Sunday, July 8, 2018

Brexit Betrayed – The Long-Planned EU Sellout Is Finally Revealed

It was as predictable as night follows day that the political elite would not honor the result of the Brexit referendum if the British people voted to leave the European Union back in June 2016.

The global elite and their puppet political class in Great Britain have not spent four decades replacing the independent states of Europe with a single European superstate only to have it scuppered by the great unwashed just when the project was on the verge of completion.

Since her appointment as Prime Minister, Theresa May has re-iterated on multiple occasions that she will implement the decision of the British people to leave the European Union and all its institutions including the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

With her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mantra she confirmed that this would mean the British people taking back control of their borders, their laws, their trade policy and their money as an absolute minimum; the so-called ‘red lines’ which must not be crossed. (Why these fundamentals of democracy were surrendered to unelected foreign bureaucrats in the first place is a lesson in treachery for future generations)

With complete and utter contempt for the British people these red lines have not only been crossed but utterly erased by Mrs. May and the duplicitous political class.(See here and here)

Any student of Mrs. May’s political career will have noted that she is an unashamed and accomplished liar who in line with the rest of the political class believe that spin, deceit and lies are legitimate tools to be used in the pursuit and wielding of power.

One important observation from the Brexit issue is the fanatical dedication of the political elite to the creation of the United States of Europe. These dedicated Europhiles will risk everything and stop at nothing for their beloved EU project, that includes crashing the British economy even if it causes further damage to the Eurozone economies and re-igniting the civil war on Island of Ireland.

In an act of self-immolation worthy of a kamikaze pilot she is risking handing over political power to the openly Marxist Labour Party who are also committed to the European superstate project. (A Survation poll released after the announcement of the Brexit sell-out has seen support for her Conservative Party immediately drop three points giving the Labour Party a four-point lead)

Such fanatical dedication to create a superstate is justly comparable with the efforts of the Muslim Ummah to create an Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the middle east. To its fanatical Europhile supporters, the European Union is their Caliphate.

Theresa May is a life-long Europhile therefore it was unlikely she would take any action that would jeopardize her beloved EU project. Her mission from the moment she was appointed Prime Minister was to keep Britain inside or subject to the EU and its institutions while giving the appearance of leaving. This is the aptly named ‘Brexit-In-Name-Only’ stitch-up (BRINO) we have heard mentioned in the media.

The repercussions should the referendum mandate not be implemented in full will be enormous and far reaching and possibly violent. The much-vaunted Mother of Parliaments in Westminster has proved itself to be nothing more than a wretched hive of scum and villainy who hold democracy and the British people in contempt while stuffing their own pockets and those of their families and cronies with the fruits of taxpayer labour.

If in the unlikely event these charlatans see the error of their ways and reject this sell-out or the EU bureaucrats themselves reject it, then hopefully it will be the catalyst that starts a revolution that will drain the fetid swamp that British politics has become and herald in a new age of self-governance that will once more be the envy of the world.

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