Saturday, September 7, 2019

Robert Mugabe - The UN’s Most Valued Mass Killer

The world is a better place today after the passing of the blood-soaked Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe. Known as Butcher Bob, this mass murderer fulfilled his role as an African dictator with ruthless efficiency and without compassion.

As tens of thousands of his victims, both black and white, celebrate the demise of the tyrant, the globalist elite at the UN and elsewhere are falling over themselves to eulogize him and create a legacy that hides the truth about his reign of terror.

In a shameful statement that totally ignores the human suffering caused by Mugabe, UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said that the secretary-general will be sending a letter “offering condolences to the government and people of Zimbabwe”.

Ignoring reality and the consequences of Mugabe’s brutality, spokesman Dujarric went on to say that “the United Nations remains strongly committed to supporting Zimbabwe in its efforts to promote inclusive stability, sustainable development, democratic governance and human rights”.

The reality is that neither Mugabe nor his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has made any effort whatsoever to promote any of the policies mentioned above particularly with respect to democratic governance or human rights.

With a fawning statement that disgraces the American people, even the US Embassy in Zimbabwe insulted the victims of Mugabe’s reign of terror by failing to acknowledge his brutality and inhumanity. (Read it here and the response from Tucker Carlson)

So enamored were they by Mugabe, he was named as a goodwill ambassador by the UN’s World health Organization (WHO) because Zimbabwe was a country that supposedly places universal health coverage and health promotion at the center of its policies to provide health care to all. (See here)
The charity Physicians for Human Rights objected to his nomination stating that: The government of Robert Mugabe presided over the dramatic reversal of its population's access to food, clean water, basic sanitation and health care,” the group went on to state that: The Mugabe regime has used any means at its disposal, including politicizing the health sector, to maintain its hold on power.”
The report also said Mr. Mugabe's policies led directly to “the shuttering of hospitals and clinics, the closing of its medical school and the beatings of health workers”.
 Because the pattern was the same across Africa after the former white dominated regimes were removed from power, the actions of the terrorist leader Mugabe were all too predictable. After assuming power there followed the deliberate slaughter of his political rivals along with his tribal rivals and the imposition of one-party rule.
This ushered in a thirty-seven-year reign of terror marked by economic collapse, famine, election rigging and human rights abuses that are the hallmark of African dictators, which are deemed acceptable by the UN and the globalist elite.

The United Nations took no action when the self-confessed Marxist-Leninist, and admirer of China’s Chairman Mao, announced in advance that he was going to use force to seize the white owned farms for redistribution.

They took no action when the tyrant used his North Korean trained Fifth Brigade to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent Ndebele civilians to crush any opposition to his leadership. They did nothing when he violently suppressed opposition political parties and rigged elections to remain in power for thirty-seven long and bloody years. 

The response of the UN to the famine caused by the imposition of Mugabe’s Marxist ideology was to beg western nations to increase aid to Zimbabwe which in turn increased the dependency which endures to this day. While the world responded with food, farm equipment and money, Mugabe saw fit to invade neighboring Congo to steal its mineral wealth in order to pay the troops that kept him in power.

At the heart of every Marxist lies a hatred of America and Mugabe was no different. He rejected desperately needed food aid from America on the spurious grounds that it may contain items from genetically modified crops. His hatred for America took priority over the desperate plight of his starving people.

The entire Zimbabwean tragedy and the tolerance of tyrants like Robert Mugabe is evidence, if any were needed, that to the UN and the global elite the imposition of their ideological agenda takes a higher priority than the safety and well being of the people concerned.

In the case of Zimbabwe, the predicted famine, death, dictatorship and human rights abuses were a price worth paying to remove white people from government and eventually from the continent of Africa.

To conclude: As predicted the same fate is befalling neighboring South Africa, also as predicted, this is acceptable to the UN and the global elite because the removal of white people from government in Africa is the priority whatever the cost in blood, suffering and death.     


  1. When Britain forced the Smith government out of power, they turned the breadbasket of Africa into a basket case. The same is now happening in South Africa, turning the Jewel of Africa into just another fourth world shithole.

  2. You are correct. That is exactly whats happening. The UN and western governments are doing nothing to stop it so we can assume they approve.

    If they turn a blind eye to it happening in Zimbabwe and South Africa they will do the same when it happens in Europe and America.