Saturday, July 14, 2018

Revolution In Reverse – Political Elite Have Overthrown The People

The clumsy attempt by British Prime Minister Theresa May to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union against the wishes of the British people has exposed what serious students of politics knew all along.

The new ruling class believe that choosing how they and their nation are governed is too complex for the little people and the great unwashed and therefore it should be left to the experts, i.e. themselves.

Elections and mandates from the people are now treated as an inconvenience to be navigated around, ignored or worse still, overturned.

Although it is no secret that Mrs. May has always been committed to the European Union project which seeks to replace the individual nation states with a single superstate, her attempt to overturn the referendum result by subterfuge and deceit has demonstrated just how well planned the conspiracy was and what a devious, untrustworthy, treacherous rat she really is.

After her appointment as Prime Minister Mrs. May made speech after speech committing herself to delivering the Brexit people had voted for knowing she had no intention of doing so. In her Florence and Lancaster House speeches she laid down the so-called red lines which were not up for negotiation.

These non-negotiable red lines were that Great Britain would leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

This return of sovereignty to the British Parliament would allow the British people to take back control of their borders, their territorial waters and fishing grounds, their trade policy along with their laws and their money.

Most importantly to the British people it would end the free movement of people and the open border mass immigration madness that has blighted and disfigured every town and city across the nation as well as being an economic and cultural disaster.

The crafted soundbite “Brexit means Brexit” became her mantra which intentionally deceived the more gullible members of the electorate into believing she was serious and intended to fulfill her promises. At the same time, she was working with the EU bureaucrats and the opposition Labour Party to overturn the referendum result and ignore the result of the 2017 general election with her Brexit-In-Name-Only plan.

The depth of the conspiracy to deceive the British people can be confirmed by the fact that Mrs.May flew to Berlin to clear her Brexit betrayal plan with the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before revealing it to her own Cabinet which included her Brexit chief negotiator, David Davis who promptly resigned.

When one looks at the facts, the scale of the treachery is revealed on all its ignominious glory.

When introducing the legislation through the British Parliament the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, was unequivocal that this was a winner take all In/Out binding referendum. It was made absolutely clear that this will be the people’s decision, there would be no second referendum and the government would implement the decision.

To show how unequivocal he was it's worth quoting his exact words to the British people:

"It will be your decision, nobody else's. Not politicians, not Parliament, not lobby groups, not mine, just you. You the British people will decide".

Watch the speech here.

Equally important the Prime Minister and a host of government ministers and senior civil servants made it abundantly clear that voting to leave the EU would mean leaving the single market and the customs union.

Cameron and his cronies used what became known as Project Fear, which cynically used lies and fake statistics, to scare the electorate into voting Remain.

Despite recruiting the entire globalist machine, including President Barack Obama, to rig the outcome of the referendum the people still voted to leave and gave the government the biggest mandate in British electoral history.

To compound the betrayal, in the 2017 general election both major parties vowed in their election manifestos to fully implement the result of the referendum which attracted the votes of a staggering 80% of the electorate.

One would think that with two of the biggest mandates in electoral history the ruling elite wouldn’t dare ignore their orders from the people, but such is their fanatical dedication to their cause and their complete and utter contempt for the people this is exactly what they have done.

The truth is that government with the consent of the governed is dead in Great Britain. The ruling elite and the political class have overthrown the people.

I will conclude with a quote from President John F Kennedy, so politicians take note:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable


  1. Who at this point can believe anything other than the fact that we, the world populace, other than the minimal control we have on our small circle of influence, are in all matters controlled by you can call them The Deep State, the Rothchilds, the World Elites whatever, but without anything short of an entire collapse of civilization by a worldwide revolution we will be controlled by these puppet masters forever. They control the money and resources of the planet. They control our Heads of State. They dictate the wars and armies. We can fight kicking, screaming and live in denial but they plan long term. Decades and centuries. Depressing to admit but they have the power and the one world order will eventually come. It's coming quicker than ever now and evidenced throughout Europe and elsewhere.

    1. Apologies for the late response. I have been immersing myself in the lives ordinary folk in England and Wales for the last couple of months. Its great to be back in the great USA.

      You paint a depressing but accurate picture of the future, the majority of which I reluctantly agree with.

      There is a small spark of light in the gloom and that is the people voting for Brexit and the election President Trump. There is also the green shoots of dissent appearing across the oppressed countries of the EU.

      President Trump's recent address to the UN certainly boosted my morale.

  2. Almost 70 years on the planet gives a person a perspective younger people don't have especially since our educational system decided to delete or rewrite history in our schools. Afraid small sparks of light aren't the illumination the world needs to counter the multitude of issues facing mankind. Witnessing how rapidly things are crashing especially just the last decade and accelerating every day has me wondering if another decade is even possible.
    Population explosion, stress on resources, National populism and the pressures the elites are forcing on the public to undermine it through support of open invasion of people with zero intention to assimilate, the rise of other countries and their attempts to gain superpower status and nuclear capabilities, this list can go on and on. If the world doesn't suffer some major catastrophe like plague or WW3 or witness the 2nd coming soon to circumvent one of those two, I will be very surprised.

    1. I'm guessing that the perspective you have gained over your 70 years was dependent, in part, upon an open and inquisitive mind built around core principles of decency. I agree that the younger generation have been robbed of this chance by the leftist controlled education system.

      A brainwashed generation incapable of thinking for themselves and unable to form an independent opinion does not bode well for the future of western civilisation. It is as you pointed out a recipe for disaster in a fast degrading world.

      I am fast coming to the conclusion that the younger generation, and those from the older generation who should know better, will only see the error of their ways when they suffer first hand the consequences of the ideology they espouse.

      After all how many starving, brutalised Venezuelans will regret to their dying day voting for Chavez and socialism? How many would vote for it a second time? The damage is done of course and it will take a generation for them to recover if ever.

      Difficult as it will be I will try to remain optimistic and keep the faith in the forlorn hope that my opinions will resonate with someone somewhere and influence their thoughts.