded by the fact that Europe, along with its economies, cultures and ways of life, are being singlehandedly destroyed by the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, with her austerity measures and open border mass immigration madness.

For all those misguided millions who are deluding themselves that Theresa May will deliver Brexit I suggest they study the following then deny its veracity:

The architects of the European Union have spent over four decades to get this far with their superstate project. The transfer of power and the destruction of the nation states are almost complete, they are not going give up on the prize at this late stage when victory is so close.

The EU does not do democracy, they have never honored the result of a referendum and they do not intend to honor the result of the Brexit referendum.

Theresa May and the majority of her party are Europhiles as is the establishment, the public institutions and most importantly the BBC led main stream media (MSM).

During the referendum campaign Mrs. May campaigned to Remain despite the despicable catalogue of lies, deceit and fear mongering of the Remain campaign. It wasn’t named Project Fear for nothing.
It must be remembered that the political elite are experienced, organized and leave nothing to chance: they needed a contingency should the referendum be lost and Prime Minister, David Cameron, forced to resign.

Rather than risk his replacement being a Brexiteer the Europhile political elite pulled Mrs. May from the campaign to create the false impression she really was a Eurosceptic at heart.

After the resignation of the Cameron the political elite used the MSM to sabotage the campaigns of her leadership rivals, Johnson, Gove and Leadstrom leaving the charisma and accomplishment free Theresa May the only viable candidate.

Apart from repeating the meaningless mantra ‘Brexit means Brexit’, from the moment of her coronation she did everything in her power to obfuscate and frustrate the Brexit process.

She refused to trigger Article 50 as promised by her predecessor giving the Europhile’s time to regroup, refinance and organize a campaign to delegitimize the referendum and sabotage Brexit.

With Theresa May holding all the aces and the vast majority of the British public accepting the referendum result the negotiations were shaping up to be a formality with Great Britain’s exit from the EU inevitable.

The rest is history; she threw it all away by calling a general election then running a campaign that was obviously designed to alienate tens of millions of voters from all walks of life be they millennials, middle aged or elderly.

Informed pundits are coming to the conclusion that this action was nothing more than Theresa May obeying her masters from the global political elite who feared Brexit would actually happen thus putting an end to their decades’ long European superstate project.

What happens next will prove beyond any shadow of doubt that EU and the global elite have control over Theresa May and her government and that Great Britain’s exit from the EU was never going happen.

The referendum question was clear and straight forward. ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union’. It was clarified throughout the campaign by both sides so that nobody was in any doubt that it meant:

Leaving the single market

Leaving the customs union

Reinstating the supremacy of British law by leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

An end to contributions to the EU

Regain control of the borders, territorial waters and fishing grounds

An end to free movement of people

The Europhiles refused to accept the referendum result and aided by Theresa May’s prevarication and inaction they took the initiative and began their campaign to sabotage Brexit.

Whereas there was only Brexit with the actions listed above, the Europhile’s have invented a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit. ‘Soft’ meaning Brexit in name only where the EU bureaucrats will retain some control over the items listed above.

Theresa May’s other mantra on which she based part of her campaign was ‘getting the best possible deal for Britain’.

Should she still be in power when the negotiations are complete the British people will be presented with ‘soft’ Brexit as the best possible deal for Britain which will be accepted by the political elite and the betrayal of the British people will be complete.

And finally, the European Union elite cannot lose. Should the communist run Labour Party manage to unseat Theresa May and usurp power, Great Britain will remain inside the EU and the British people will have a German jackboot stamping on their necks forever.  



  1. Dear Dan,

    While I must agree that the EU in its present form is damaging Europe, there is a case for "an" EU and I completely understand why certain people and nations would be in favour.

    I viewed the referendum result as the remain voters in aggregate deciding to stay in "for the present", not at all a block with unified purpose, but rather voting not to kill this thing now. The recent General Election has validated this view with a vast majority of people voting for Brexit-manifesto-committed candidates.

    This is really a question of principle: as a part of the EU, legally we are bound by agreements. Out of the EU, we will not be bound and legally we will be able to diverge our policies.

    I think that this is the state that we will get to: there will be a clear exit from the European system.

    That said, we presently have a liberal, pro-immigration set of parties that will probably choose policies closely aligned to the present ones.

    Thus I anticipate that we will have a very real legal separation, but ongoing similar policies where we will choose to keep much of the status quo. Not as compulsory, imposed EU regulations, but as a sovereign state choosing proximity.

    (Regarding the horrible Labour party, I maintain that they are unelectable. That said, the EU has thus protected us to an extent from implementing a hard-socialist command economy. I imagine that Corbyn's Labour party would be delighted to have the possibility of full scale nationalisation programs etc...)


    1. Thanks for your comment and apologies for my late response.

      I think you are understating the effect when you say that the EU in its present form is damaging Europe. The truth is that it is utterly destroying the economies and cultures countries such as Greece, Italy, Cyprus, France etc. Not that you would get the full extent of the disaster from the MSM.

      The EU project was never about a common market designed for mutual economic benefit, it was always about replacing the independent nations of Europe with a single state.

      There is no halfway house, people either believe in a single European state or they don't. There is no hard or soft Brexit, it's in or out.

      There is no reason why an independent, sovereign Great Britain cannot trade and have cordial relations with the EU just like the other 169 countries on earth.

      The majority of the political elite in Great Britain are Remainers who believe in the single European state project. All the indications are that they will pay lip service to those who voted to leave and organise Brexit in name only.

      Finally, the far-left never, ever give up their quest for power and they will use every dirty trick to achieve it. Looking at the current situation a Corbyn government is a very real possibility.