Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Working Class Can Kiss My Ass I've Joined The Ruling Class At Last.

                   A picture gallery of Labour Party socialist hypocrites who sold out the working class

It was British journalist and author George Orwell who in his 1937 book The Road To Wigan Pier, took the view that upper class or bourgeoise socialists were soggy sentimentalists who were all for a classless society so long as they see the proletariat through the wrong end of the telescope; force them into any real contact with the proletariat and they retreat back into their inherent patronizing snobbishness.

Admire him or not he was prophetic as his other novels Animal Farm and 1984 attest. The worst kind of socialist in Orwell's mind was the trade union leader or labour representative who was elected into office to look after the interests and well being of his fellow workers only to join the class they have sworn an oath to fight, then go on to adopt their mannerisms and way of life.

This is certainly true in the case of the British Labour Party, many of whom swore by all that was holy that they would never sit with the upper class and the aristocracy in the hated House of Lords.

This institution is the upper chamber of British legislature which was once exclusively populated by Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual; in other words hereditary Peers and Bishops. It was regarded by socialists and others as the bastion of Great Britain's class based society with its unearned privilege, patronage, inequality and injustice.

Considered to be an affront to democracy there were calls for the House of Lords to be elected in order to correct this democratic deficit or better still, abolished altogether. Politicians being the charlatans that they are chose to reform the chamber by phasing out hereditary Peers replacing them with appointed Life Peers. The Bishops and a rump of hereditary Peers were to remain for the time being.

This opened the door to corruption on a massive scale with Peerages being sold for hard cash and in return for favours, services rendered and party donations.

Appointments to the House of Lords are for life therefore they cannot be removed by the people using a democratic electoral process. These corruptocrats get a daily allowance of $390 per day just for crossing the threshold plus other expenses. They also enjoy taxpayer subsidised bars and restaurants until they shuffle off their mortal coils and climb aboard the great gravy train in the sky.

No self respecting socialist would have been seen dead in this place but a taxpayer funded sinecure with its rank and privileges far away from the great unwashed outweighs any socialist principles they once claimed to hold dear.

The following is a gallery of some of the worst hypocrites in the British Labour Party who wallowed in their socialist principles while it suited them then abandoned the working class for the aristocracy when they were of no further use.

Neil Kinnock, otherwise known as the Welsh Windbag, he is quoted as saying "The House of Lords must go - not be reformed, not be replaced, not be reformed in some nominated life-after-death patronage paradise, just closed down, abolished, finished". He was elected to represent the poor working class constituency of Bedwellty then Islwyn in South East Wales. A noted bloviator with few or no accomplishments he went on to become leader of the Labour Party where he was roundly defeated by Mrs. Thatcher not once but twice. The epitome of patronage, nepotism and corruption he spent 25 years as an MP, another 4 years as an EU Commissioner, 5 more years as the EU Commissioner for Admin Reform before being appointed to the House of Lords for life. This member of the new aristocracy labours under the title of Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty in the County of Gwent.

Michael Martin, otherwise known as 'Gorbals Mick' after a working class area of his native Glasgow. Martin was a trade unionist and Labour councillor before entering Parliament where he was eventually appointed Speaker of the House of Commons. This supposedly neutral Speaker was hopelessly biased and was forced to resign after being involved in an expenses scandal which cheated the taxpayer of the fruits of their labour. After 26 years as an Member of Parliament Gorbals Mick was 'elevated' to the new aristocracy in 2009 where he labours under the title of Baron Martin of Springburn in the City of Glasgow.

Alistair Darling, referred to as 'that bearded Trot' by the aforementioned Neil Kinnock.  Darling was a fully paid up member of the Loony Left and a supporter of the International Marxist Group. Privately educated, Darling was elected to the far-left Lothian Regional Council in Scotland in 1982 before entering Parliament in 1987. He reached the dizzy heights of Chancellor of the Exchequer before standing down after 28 years. This champagne socialist was 'elevated' to the new aristocracy in 2015 where he labours under the title of Baron Darling of Roulanish, Great Bernera in the County of Ross and Cromarty.

John Prescott, an ill tempered bruiser who started his political career as a trade union activist while working as a steward on cruise liners. He was elected to Parliament in 1970 and attained the position of Deputy Prime Minister to Tony Blair. Regarded as the representative of the working class and trade unionists in Tony Blair's reformed New Labour movement which saw the party move to the right. Prescott made himself a laughing stock when he admitted an affair with his diary secretary Tracy Temple who likened his tackle to a chipolata. After 40 years as a Member of Parliament he was 'elevated' to the new aristocracy in June 2010 and labours under the title of  Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull in the County of East Yorkshire.

Peter Mandelson, a self-serving, odious piece of work if ever there was one. This former member of the Young Communist League is competing with his former leader Tony Blair as the most obnoxious and hated figure in British political history. The original spin doctor and media manipulator, this charlatan along with Blair and others is responsible for dragging British politics and public life further down into the sewer from where it is yet to emerge. For some reason unknown to mankind Mandelson was handed immense power throughout his political career despite having to resign from the government twice due to accusations of corruption. After a controversial twelve year Parliamentary career he was appointed EU Commissioner for Trade where he made numerous contacts in the dodgy global business world including Russian oligarchs and other East European tyrants. This 'former' communist who loves the trappings of wealth and power was 'elevated' to the House of Lords in 2008 and labours under the very grandiose title of Lord Mandelson of Foy in the County Hereforshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham.

In the interests of diversity, inclusion, gender equality, multiculturalism and community cohesion we have Manzila Pola Uddin. A British documented Bangladeshi who's career as a community activist and politician has been mired in controversy and corruption throughout. Despite being as corrupt as any African kleptocrat, Manzila Uddin's gender, skin colour, religion and ethnicity made her the darling of the Labour Party and the 'progressive' multi-culti industry. Ignoring the fact that she robbed the taxpayer upward of some $200,000 by lying and cheating she remains in the Legislature to this day. She swindled the taxpayer by claiming her primary residence was an empty property she owned outside the designated residential area that entitles her to claim expenses and allowances. She actually lived in an a property close to Westminster which precluded these claims. By sheer coincidence she had a mansion built in her native Bangladesh to the value of approximately $200,000. Attempts by the Labour Party to get her elected to the House of Commons were unsuccessful so they appointed  her to the House of Lords instead where she labours under the title of Baroness Uddin of Bethnal Green in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  

He has not been 'elevated' to the House of Lords just yet because this creature still harbours an ambition to lead the European Union as President. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair who famously declared to Labour Party icon and former leader, Michael Foot, that he came to socialism via Marxism used the contacts he made while in office to accumulate a personal fortune as opposed to alleviating the condition of the poor and downtrodden working class he claimed to champion. A narcissist of the very highest order this incarnation of pure evil is considered by many to be a war criminal after lying in order to lead Great Britain into an illegal war with Iraq. Apart from adding to his personal fortune Blair now spends his time and energy attempting to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum and keep Great Britain shackled to the failing and corrupt European Union he hopes one day to lead. Tony Blair is the ultimate champagne socialist and the final chapter of his treachery as yet to be written so this one will keep running for some time yet.


  1. It's worth remembering that Neil Kinnock's whole family are all up to their necks in it. His wife Glenys was appointed a life peer as well. She was one of many members of the House of Commons who were caught claiming the daily allowance and then vanishing out the door again. I might also mention their son Stephen was picked for a safe seat in Wales after enjoying a cushy job at The European Parliament and marrying the then Prime Minister of Denmark. Nice work if you can get it.

  2. I meant the House of Lords btw.

    1. You are correct, the first family of troughing have been riding the gravy train their whole political lives.

      Glenys was pulling the 'sign in, claim the money then leave' trick while a member of the EU Parliament.

      I wrote about this family some time ago. They're tad bit raw but still available in the archives if you want to read them.

      If I make this a regular feature Glenys may yet make an appearance.

    2. Here's one from the archives:

  3. That link leads to more horrors than I imagined. What a horrible bunch of troughers they are. Great blog btw.

    1. Thank you Richard. The entire family is at it, Stephen is the latest manifestation of patronage and nepotism. What on earth are the people of Aberavon thinking?