Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Poland Resisting Yet Another German Attempt To Destroy Europe

The plan by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to destroy then subjugate the nation states of Europe is painfully simple and a classic example of government by autocrats in a post democratic age.

Firstly, under the guise of a ‘refugee crisis’, and regardless of the clear and present danger to the citizens of Germany, she opened the borders to hordes of migrants from the middle east and Asia without proper vetting despite the fact that ISIS and other Islamic jihadis announced they would infiltrate their fighters into the deluge to kill and maim.

Merkel knew that once these freeloaders and jihadis were issued with documentation they would be free to move throughout the borderless Schengen area and the rest of the European Union countries using the freedom of movement rules.

Secondly, her announcement to the world that everyone is welcome was a signal to tens of thousands of dirt poor, backward economic migrants from Africa to traverse their continent and cross the Mediterranean Sea which forced already bankrupt Greece, Italy and Cyprus into a deeper, unsustainable crisis.

The EU autocrats then used this manufactured crisis as justification to impose mandatory quotas on the rest of its member states forcing them to accept these economic migrants into their societies without consultation dragging them further down the road to third world status and civil strife. 

Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and Portugal have been destroyed economically by German control of the Eurozone. Greece and Italy have been destroyed democratically by having their governments overthrown and replaced by EU appointed bureaucrats and all the nations of Europe have been destroyed socially and culturally by open border mass immigration.

Despite many of the member states being on the brink of civil war due to the mass immigration/cultural replacement agenda, the leaders the western European and Scandinavian member states go along with this madness because they are fanatical believers in the globalist EU project coupled with a fear of incurring the wrath of mad Merkel.

It falls upon the Eastern European members to fight for their citizens, along with their independence, national dignity and culture, just as they did against Hitler and his National Socialist Third Reich and Stalin with his United Soviet of Socialist Republics.

Led by Poland, the former Russian satellite countries of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are refusing to accept immigration quotas citing the terrorist attacks across those EU countries that have been accepting Muslim refugees and imposing Islamification.

(Poland Rejects EU Immigrant Quotas - Sets Example For The United States of America. See here)

To the dismay of the EU autocrats they have also thrown political correctness to the four winds by stating that they are proud of their ancient cultures and do not intend to replace them by imposing ‘multi-culturalism’ on their proud and patriotic citizens.

These brave leaders are ignoring the heavy censorship that is being used across the EU to hide the truth by talking openly about the murder and mayhem being suffered by the people of Europe resulting from the mass influx of Muslims and imposed Islamification. 

(Hungarian PM Orban: The Islamization of Europe is real. See here)

(Political Islam is the Future Of Europe - EU Security Head, See here)

In a further act of defiance they have also stated that if they are forced to accept a quota of immigrants they will not accept any Muslims, strictly Christians only.

(No More Islamists: Poland gives epic response to EU after EU tried to force them to take Muslim refugees. See here)

The response of  Mad Merkel and the EU autocrats to this insubordination and brazen defiance is the usual dictatorial behavior typical of tyrants. Threats of economic sanctions, removal of voting rights in the sham Parliament and its committees withholding of funding for infrastructure projects etc. coupled with a campaign of vilification against the leaders.

To the surprise of nobody the politicized judges of the European Court of Justice has rejected a complaint by Hungary and Slovakia over the legality of the mandatory quota system which requires all member states to admit tens of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East against the wishes of the people. (See here and here)

It is widely accepted that the European Union (EU) is dominated by the clearly demented German Chancellor. What she says is accepted without question by the spineless bureaucrats who are in charge of the nation building project.

With increasingly megalomaniacal behavior she treats the 27 nation bloc as her private fiefdom and has even declared what she is prepared to accept and not accept during the Brexit negotiations. This is despite the fact these negotiations are between the twenty-seven country bloc and Great Britain not with Germany exclusively.

With the prospect of four more years of Mad Merkel and her insane open border policies, if Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic want to preserve their culture and protect their citizens from the rape, murder and civil strife that is being wreaked upon the already Islamized countries of the EU they should trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and throw off the shackles of oppression just like they did with communist Russia in the recent past.

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